The Incognito Method Review: [$300/Day Under The Radar?]

Welcome to my truthful review of The Incognito Method!

Surprise, surprise… this is another “never been seen” before method from Brendan Mace and his crew.

But this one’s a pretty simple way of making $319 per day online as a newb under the radar (hmm… StealthD springs to mind).

To get the lowdown on this product and also discover whether the guy’s actually being honest with you, continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

The Incognito Method Review
Name: The Incognito Method (TIM).

Owners: Brendan Mace & some mysteries partner (SPOILER: It’s Pallab Ghosal).


Cost: $13.07 + extra expenses + Upsells.

My Score: 4/10.


  • Low start-up cost
  • Video tutorials
  • Support’s available
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Most of the training lacks depth
  • Expenses required for resources
  • Comes with numerous upsells


Put simply, The Incognito Method revolves around “Launch Jacking” – producing your own YouTube videos to promote affiliate products.


First of all, I’d hardly refer to this concept as “flying under the radar” LOL.

Secondly, launch jacking’s one of the most competitive and unethical ways of making money because most affiliates who practice it lack transparency.

Plus, they’ll do absolutely anything to claw their way to Google and YouTube page-1.

And thirdly, the training’s insufficient, in my eyes.

Because there’s very little to go on when it comes to building a squeeze page.

And also, you’re not shown (step-by-step) HOW to record YouTube videos or put your bonus offer pages together either.

So taking all this into consideration: Making $300+ per day is debatable from a novice standpoint.

At the end of the day, this product’s only gonna be beneficial for those who have internet marketing experience already.

Final Verdict: LegitBut Not Recommended.

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What’s The Incognito Method About, You Say?

From the guy(s) behind the likes of The Awakening, Lazy Profit Explosion, and The Clones, to name a few – comes The Incognito Method.

TIM is just another hype-up WarriorPlus product, as per.

Where Mace claims it’s a brand new and unseen $319/day “free traffic” method that’s entirely newbie-friendly…

One, that has no relation to traditional affiliate marketing and allows you to cash in without showing your face on camera and even in your sleep…

Blah, blah, blah.

Basically, TIM is all about “Launch Jacking”.

Where you’ll pick products in the ‘money-making’ niche, build a squeeze page, and shoot YouTube review videos that get ranked.

But trust me, Mace is pulling the wool over your eyes with the whole unseen “thing” because these methods are far from new.

But enough of the nit-picking…


Let’s Discover How The Incognito Method Works

The inside of the members’ area looks like THIS:
The Incognito Method Members Training Dashboard
That contains 13 video tutorials – where the first one’s a simple introduction to TIM from Pallab Ghosal.

He explains that TIM involves creating a squeeze page to build 2 email lists and sending traffic to your page from multiple sources.

Basically, so you can hit your subscribers with your affiliate offers and make $.

And then comes the meat and potatoes:


The 12 Video Training Modules

  1. Find High Converting Offers (8.40 minutes) – How to pick good affiliate offers on ClickBank inside its “e-business” category.
  2. WarriorPlus High Converting Offers (5.22 mins) – Same as above ^^.
  3. JVZoo High Converting Offers (3.13 mins) – Again, the same ^^.
  4. Underused Affiliate Network (2.54 mins) – A brief walkthrough of the Cash Network.
  5. Primary Lead Hooks From Scratch (12.10 mins) – How to build a capture page inside of InstaBuilder.
  6. Secondary Lead Hooks: Part 1 (3.56 mins) – Using Pushcrew ‘Push Notifications‘ software.
  7. Secondary Lead Hooks: Part 2 (3.13 mins) – Brief guidance on customizing your Pushcrew notifications.
  8. Drive Quality Traffic For Free (11.21 mins) – Pallab talks about finding new launch products to promote via MunchEye & driving traffic by creating YouTube videos that easily rank.
  9. What to Use For Video Content (5.27 mins) – Some pointers on constructing your product review videos & including your hook.
  10. Optimization For Best Rankings (7.06 mins) – How to optimize your videos for SEO in terms of targeting the right keywords & creating video descriptions among other tips.
  11. Triple Conversions With Bonuses (4.16 mins) – Using PLR products to offer your potential customers as bribes – followed by a quick demo of Pallab’s own bonus page.
  12. Double Money With Push Notifications (5.08 mins) – How to use Pushcrew to send daily broadcasts to your subscribers.

All I can say is… meh!

Overall, this training’s nothing to shout home about because it’s inadequate in many areas.

You’ll find out more about this in my final conclusion.


4 Bonus Traffic Modules

On top of the lessons, there are the following bonus video tutorials:

  1. Generating Free Traffic With Pinterest (9.16 mins) – Some tips on making the most from Pinterest, as well as a quick walkthrough.
  2. How to Set up Your Pins – Huh, this a replica of the above ^^ video?!
  3. Solo Ads Part 1: (7.41 mins) – An introduction to solo ads & also some tips on implementing the strategy.
  4. Solo Ads Part 2: (4.35 mins) – How to find high-quality vendors through Facebook.

I enjoyed the Pinterest video, but solo ads aren’t exactly my cuppa because they’re not just costly, but also risky.

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How Much Does The Incognito Method Cost, Huh?

The front-end price is around $13.

But you’ll need to splash out on the following resources for the strategy to work:

  • InstaBuilder starts at $77
  • Pushcrew starts from $25/month

And there’s also a cost for joining a PLR site to get your hands on products to give away as bonuses.

Plus, if you decide to implement the bonus training, it’s important to know that solo ads can set you back $100s – even $1,000s if you’re not careful.

As for the upsells with TIM, they are as follows:

  • ‘DFY Funnels’ = $37
  • ‘License Rights’ to resell TIM for 100% commissions = $97 – which explains the number of “biased” reviews online.
  • ‘Brendan’s One-on-One Coaching’ = $2,000!

So it certainly isn’t a cheap method overall, is it?


Final Conclusion: Is The Incognito Method Worth it?

On this occasion, I’m gonna have to say NO, I’m afraid.

While Pallab Ghosal provides you with some level of value inside The Incognito Method product.

It’s insufficient for a “newbie” to make money with (in my opinion) because there’s no solid step-by-step guidance.

He doesn’t show you enough on building a capture page, and there’s no over-the-shoulder stuff on putting together YouTube videos or even bonus pages.

Furthermore, TIM certainly isn’t some “unseen method” – as Mace proclaims on the sales page.

Because capture page + email list building, YouTube, Pinterest, and solo ads have been knocking around for donkey’s years.

But what I truly hate about TIM is that the focus is on “Launch Jacking” products in the ‘make money’ niche. UGH!

Launch jacking is the TOXIC way of doing affiliate marketing…

Not just because it’s highly competitive, but also those so-called affiliates involved aren’t upfront with you about the products they promote.

It’s just all sales page “fluff” outlining all the benefits to make quick and easy bucks for themselves. Period.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got nay questions or thoughts on TIM to share? Please hop on the conversation below…

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