Daily Cash Siphon Review: [It Siphons Money From YOU!]

Searching for an honest review of Daily Cash Siphon from someone who is unaffiliated with the product?

Then you’ve picked the perfect spot for the ins and outs of it! 😀

The person behind this money-maker reckons you can rake in almost $300 daily. And it’s as easy as crushing an ant, as Mr. Burns would say.

But really, it’s just a load of drivel enticing you to buy the product to line someone else’s pockets instead.

To understand how it works and why it’s full of empty promises, continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

Daily Cash Siphon
Name: Daily Cash Siphon (DCS).

Owner: Chris Parker (allegedly).

Website: dailycashsiphon.net.

Cost: $37 + Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • ClickBank offers you a refund


  • Sales page & video pull the wool over your eyes
  • Product is no reflection of the hype
  • Training’s unsubstantial for any real success online
  • Comes with upsells


Sadly, Daily Cash Siphon is a huge disappointment that will never lead you to a full-time income in the field of affiliate marketing.

First of all, the sales pitch peddles a non-existent “get-rich-quick” system in order to fill the creator’s own pockets.

And secondly, when you do gain access to the product, it’s just a bunch of basic video tutorials that lack substance for building a successful Biz.

Yeah, maybe great for getting up and running online. But the training won’t carry you the full distance, I’m afraid.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Daily Cash Siphon About, You Ask?

Apparently, Daily Cash Siphon is a “weird trick” exploiting some kinda glitch that will make you $296 online on a day-to-day basis.

And get this, the money’s gonna start pouring into your account in the next 7 minutes and 19 clicks!
Weird Trick For Making Money Online Every Day
Also, the creator claims it’s so easy, that any inexperienced person can rake in the cash from just 30 minutes of work each day with the product.

Blah, blah, blah…

Yep, you guessed it, it’s just the typical fluff you hear all the time with hyped-up and scammy products.

Products, just like:

If making sh*t ton of money on the web is as fast as lightning and also as easy as warm apple pie, then why isn’t everybody doing it, huh?…

That’s because the notion of “get-rich-quick” is some fantasy story fabricated by unethical people desperate to “cash in” from the vulnerable. Period.


How Daily Cash Siphon Works, “Supposedly”…

According to the video spokesman, DCS is a step-by-step system that easily allows beginners to make fast and consistent income daily via affiliate marketing.
Simple Method For Fast and Consistent Income Each Day
But that’s all he shares, unfortunately, because he wants to make you curious enough to invest in his product and make him $.

Which, is always one of the many red flags to be cautious of with these far-fetched products.

If you’re unfamiliar with how affiliate marketing operates, it works like this:

  • You choose an affiliate program to join
  • Select a product or service to promote to others
  • Folks buy through your affiliate link
  • You make a commission from that sale

That’s the gist of it anyway.

While affiliate marketing sounds incredibly simple, the actual money-making process is far from it because there are many moving parts that come into the picture.

You’ll need to get your hands on certain tools, services, help & support – not to mention time, effort, and patience play key roles of success online.

So for the person behind DCS to turn around and say differently, makes them an absolute Billy bullsh*tter.


What’s “Really” Behind The Scenes of Daily Cash Siphon…

In all honesty, the “magical” DCS system is a total myth – as I’ve already pointed out.

But what happens when you part with 37 of your hard-earned bucks, is you gain access to 60 video tutorials on various aspects of digital marketing.
Daily Cash Siphon Video Tutorials on Blog Set up
The tutorials cover topics like starting a free blog, content-creation, keyword research, SEO tweaks, twitter, guest blogging, forums, and more.

Basically, all the strategies that are involved for making money as an affiliate marketer.

Also, inside the video sections, there are tasks to complete to make the training easier to follow along with.

However, the training may seem like it offers heaps of value, but it doesn’t, unfortunately.

Because, you only get trained on the basic bare bones of starting an affiliate marketing Biz through WordPress.

You’re not actually taught how to go about producing “high-quality” blog content that can lead to Google rankings, traffic, and an income.

Plus, a lot more depth is required for other topics, since numerous video tutorials are only a few minutes long.

In my opinion, it seems as though the DCS creator was in a hurry to throw together some form of product.

Instead of making a real effort to help you.


Final Thoughts: Is Daily Cash Siphon a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownI’m sorry, but anyone attempting to sell you on the idea of some “get-rich-quick” system is a total fraudster, in my eyes.

So yes, I believe Daily Cash Siphon is a scam.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of training tutorials to be discovered when you draw back the curtain, but it’s really not the point.

First of all, the product is no reflection of the so-called “magical system” that’s sold to you through the sales video.

And secondly, the training’s only good enough for getting an online Biz started.

It’s just inadequate for helping you to actually earn a full-time income because the tutorials are too shallow, in my book.

To be totally honest, you can easily find the same level training on YouTube for zero dollars, which in turn will save your cash.

But whether you choose to buy DCS or not is entirely your decision, at the end of the day.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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