The Lockdown Formula Review: [A REAL COVID-19 $ Solution?]

Thanks for dropping in on my unbiased review of The Lockdown Formula.

These are certainly some extremely challenging times right now for EVERYONE…

Folks sadly losing their lives, lack of freedom, social distancing measures, businesses going under, and peeps struggling both mentally and financially…

The world’s basically gone into “meltdown mode”, I tell ya!

Fear not though, there is light at the end of the funnel when it comes to this whole “COVID-19 coronavirus” thing.

Because humanity always bounces back from a pandemic, right?

I digress.

At this present moment in time, folks are hopping on the web in desperate search of money-making opportunities more than ever.

Which is why The Lockdown Formula was born.

However, the guys behind the product do make some pretty bold “fast passive income” claims for first-time stay-at-home marketers.

But is it REALLY the answer to all your financial prayers during this time of crisis or just all sizzle and aroma without the meaty steak, huh?

There’s only one way to find out, young grasshopper…

At a Quick Glance

The Lockdown Formula Review
Name: The Lockdown Formula (TLF).

Owners: Dawud Islam (the guy behind Cougar Commissions, Eagle Emails & Leopard Lists), Jono Armstrong & Zeeshan Ahmed.


Cost: $9.97 + $100s in Upsells.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Low starting cost
  • Training & software with customizable squeeze pages
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Affiliate marketing is a legit business model


  • Hyped-up sales page
  • No training on connecting an autoresponder to your squeeze page(s) or email marketing
  • Comes with upsells


Put simply, The Lockdown Formula provides ‘Done-For-You’ squeeze pages that you can edit and video tutorials to go alongside them.

The training’s designed to help you choose an affiliate offer and then set up a page to promote that offer.

BUT TLF isn’t as great or as fast at generating cash as it sounds, unfortunately.

Because first of all, the traffic training you get (which, BTW, is provided by a totally different product) covers free traffic methods.

I don’t hold anything against these traffic-generation strategies because they can save you tons of money.

But it can take MONTHS of blood, sweat and tears to potentially see results from organic reach.

Secondly, there’s no training on hooking up an autoresponder to your squeeze page(s) or email marketing, in general.

So as with all WarriorPlus products, you’re pressured into buying upsells for a real shot of success.

And Thirdly, TLM primarily revolves around the ‘make money’ niche.

It’s not just a highly competitive niche, but if you have no interest in it, you’ll just peddle products for the sake of making $$$.

Trust me, passionless leads to failure sooner than later.

So I wouldn’t exactly call TLF “the vaccine for your financial health”, in all honesty.

Final Verdict: Legit – But Not My Cuppa.

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What’s The Lockdown Formula All About, You Say?

According to the trio, The Lockdown Formula is a way of making money FAST (to the tune of 5 figures per month) in crisis mode.

It’s recession and crisis-proof, takes just minutes per day, proven to be effective, and takes requires only 3 steps:

  1. Watch the system overview
  2. Copy the simple process
  3. Rinse & repeat for plenty of profits

Blah, blah, blah.

Basically, the product revolves around affiliate marketing where you earn commissions from promoting others’ products.

In my experience, it’s one of THE best approaches to generating a passive income on the web.

Nothing else comes close. Period.

But here’s the thing…

Affiliate marketing never has been (and never will be) a stroll in the park because it requires heaps of time and elbow grease to see real success.

On top of that, it takes more than just some “$10 product” because you’re always gonna need to invest in the essential tools of the trade.

Unfortunately, I know WarriorPlus product publishers all too well.

Every sales page they produce is hyped-up to the max – leading you to believe that “the dream” is easy as apple pie to accomplish online.

Followed by the deliverance of basic training that’s really just repackaged as a new product and/or a system that exploits some loophole.

Don’t believe me?

See more of Jono Armstrong’s products I’ve reviewed:

So instead of creating just ONE super awesome product that truly helps newbies, these guys launch one cheap-ass product after another.

That’s why I call them “serial product launchers”.

But anyway, enough of my rambling LOL…


How Does The Lockdown Formula Actually Work Under All The Hype?

The inside of the members’ area looks just like THIS:
The Lockdown Formula Training Dashboard
Where Armstrong waits to greet you to TLF with a short and sweet overview video.

And then it’s time to jump right into the main training section comprising 7 videos from Dawud Islam:

  1. Introduction to The Training (4.20 minutes)
  2. What is Affiliate Marketing? (12.01 mins)
  3. The Main Affiliate Networks (15.06 mins) – Islam walks you through the WarriorPlus, ClickBank & JVZoo marketplaces to locate the top-selling affiliate products in the ‘make money’ niche to promote.
  4. How to Find Offers & Get Approved (3.27 mins) – Just a quick discussion from Islam.
  5. The Lockdown Formula Method Part 1 (1.17 mins) – A brief discussion on how to access TFM software via the tab underneath this video.
  6. TLF Part 2 (18.40 mins) – Islam provides a link for ‘Moocow Moolah’ (one of his own products) or allows you to choose your own affiliate offer & he shows you how to choose & edit a pre-built squeeze page inside the software for promoting your product.
  7. TLF Part 3 (8.23 mins) – Islam talks about driving traffic to your squeeze page(s) via ‘Tigers Traffic’ that teaches you 10 different ways you can drive free traffic. This is a freebie product that you’ll find under the resource tab.

Tigers Traffic Resource
But surely, Islam should be teaching this “traffic” stuff inside TLF, right?

The reasons why he sends you through Tigers Traffic is to A: give you the impression that you’re getting more bang for your buck with TLF.

And B: So he can entice you with even more upsells in addition to the TLF ones, which I’ll cover in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Trust me, I’m an affiliate marketer myself, so I know EXACTLY how these WarriorPlus product publishers tick.


What’s The Lockdown Formula Price Tag?

To get access to the squeeze page software and training is only $9.97, which isn’t a bad price to be fair.

But then come the following upsells that are designed to make life easier and increase your chances of success with TLF:

  • TLF Pro Access (6 Premium ‘Done-For-You’ campaigns to 10X your earnings) – $42.
  • Traffic Accelerator (blast your offers to 16,000 of the guys’ best customers 6 times ) -$67.
  • DFY Cash on Demand Funnels (explode your profits with multiple income streams) – $67.
  • Custom Set up & 1-on-1 Support – $197.

When it comes to Tigers Traffic, these are the upsells:

  • Traffic on Tap – $37
  • 10X Powered Traffic + Super Solos – $67
  • Triple Reseller Rights – $97
  • Tigers Traffic Academy – $197

So realistically speaking, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that TLF costs A LOT more than just 10 bucks, right?


Final Conclusion: Is The Lockdown Formula a Scam?

Despite the hyped-up sales pitch (which is the norm with WarriorPlus stuff), The Lockdown Formula is actually a legitimate product.

But by no means is this a “fast money-maker” – as advertised on the tin because variables come into play.

First of all, you’re taught to set up a pre-built squeeze page that sends your visitors DIRECTLY to an affiliate offer.

This means the conversion rates will be p*ss poor.

Because folks need that thing called “value” from you in terms of a presell page/product review before they choose to buy your offer.

Secondly, although there’s the option to hook up an autoresponder to your squeeze page for building an email list…

There’s ZERO training on HOW to go about doing this or even email marketing itself to promote your products from a newbie standpoint.

So without this crucial knowledge from the offset, you’ll potentially miss out on sales and commissions – meaning wasted traffic.

And thirdly, speaking of website visitors…

Tigers Traffic teaches you free methods that take heaps of elbow grease to potentially pay off.

Strategies, like Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogging. As awesome as they are, they’ll take months to get traction.

Especially when it comes to vlogging and blogging.

Because you really need to learn internet marketing skills to master those strategies.

Furthermore, ineffective methods like spamming Facebook groups and using traffic exchanges are also recommended.

And finally, the ‘make money online’ niche is highly competitive, so you’ll really be swimming against the tide as a total noob.

Not just that, but if you’re not passionate about the niche and only in the game to “make money”, then you’re gonna quit at some point.

The truth be told, you’re gonna have to splash out on the TLM upsells to increase your money-making chances, in my opinion.


Want a “Real” Kick-Ass Money-Making Solution, Huh?…

In my experience, affiliate marketing truly rocks!

But it’s not quite as easy and simple as stealing candy from a baby – like WarriorPlus product vendors lead you to believe.

But if you’re prepared to get your hands dirty in the virtual fields (and not some lazy-bum ass noob)…

Then roll with a platform that equips you with the essentials for turning your hobby/passion into a successful affiliate marketing Biz instead…

A platform, where you’ll find websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a huge community for building a profitable blog from scratch…

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate (you can start for free).

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on TLF? Please hop on the conversation below…


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