Secrets Of The Wealthy Review: [A “Scheme” to Make You Poor?]

Inside THIS unbiased review of Secrets Of The Wealthy, I’m about to uncover the real “secrets”.

According to the guys running the show, you can have an abundance of cash (to the tune of 6 figures per month) flowing into your account…

While you just sit back and chillax.

But sadly, it’s not the case at all because you’ll be out-of-pocket faster than ‘The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico’…

YUP, Speedy Gonzales!

All jokes aside, dig into my review to discover why the money-making opportunity in question isn’t really what it seems under the surface…

At a Quick Glance

Secrets Of The Wealthy Review
Name: Secrets Of The Wealthy (SOFW).

Owners: Matt & Orlando (but also Bob & Mark according to other reviews lol).


Cost: $3K, $7K, $14K, $21K + $100s – $1,000s in admin & traffic generation fees.

My Score: 3/10.


  • Resources & training products
  • It has income-earning potential


  • Hyped up sales page
  • Overpriced member packages (+ admin fees)
  • Extra expenses for resources & generating traffic
  • The creator’s surnames aren’t revealed
  • Questionable member testimonies
  • The risk of being shut down by the FTC


While there are legitimate aspects of Secrets Of The Wealthy, I think you’re asking for trouble jumping under the bedsheets with this one.

Because the name of the game is to spend $1,000s on the products inside the system just to recruit others who follow suit…

Just so you can rake in big affiliate commissions for the sake of it.

Trust be, as someone who got scammed out of $1,100 by Empower Network in 2013, these “high-ticket” opportunities always have a short shelf life.

Because first of all, they’re unsustainable.

Not everyone can afford to splash out $10,000s, which is why most members struggle to earn.

And secondly, the Federal Trade Commission may eventually close down SOTW just like MOBE and Digital Altitude for being “schemes”.

So on your head be it if you get sucked in by SOTW. 😛

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s Secrets Of The Wealthy All About, You Ask?

Funnily enough, I bumped into Secrets Of The Wealthy by accident through Done 4 You Business.

Which is a bridge page promising you $8K per week!

But according to Matt & Orlando, SOFW is a system that combines top tier direct sales with a 100% turnkey automated direct response platform…

One, that allows you to sit back, relax, and count the cash! You can literally make $1,000s per week, apparently.

But 100% ‘Done-For-You’ is a total myth (in my experience) because there are still elements of the system that you’ll need to set up.

Furthermore, expenses and effort are required on your part to flood your system with targeted traffic, otherwise there’s zero success.

And that applies to any legit system like Done For You Services or shady ones like Stupid Simple System and Profits Passport, to name some.

I digress.

I’m not gonna lie, SOTW does seem like another “pipe dream” that’s designed to take you for a ride.

But it does offer money-making potential.

However, there’s a MASSIVE cost that’s also tied in with that income potential (which I’ll discuss in two shakes of a duck’s tail).


How The Whole Secrets Of The Wealthy Thing Works Under The Hood

I’m just gonna cut straight to the chase by saying that Secrets Of The Wealthy is actually an extortionate “recruitment scheme”.

Which comes with a price tag of $3,000 – $21,000!


Basically, the system has multiple membership levels comprising resources and internet marketing products.

Now, I can’t definitely confirm the product quality…

BUT the products sure do look like your typical run-of-the-mill PLR site ones.

For example, here’s a couple you get as a ‘Gold Package’ member:
Gold Package Products
So all you really do is buy the resell rights of various membership packages so you can recruit other affiliates into SOTF.

Your referrals then buy the same packages as you – lining your pockets with some pretty beefy commissions.

But unfortunately, this is a high-risk scheme, not just for the fact that it requires a chunk of your change right out of the starting blocks…

But because the true nature of the system actually goes against the grain of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

If you don’t believe me, read what happened to MOBE (run by Matt Lloyd) and Digital Altitude (by Michael Force):

So what does this mean for other similar systems like Super Affiliate Network and AWOL Academy (renamed Fullstaq Marketer)?

Is it only a matter of time until the FTC also crushes them like bugs?


I guess we’ll see.


More Red Flags That Caught My Attention With SOTW…

The first warning shot fired is the fact that numerous members have filmed far-fetched video testimonials.

For example; say hello to this guy who reckons he’s made $29K in just 9 days!
Secrets Of The Wealthy Member Made Thousands of Dollars in Nine Days
However, the problem is that these types of testimonies don’t just set unrealistic earning expectations for newbies looking into joining…

But the members don’t even reveal their identities or provide iron-clad proof of their earnings either, which raises suspicions.

So are the members and their videos the real deal or faker than Barbie dolls? That’s the question.

And the second warning sign for me is who the hell is “Matt” and “Orlando”, huh?
Matt and Orlando Done 4 You Business Creators
While they do show their faces and first names, why do they not reveal their surnames?

What have they got to hide?

And are you really willing to invest $1,000s when you don’t even know who you’re going into business with, huh?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself.


How Much Does The Secrets Of The Wealthy Actually Cost?

You may wanna be sitting down (preferably without a mouthful of coffee) for this…

To join SOTW will involve forking out for the following membership levels:
Secrets of The Wealthy Membership Fees

  • Gold – $3,000 (+ $247 admin fee). This qualifies you to earn a $1,500 commission on each ref feral sale.
  • Platinum – $7,000 (+ $447 admin fee) = $3,500 earnings on each sale.
  • Diamond – $14,000 (+ $647) = $7,000 earnings per sale.
  • Royal – $21,000 (+ $847 admin fee) = $10,500 earnings per sale.

And those packages aren’t including the $100s – $1,000s extra that you’ll need to shell out on paid traffic strategies to fill your funnel with potential buyers…

Or should I say “suckers”?

But wait, the costs don’t finish there LOL…

Because there are still the following essential resources for fully operating the system and building your Biz:

  • Replicated websites – $97/month.
  • Email autoresponder – starts from $19/month.
  • Texting autoresponder – $99/month.

So when you tally up said levels and resources, I think it’s fair to say that you’ll need to sell a couple of body parts to get rolling with SOTW, right?


Final Conclusion: Is Secrets Of The Wealthy a Scam?

Well, we all have different perspectives on the word “scam”.

So from my point of view, I’d say that Secrets Of The Wealthy is borderlining.

Because on one side of the gate, it offers resources and digital marketing training that can enable you to earn with the system…

IF you’re willing to invest cash and take action, of course.

But on the other side of the fence, the whole thing isn’t just ridiculously expensive (which means only a few members actually succeed)…

But is characterised as a “scheme” in the FTC’s eyes.

Because it’s all about recruiting others into the system rather than promoting the actual training products themselves.

This means there’s a strong possibility that the FTC will grab SOTW by the throat and choke it (metaphorically speaking) at some point.

But it’s your judgment call, at the end of the day.


Sick of Schemes, But Want a Cost-Effective Money-Making Solution?…

Unfortunately, nothing good ever comes from investing your trust, time and cash in high-ticket schemes.

Because they always fail one way or another.

The absolute best way to go about affiliate marketing as a newbie is to build a website around your hobby or passion.

Because you have full control over your success, you’re not breaking any laws (as long as you promote ethical stuff), and you can create something you’re proud of.

So if this sounds a bit of “YOU”, and you’d like tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support for creating a lucrative Biz from scratch as a blogger…

Then I invite you to start out With Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any thoughts or questions on SOTW to share? Please jump on the conversation below…


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