Commission Money Machine Review: [A Total BS Cash Printer?]

Thanks for landing on my honest review of Commission Money Machine!

Apparently, “Mr. million-dollar marketer” (Ewen Chia) is about to spill the beans…

Revealing the “secret” to automatically generating boatloads of money on the internet 24/7, so you can escape the rat race.

Blahdy blah.

But for a measly one-time investment of $27 (LOL), I seriously doubt that for one second.

Jump into THIS review to discover the ins and outs of the product in question and WHY I think it’s just all gristle without the steak…

At a Quick Glance

Commission Money Machine Review
Name: Commission Money Machine (CMM).

Owner: Ewen Chia.


Cost: $27 (but get it for $0 at + Upsells.

My Score: 3/10.


  • PDF & training tutorial videos
  • ClickBank offers a 60-day refund policy


  • Hyped-up & misleading sales page
  • The training’s inadequate for success
  • Comes with upsells
  • Ewen Chia’s known for junkie products


Put simply, Commission Money Machine revolves around helping you to set up your own WordPress website to promote ClickBank products as an affiliate.

But trust me, CMM is far from some easy-as-pie “magical system” (as pitched to you throughout the sale page).

Because first of all, success in the affiliate marketing world takes mountains of elbow grease and time.

And secondly, all you get from Chia is a bunch of PDF and video tutorials that teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.

Chia may help you to get started, but his training lacks depth – which means you’ll struggle to create a profitable Biz from the ground up.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the same pattern with ALL of Chia’s products.

So this guy seriously needs to up his game to help newbs actually succeed online, in my book.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before continuing…

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What’s Commission Money Machine All About, You Say?

From Ewen Chia comes yet, another hyped-up money-making product to land on the virtual shelves of ClickBank.

Except, this one’s called Commission Money Machine, which reminds me of a scammy opportunity I’ve reviewed called Website ATM.

When you gaze upon the CMM sales page, Chia makes all kinds of wacky claims like:

How he’s gonna “show you how to crank out a cash-generating machine that pumps out money for you 24/7”

How he “accidentally stumbled upon a revolutionary breakthrough system”

And how “you’re gonna make a killing with affiliate marketing so easily, that you’ll think it’s illegal”

Blah, blah, blah.

The guy even shows his ClickBank earnings (similar to the snapshot below) to prove he’s not telling you porkies.

Ewen Chias Daily ClickBank Affiliate Commissions

Ewen Chia’s ClickBank Sales!

I’m sorry, but what utter “happily ever after” baloney – since all Chia’s doing is leading you astray with unrealistic income expectations.

Because there is no “magic bullet” when it comes to the affiliate marketing arena – it can take you a long time of hard graft to reach 6 figures.

Even with top money-making systems like Commission Hero, 1K A Day Fast Track, Super Affiliate System, and 12 Minute Affiliate, to name a few.

But what’s amusing about Chia is that he actually contradicts himself by saying that CMM is no “instant riches push button” software LOL.

At the end of the day, this guy’s just full of hot air when it comes to his sales pitches.

As you’ll see from a few of his other products I’ve reviewed – Autopilot Profits, Copy Paste Income System, and Fast Track Cash.

Ask yourself this:

If it’s really so simple and easy to rake in the dough with CMM…

Then why doesn’t everyone and their grandma have money flowing from their ears, huh?



Let’s See How Commission Money Machine Works

Once you step inside the members’ area that looks just like THIS:
Commission Money Machine Members Dashboard
Chia immediately entices you with more of his fluffed up products and upsells to purchase.

I dunno about you, but I truly hate being upsold straight off the bat with ANY program. UGH.

I digress.

When you skip all that crap, you’ll start off by downloading a 56-page PDF containing generic information.

An ebook, that goes hand-in-hand with the following video tutorials from Chia:

  • Module #1: Choosing Your Market (13.02 mins)
  • Google Keyword Planner Tutorial (8.26 mins)
  • Module #2: Choosing Products That Sell (11.28 mins)
  • Module #3: Get up Close & Personal With Your Market (8.40 mins)
  • 4th Module: Building Your Online Presence (6.46 mins)
  • Module #5: Create Your Commission-Sucking Website (23.24 mins)
  • Module #6: Free Traffic (6.42 mins)
  • 7th Module: Paid Traffic (6.42 mins)
  • Bonus: Alternative Strategy #1 – Creating a Squeeze Page That Converts (17.29 mins)
  • Strategy #2.1: Building a Money-Making List (6.27 mins)
  • Strategy #2.2: Chia’s Personal Money-Making Affiliate Sites (3.48 mins)
  • Bonus Strategy #3: Automating Your List For Best Results (9.21 mins)

In all honesty, I don’t think the training’s anything to shout home about because most of it’s shallow and generic.

Don’t get me wrong, Chia offers a handful of good pointers.

And he even shows you how to do some keyword research and build a free WordPress website for getting up and running as a ClickBank affiliate.

But that’s about it, I’m afraid.

Because he doesn’t actually show you HOW to drive traffic to your site/landing page.

It’s OK for Chia to discuss traffic generation strategies like Facebook and paid ads, etc, but you NEED step-by-step guidance for success.

Nor does Chia show you in-depth over-the-shoulder stuff on HOW to effectively build an email list using Aweber.


Final Conclusion: Is Commission Money Machine a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownI think to label Commission Money Machine as a flat out scam would be unfair.

Especially when you can access the training for $0 at

But having said that, the sales page is hyped-up and as misleading as hell because it comes across as “pipe dream” drivel.

Plus, the product itself is no reflection of the “magical system” that’s promised because it’s just your typical run-of-the-mill training.

The same poor level of training that you find with the majority of WarriorPlus products.

Where the full picture of success is never painted.

So although Chia may guide you to getting an affiliate marketing Biz started – you will struggle to earn a full-time income, in my opinion.

So judging from the misleading sales page and tutorials that fail to live up to your expectations…

I’m dumping CMM in the borderline scam category.


How to Build a Money-Making Website That Rocks!…

YES, Chia teaches you how to build a WordPress site.

But he tells you to copy n’ paste content from ClickBank product publishers on your site in order to promote their stuff as an affiliate.

Which I guess could potentially make you some cash when sharing your site across Facebook and other channels.

But the tried and true way to go about creating a truly profitable WordPress blog is to write your own high quality and unique content.

Content, that can get ranked in Google and attract free organic search engines to your site.

How else did you stumble across THIS review, huh? 😉

The more content (blog posts) you publish = more rankings = more targeted visitors = more folks potentially buying your affiliate offers.

So if you’d like websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support for building a lucrative affiliate marketing Biz via blogging – see Wealthy Affiliate (it’s free to start!)

Your buddy, Neil!

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