Digital Income System Review: [A Disguised “Scheme”?]

Inside this unbiased Digital Income System review, I’m gonna explain the ins and outs of the money-maker and whether it’s actually worth it.

Unfortunately, there are too many “affiliates” blowing smoke up the system’s ass – failing to expose the cons.

So inside this review, you’ll hear nothing but the truth from a marketer who’s been around the block a few times with these types of high-ticket products.

Sound good?

Great, let’s roll…

At a Quick Glance

Digital Income System Scam Review
Name: Digital Income System (DIS).

Owners: Derek Jones & William Foley.


Cost: $1K, $3K, $5K, $12K & $25K! (+ other expenses for paid traffic methods).

My Score: 1/10.


  • Provides tools, training & support
  • Reps close your sales
  • The potential to make money
  • ** It has now shut down (read below) **


  • Products are expensive
  • Extra expenses for leads & traffic-generation methods
  • An unsustainable business model in the long term
  • FTC would class it as a high-ticket “recruitment scheme”
  • Website has no information about the owners


Digital Income System Summary:

Don’t get me wrong, the Digital Income System delivers value in terms of resources for helping you turn a buck online.

But my biggest pet hate with this opportunity is HOW you actually earn affiliate commissions.

Because what you’ll be doing is paying literally $1,000s just to promote DIS itself for $1,000s in return.

Which basically means it’s a “recruitment scheme” that’s gonna be frowned upon by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

So if you wanna partake in DIS, you might have to sell your pride and joy, and be prepared to take huge financial risks.

Unfortunately, this is not the right way to go about affiliate marketing.

Because the best practice is to build your own website and learn how to make it profitable.

Basically, create an online Biz around a topic that you’re passionate about actually helping folks with vs just “making money” for the sake of it.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended (SCAM).

** UPDATE **

Apparently, the Digital Income System owners were sued by the FTC in 2020…

For being a fraudulent money-making opportunity scheme that preys on consumers hoping to earn money from home.

And quite rightly so when you consider the ridiculous joining fees.

In fact, see these scam complaints on Better Business Bureau from disgruntled DIS members who chucked $1,000s into the scheme!

But before taking another step…

See a more cost-effective & legitimate way of earning a sustainable income online that’s perfect for newbies to affiliate marketing…

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What is The Digital Income System About, You Say?

Unfortunately, the Digital Income System website is nothing but a page for current members’ to login to.

So the whole money-making opportunity thing seems hush-hush.

Well, UNTIL you come across a member who’s promoting DIS through their own squeeze page/sales funnel.

But luckily for you, I eventually stumbled across a 20-minute sales video of an unidentified spokesman explaining the concept of DIS.

And it goes something like this…

DIS is an amazingly simple “hands-free” way of making $500 – $12,500+ in affiliate commissions from each sale.

It has nothing to do with MLM and doesn’t involve any hard work on your part because it’s a system that does all the selling for you 24/7.

Blah, blah, blah.

Basically, the system finds you red-hot prospects and then your professional closers make all the sales.

Well, so the guy claims.


If you’re thinking DIS sounds suspiciously like a “recruitment/money-making scheme” (whatever you wanna call it), then you’re 100% correct.

In fact, I also discovered the DIS owners (Derek Jones & Willaim/Bill Foley) are behind another “high-ticket” scheme I exposed called Big Profit System.

So right off the bat, this money-maker rang alarm bells for me.


How Does The Digital Income System Actually Work?

Put simply, you buy into a bunch of overpriced membership levels and packages.

These things contain stuff like ‘Done-For-You’ capture pages, marketing campaigns, autoresponder, tracking, traffic, sales closers, training, and support.

Basically, everything you need to get up and running as an affiliate marketer and start racking up 50% commissions from DIS.

But this is where the problem lies with DIS, unfortunately…

You’re practically forced into spending $10,000s on the products inside the sales funnel, just so you can recruit others who do the same = big $ in your pockets.

In the eyes of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), DIS would be deemed as an illegal “money-making scheme”.

Why do you think both My Online Business Empire (MOBE) and Digital Altitude closed down, huh?…

The FTC clamped down on Matt Lloyd and Michael Green for unethically charging members $10,000s for training/systems to promote their schemes.

And it’s just as well the Empower Network got pulled down by its owners Dave Sharpe & David Wood before the FTC took action too.

So how long will it be before the FTC also knocks on the doors of the Super Affiliate Network, AWOL Academy (now Fullstaq Marketer), and Six Figure Empire, to name a few more?

I’m sorry to say it, but the days are numbered for these “high-ticket” opportunities (including DIS).

So anyone who partakes is a fool with more money than sense, in my book.


What Does it Cost to Join DIS?

You might wanna be sat down (preferably without a hot beverage in your hand) for this.

To become a full-fledged member of DIS is gonna cost you $10,000s!

Here are the prices broken down into 5 membership levels:

  • ‘Entrepreneur’ = $1,000 (allows you to earn a $500 commission per sale)
  • ‘Director’ = $3,000 ($1,500 commission per sale)
  • ‘Professional’ = $5,000 ($2,500 commission per sale)
  • ‘Ambassador’ = $12,000 ($6,000 commission per sale)
  • ‘Executive’ = $25,000 ($12,500 commission per sale)

On top of those levels, you’ll need to splash out on lead packages and ways to drive traffic to your DIS funnel.

Which can easily set you back $100s – $1,000s more in fees.

In my opinion, it’s great that the commissions are sent out as checks to your home’s doorstep.

But at the same time, it’s interesting that you don’t get paid through PayPal or any other payment service.

Is it because HOW you generate an income from DIS is frowned upon, and its owners are playing it safe, by any chance?

But anyway, you can’t exactly call DIS “reasonably priced” to join, can you?

You may have to sell a kidney, I’m not kid-ding! (Bad joke, I know lol).


Final Conclusion: Is The Digital Income System a Scam?

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Digital Income System provides value and also makes it a little easier on newbs to make money online.

So there is a legitimate side to it in that respect.

But as for HOW the whole thing’s setup for money-making – makes it a scam from that angle.

Hence, why I’m classing DIS as a borderline product.

And I’ve a couple of VERY good reasons why it’s not an opportunity to invest in.

Firstly, the products are overpriced – making it an unsustainable opportunity in the long run.

Most folks will end up losing money.

This is the same reason why Empower Network (which lost me $1,000+) went bankrupt.

Secondly, you can bet your sweet bippy that the FTC will consider DIS as nothing but a law-breaking “scheme”.

So take it from me, this is one high-risk opportunity that comes with a short shelf life.

** UPDATE **

Considering now that the FTC has taken legal action against the DIS owners and their top recruiters for running a fraudulent opportunity…

It says it all, right?

I very much doubt that DIS will be bouncing back anytime soon, so I recommend steering the hell clear from it (and also anything else that resembles it online).

So what now, you ask?…


Here’s a Much Better + Legit Approach to Affiliate Marketing…

In my experience, affiliate marketing should be based on building a successful online business around something you love doing in life.

Such as a hobby, interest or passion, etc…

NOT by peddling some overpriced scheme just to fill your pockets with humongous commissions from other vulnerable peeps you recruit.

So if you want a more-cost effective approach to earning a sustainable income via affiliate marketing…

And one that provides you with the essential tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support for building a successful Biz from scratch on something you like or love…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on DIS? Please join in on the conversation below…


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