Blaze Review: [Will it Set Your Affiliate Income Alight?]

I’m about to review Art Flair’s Blaze, which came as part of a ‘Covid-19 Rescue Bundle’ that I recently purchased.

Apparently, you’re gonna learn how Mr. Flair went from a broke-ass bartender to raking in $400+ per day online.

But is this just another lame product that gets you all fired up and leaves you feeling burned?

Or is it really gonna set your income alight – enabling you to give off some serious heat in the affiliate marketing world?

Jump into THIS intense review to find out…

At a Quick Glance

Blaze Review
Name: Blaze.

Owner: Art Flair.


Cost: $1 (LOL) + Upsells.

My Score: 4/10.


  • Cheap front end cost
  • Video tutorials + bonus resources
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn $$$


  • Hyped-up sales page
  • The training’s incomplete (it’s not as newbie-friendly as it seems)
  • Some strategies require investment (even though the sales page states the opposite)
  • The method revolves around the ‘make money’ niche & launch jacking
  • Comes with a bunch of upsells


Blaze comprises 9 video tutorials that are designed to help you generate an affiliate income from the concept of launch jacking.

Where you’ll pick a ‘money-making’ product that’s due to be released, do blog and YouTube reviews on it, and drive traffic through social media.

It seems simple enough, right?


While Flair gives you guidance on how to go about the methods, he fails to paint the full picture of actually starting a blog and YouTube channel from scratch.

Which are crucial elements for newbies to learn in order to successfully get up and running as affiliate marketers.

It’s just another “run-of-the-mill” WarriorPlus product, I’m afraid.

So if you think you’re going out in a blaze of glory (sorry, Bon Jovi) as a beginner, you can guess again!

Final Verdict: Legit (But Unsuitable For Noobs).

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What is Blaze All About, You Ask?

According to Art Flair, Blaze is a “COPY-PASTE easy” method that can bank you over $400 per day on the web in affiliate commissions.

He also reckons that it takes just 45 minutes to set up using free tools, it revolves around 100% free traffic, and is proven to work.

And it doesn’t require you to build a website, list or complicated funnels, or even have a big budget to spend.

Blah, blah, blah.

Basically, it’s just your typical hyped-up WarriorPlus product on the surface.

Trust me, I’ve already reviewed tons of these products in the past:

They’re all the EXACT same – leading you to believe that “cashing in” online is as easy as warm apple pie.

But as an affiliate marketer myself, I know from first-hand experience that earning a life-changing income online is no stroll in the park.

Because it takes LOTS of those aspects called HARD WORK and TIME to see results, believe you me.

You could grab hold of the most perfect money-making system known to man, like Done For You Services or the Super Affiliate System

And you still won’t rake in the megabucks easily and quickly because the internet is no “magic wand”, at the end of the day.

But before I get too carried away (LOL), let’s find out more about the product that’s caught your attention, yeah?…


How Does Art Flair’s Blaze Work Under The Surface?

When you’re inside the members’ area that looks something like THIS:
Blaze Members Training Dashboard
Flair kicks things off with a quick introduction.

Basically, saying that any noob can use the free method he’s about to uncover for making $400/day.


Then It’s Off to The Races With The Following Video Training Modules:

  • Case Study Results (6.24 minutes) – A brief overview of how Flair made $400 in commissions using Facebook groups.
  • The Right Affiliate Offer (7.40 mins) – How to find a ‘new launch’ affiliate offer to promote via MunchEye & get approved.
  • Your Online Hub: Free Option (8.12 mins) – Flair discusses the importance of having a WiX/WordPress/Blogger blog to review your offers & recommends buying a domain & web hosting via THCServers.
  • Using Free Online Tools (4.09 mins) – Flair talks about the free tools from the previous video for building a review-style blog, recording live events (reviews) on YouTube & using FB groups for traffic.
  • Your Money Magnet (21.41 mins) – Crafting a 200+ word blog review of your chosen product & including some valuable bonuses from the product creator & a site called ‘Resell Rights Weekly’. There’s also a bit on using Canva to create YouTube thumbnails.
  • Traffic Goldmine: Part 1 (10.10 mins) – Flair recommends creating a separate Facebook account for your affiliate marketing efforts & covers the best practices of doing promo posts that go viral in FB groups.
  • Traffic Goldmine: Part 2 (10.51 mins) – Optimizing your review video for SEO in order to rank it on YouTube & Google for traffic.
  • Additional Traffic (6.49 mins) – Using Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & solo ads bought via a FB group to generate traffic to your reviews. Flair briefly discusses having an email list too.
  • Scaling it up (11.07 mins) – The importance of having an email list with a glimpse into Flair’s Aweber autoresponder list & email campaigns.

In my honest opinion, the training’s nothing to shout home about. It’s just “OK”.

Because Flair skips some of the most vital aspects of getting your affiliate marketing business set up.

For example; he doesn’t show you HOW to join ClickBank as an affiliate, start a WordPress website from scratch, set up a YouTube account, record videos, and start an email list.

He just skims the surface, which makes life harder for newbies.

In addition to the training, Flair throws in a bunch of resources to keep you sweet.


What’s The Cost of Blaze, You Say?

At the time of writing, it’s only $1 on the front end. So you’ll definitely get your money’s worth lol.

But obviously, you’ll need some cash for a domain and web hosting for your blog, and also solo ads if you choose to follow the strategies.

(But I’m sure Flair advertised Blaze as a “free” method, right? Hmm…)

As for the upsells (which you knew were on the horizon), they are as follows:

  • ‘Case Studies & Advanced Training’ = $25
  • ‘Done-For-You Platinum Pack’ = $35
  • ‘Unlimited Traffic Package’ = $197
  • ‘Resellers License’ = $47 – $97 (which explains the reason for so many biased reviews).
  • ‘Mastermind & Coaching Package’ = $97

So in my opinion, you’ll need a good investment for a real shot at success with this product.


Final Conclusion: Is Blaze a Scam?

I’ve been through the training one video at a time, and I can honestly say that Blaze is 100% legitimate.

However, with it being a WarriorPlus product, there isn’t a tremendous amount of value inside the basic version, unfortunately.

There’s no denying the fact that Flair offers some money-making value that you can put to good use as an affiliate marketer.

But from a total newbie point of view, I think you’re gonna struggle to get off the ground with this one.

Because Flair misses quite a lot out when it comes to putting all the engine parts together.

In terms of actually getting set up as an affiliate, starting a blog, producing YouTube videos, and building an email list.

So you WILL need to splash out on the upsells to get anywhere with Blaze, in my book.

But before you dash off…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on Blaze? Please drop em’ below…

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