Mobile Site Sniper Review: [Are YOUR Dollars Targeted?]

Howdy, thanks for scoping out my unbiased review of Mobile Site Sniper!

Did you know that you can easily rake in $500+ daily with just a few touches of your smartphone?

Well, according to the sales pitch you can.

But should you really trust the hype and give this money-making product a shot?

Or is the person behind it just setting THEIR sights on YOUR hard-earned American dollars instead, huh?

Without beating about the bush, let’s pull the trigger to find out…

At a Quick Glance

Mobile Site Sniper Review

Name: Mobile Site Sniper (MSS for short).

Owner: Joel (just a stage act).


Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 0/10.


  • A perfect example of the trash to keep at arm’s length


  • Overexaggerated income claims
  • The owner uses an alias
  • The video presenters are stage names + voiceovers
  • Fake stories, income screenshots & scarcity
  • It’s a ClickBetter product (ClickBetter has a poor reputation)
  • Comes with upsells


After putting myself through the torturous sales pitch full to the brim of lies and deception, I can confidently confirm that Mobile Site Sniper is a blatant scam…

Especially considering the fact that I fell for this type of crap MANY times as a newbie myself back in the day.

So trust me on this one, I smell a rat when one’s close by.

I’m sorry, but in what world can anyone make $500+ a day as easy as cherry pie using their smartphone?

If that was true, then why aren’t we all living lavish lifestyles thanks to some “$47 product”, huh?

All you really get your hands on is some generic and outdated PLR stuff in the form of pdf ebooks and videos…

That aren’t much help in today’s world of online money making/affiliate marketing world.

The only person laughing all the way to the bank is the misguided individual behind the product, at the end of the day.

so do yourself a favour and keep your purse or wallet shut tight and out of reach of the scammer’s grubby hands.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s Mobile Site Sniper All About, You Say?

The sales page leads you to believe that Mobile Site Sniper is some “secret software making you over $537/day”.

Then as you watch the cheesy sales video, a female presenter (by the name of Laura) continues will all sorts of hype like:

How she finds it difficult to keep track of the $1,000s that are flooding in because she gets paid via PayPal every few seconds…

And it’s all thanks to Joel who is the brains behind MSS – the system that magically grows your income on autopilot without even touching it…

If you can click a mouse, then bucket loads of cash will be dumped into your account, starting in the next few seconds…

Oh my days, the sales pitch just reeks to high heaven of that “SCAM” word!

The whole thing bears a resemblance to Explode My Payday, Cash Sniper, AZ Sniper, Bulletproof Profits, and Cash Point ATM, to name more trash I’ve reviewed.

So here’s the million-dollar question:

IF MSS really delivers what’s advertised on its tin, then why isn’t every man and his dog on the entire planet already filthy rich, huh?…

That’s because the notion of “get-rich-quick” was forged in the land of make-believe.

It DOES NOT exist. Period.

Trust me, I’ve done this “affiliate marketing” thing long enough to know that mindset, elbow grease, time, and patience all play key roles in success.

But narcissistic ratbags online will never ever reveal those because they obviously have hidden agendas.

Here are 4 pretty good reasons why you seriously shouldn’t trust MSS as far as you can chuck its creator…

Red Flag #1: “I Feel Bad For Dad – Look How Nervous He is Working From Home”…

Laura tries to lower you into a false sense of security by leading you to believe that her father’s being interviewed on the TV.

As you’ll see from the BBC News logo:

Work From Home News Story

First of all, the female narrator’s actually an American.

But her father’s on the British (BBC) news with his voice muted.

So to me, something doesn’t seem to add up here – especially with no proof to validate their father and daughter relationship.

Secondly, the reason Laura says her dad’s nervous is that he’s live on air with his two very young kids in the background.

And then she continues with the whole “I work at home with my kids too” spiel.

Sadly, scammers have a knack for making their stories relatable to you…

To not only exploit the “you know what” pandemic (at the time of writing this review), but also manipulate newbies, in general.

Red Flag #2: “I’m Laura – A Hairdresser From Michigan”…

The female sales video presenter wants to convince you that her name’s “Laura”.

Laura The Hairdresser From Michigan

And again, tries to relate to you by sharing some of her background story as an employee.
But not at any point throughout the sales pitch does she provide any evidence to support her identity and story, whatsoever.

Which to me, has “ voiceover freelancer” written all over it.

Because scammers always hide behind pen names and other people’s voices hired from freelancing marketplaces.

The same also applies to “Joel” who’s running the whole MSS show, apparently.

But the guy’s a ghost (Slimer springs to mind LOL) – you don’t see him.

And then you hear from some “Robbie” dude…

Man Posing on The Beach With His Friends

He’s Laura’s younger brother who just had to have his slice of the action too – claiming to make $879 daily himself.

Gosh, talking about keeping it in the family or what?

Although Robbie tries to convince you that he’s the real McCoy with his beach pic…

I’m willing to bet that it’s likely stolen or bought from a stock photo website.

Furthermore, I reckon he’s another voiceover hired on Fiverr – I wouldn’t put it past the fraudster behind MSS.

Red Flag #3: “Oh, Man – I Never Get Tired of Seeing $1,000s!”…

According to Laura, she never gets sick and tired of $1,000+ payments rolling into her account, day-in-day-out.

Fake Stripe and Paypal Income Payments From Mobile Site Sniper

Wowzers, lucky old, Laura!

But don’t let yourself be led down the garden path by her screenshots.

Because you can bet a dime to a dollar they’re fabricated.

First of all, photoshop software makes it incredibly easy to forge income proof screenshots these days.

And secondly, Laura fails to display actual proof of HOW MSS works to fill her pockets with such huge sums of cash daily.

This clearly speaks volumes about the “pipe dream” product…

That it simply DOES NOT deliver on its promises from the get-go, right?

Red Flag #4: “Joel Doesn’t Want Your Money – He Just Cares About Your Success” (LMFAO)…

This one’s a real cracker, I tell ya!…

Joel cares so much about your online success, that he doesn’t want your hard-earned spondoolies, apparently.

Fake Mobile Site Sniper Owner Joel

If Joel is doing absolutely fine without your dollars, then how come the cheese ball has designed a deceptive product?..

Why is his identity hidden from the whole world?…

Why is he so desperate to get his hands on your name and email address underneath the video pitch?…

But more to the point, why does he charge you $47 for MSS and not offer a trial or even give it away for free?…

Ask yourself these questions.

I’m sorry, but Laura (or should I say the MSS creator?) really is full of sh*t.

Because she basically deploys every psychological tactic under the sun to relieve you of your cash…

Not just for the product itself, but for any crappy upsells that are likely to set you back $100s behind the scenes.

How Does Mobile Site Sniper Work?

If you’re hoping to easily set your sights on raking in $100s online on a daily basis with MSS, you’ve got another thing coming.

Because once you part with your hard-earned spondoolies, all you really gain access to is a dashboard with some very basic and also outdated resources…

That come in the form of videos and pdf ebooks – ya know, the PLR type of ones that don’t hold much value.

To be more specific, you get basic and outdated training on stuff like:

But as I said, none of it is in-depth and fresh guidance, so you’ll definitely struggle to fit the pieces together as a newbie.

What I also hate about MSS is that you’re also encouraged to promote it (and the creator’s other crap) as an affiliate…

Therefore becoming a scammer yourself by tricking other newbies into parting with their cash for get-rich-quick junk.


How Much Does Mobile Site Sniper Cost, You Ask?

MSS costs a one-time $47 on the front end.

But then soon follow at least 2 upsells, which are:

  1. DFY System $497 ($297 after discount applied) – apparently this 100% Done-For-You system is a “souped up” version of MSS that really makes you the mega cash.
  2. Platinum Upgrade $197 ($97 after discount applied) – this will ramp up your earnings even more with some “secret” courses to implement, social media secrets, support & other stuff, allegedly.

But I urge you not to fall for any of this junk for a couple of VERY good reasons:

First of all, MSS is sold through the ClickBetter marketplace – ClickBetter is notorious for peddling scammy products.

Plus, the marketplace will likely give you the run around when it comes to trying to request a refund.

And secondly, there’s no actual proof that the upsells deliver the promised results – they’re designed to get the better of your curiosity…

So the creator can really go to town on you – squeezing you like a lemon for plenty of cash in THEIR pockets.

Also, don’t bank on getting a refund from said upsells either.

Final Conclusion: Is Mobile Site Sniper a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs Down

Absolutely, 100%, without a shadow of a doubt.

Although I didn’t personally buy into Mobile Site Sniper (oops, my bad!) – I have bought into this low-level crap many times in the past.

So I know EXACTLY how these things always pan out – It’s not good, I tell ya.

Plus, given the fact that I already know what it takes to truly make money online…

I can confirm that the product will get you absolutely nowhere.

Because first of all, the “get-rich-quick” concept is nothing but a myth.

And secondly, all you get behind the curtain is some shoddy outdated PDF/video training and/or website building software that doesn’t yield results.

So based on those facts, you should seriously avoid the so-called money-making product like country lane potholes.

Wanna See a True Income-Producing Method (Unlike Mobile Site Sniper)?…

Unfortunately, it’s garbage like Mobile Site Sniper that’s starting to give the world of online money-making a bad reputation.

But fear not, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Because there are still plenty of legitimate platforms that lay out the right path for you to earn an income online.

For example; see my #1 recommendation

Where you won’t just get your own WordPress website, but also step-by-step training, tools & 24/7 support from a huge community…

Basically, the whole shebang for creating a lucrative online Biz in the affiliate marketing realm around your hobby or passion.

But it will take you plenty of time of effort to learn new skills and build something successful online.

So just don’t go into the affiliate marketing game thinking that it’s as easy as pie to rake in the dough because it’s far from it.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on MSS to share? Please drop your comments below…


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