IM Commission Method Review: [More Cloned Baloney!]

Here we go again, another rehashed scam! Except, this one’s the IM Commission Method that’s about to be reviewed.

And in case you want proof, here are the clones I’ve stumbled across:

So quite clearly, somebody’s pretty desperate to get their hands on your hard-earned buckaroonies, right?

I digress.

In order to understand why you should keep the system at arm’s length and how the whole thing works under the hood, continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

IM Commission Method Review
Name: IM Commission Method (ICM).

Owner: Ace (allegedly).

Cost: $47 + $1,000s in Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • None that cross my mind


  • A hyped-up sales pitch full of false expectations
  • The owner’s an alias & voiceover (in my opinion)
  • Some questionable member testimonies & screenshots
  • TCM is non-existent – it’s just bridge page for a different system
  • Comes with a price tag of $1,000s
  • Could be seized by the FTC – making it a risky investment


IM Commission Method is just one big joke, at the end of the day.

Because the sales video pulls the wool over your eyes with unrealistic claims, not to mention other red flags are raised.

And secondly, ICM is just some page that walks you through the front door of the Super Affiliate Network – an extortionate high ticket opportunity…

Which I believe is skating on thin ice because of the reasons outlined in my FULL review below.

So I advise you to approach ICM/SAN with caution.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before scrolling further, see my #1 recommended noob-friendly program for earning a sustainable income via affiliate marketing legitimately.

And before you ask…

NO, my top pick isn’t some get-rich-fast product or ponzi-style system like Profits Passport recommended by a certain someone. 😛


What’s The IM Commission Method All About, You Say?

The sales page states that the IM Commission Method is a proven method for making big money home…

Even if you’re new with zero experience.

And as always with this rebranded product, the sales video starts off with member testimonies of how wonderful the system is.

But I have reason to suspect that not all testimonies are the real McCoy.

Because nobody actually presents ironclad proof of their earnings, which throws up a red flag for me.

Yeah sure, “Ace” (the creator and spokeswoman) may show some quick proof of what her system’s capable of in terms of income…

Say hello to Ace.
Ace The Owner of The Commission Multiplier
But let’s face it, anyone and their gran can learn to forge snapshots using software like PhotoShop, right?

And even if her results are genuine – replicating her income figures won’t be a cake walk for you, I’m telling ya!

She then follows with all the usual hypey claims of:

“What’s about to be revealed must remain a secret because the life-changing system banks you $1,000s daily”

“The system’s gonna start making you money TODAY”…

“I’m not here to sell you anything – you can login in today for free”…

All I can say is: LOL.

Trust me, there’s not a system in cyberspace (especially a $0 one) that will bring you big results faster than Road Runner.

Meep meep!

Because no matter what system you hook up to, whether it’s Done For You Services or My Online Startup, to name a couple…

It will take MONTHS of blood, sweat and tears (not to mention $1,000s) for driving paid traffic to rake in $1,000s daily.

So I think it’s fair to say Ace is full to the brim of sh*t.


How Does The IM Commission Method Work Behind The Scenes?

The truth be told, the “magical system” you’re promised by Ace is a hoax *GASP*.

Because ICM is an outlandish bridge page built by a random “affiliate” whose intention is to push you into the Super Affiliate Network (SAN).

Which is an entirely different system – a high ticket one that’s not even free either.

SAN is a legitimate system that comes with all the trimmings in terms of training, resources, and support, don’t get me wrong.

But there are ugly aspects of the system that might make you think twice before opening up that purse or wallet.

Because, for starters, SAN is what’s known as a “plug n’ play” recruitment system.

Where you must buy the training packages yourself to be eligible to earn some tasty commissions off of your referral purchases.

Which means having a budget of $1,000s for the products and paid traffic strategies combined to potentially make the big bucks.

This leads to my second point of SAN being unsustainable.

Because only a handful of members can afford the high ticket fees to make bank.

The proof’s in the pudding:
The Profit Shortcut and Super Affiliate Network Income Information
And thirdly, with SAN being a recruitment scheme – makes it a target for the Federal Trade Commission.

Look at what happened to MOBE and Digital Altitude…

They both got shut down by the FTC for being “coaching schemes”.

So how long until the FTC also goes after SAN, Fullstaq Marketer, and Secrets Of The Wealthy, to name some similar programs?


Final Conclusion: Is The IM Commission Method a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWhile there is some legitimacy of the Super Affiliate Network itself – I believe The IM Commission Method is a blatant scam.

First of all, the sales video is full of nothing but hype and “get-rich-fast” claims – drilling false expectations into that beautiful mind of yours.

Secondly, the system you get your hands on is entirely different – making TCM void.

And thirdly, SAN doesn’t just come with a WHOPPING price tag to go “all in” (making it unsuitable for average Joe-sized budgets)…

But is also a risky investment, since the FTC could be hot on the tail of Misha Wilson (the creator) at some point down the road.

So taking all that into consideration, I think buying into TCM/SAN would be a pretty silly Simon move, in my book.


Looking For a Much Safer & Cost-Effective Money-Maker?

Unfortunately, it’s pipe dream sales pitches and high ticket programs that are destroying the affiliate marketing landscape.

Because that’s NOT how the real world of affiliate marketing works.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on ICM? We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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