The Clones Review: [Can You Copy Your Way to Moolah?]

Thanks for dropping In on my honest review of The Clones!

And NO, not the Star Wars sort either. 😛

This is actually another product from Brendan Mace who offers you a bunch of ‘Done-For-You’ campaigns.

Ones, that are designed to make life easier when it comes to pocketing $100s in affiliate commissions on a daily basis.

BUT will you really be able to “copy” your way to big success on the internet as easy as apple pie?

Or is this just carbon-copy WarriorPlus junk that’s fit for the scrap heap, huh?

Get the answer and also the ins and outs of the campaigns in THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

The Clones Review
Name: The Clones (TC).

Owners: Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong & Erik Cagi.


Cost: $13.03 + $100s for Upsells.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Low start-up price
  • 6 Done-For-You sales campaigns (including emails & bonuses)
  • Support’s available
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Earning potential


  • Only works in the ‘make money’ niche
  • No training on generating traffic, list building & email marketing, in general
  • Comes with numerous upsells
  • Isn’t newbie-friendly, in my book


In all honesty, I’m in two minds over The Clones.

Because on one side of the fence, you get ‘Done-For-You’ affiliate marketing campaigns that come with plenty of email swipes and bonuses to give away.

BUT to really benefit from TC, you must be already clued-up on traffic generation and email marketing strategies.

Because Mace fails to teach you the ropes of those internet marketing methods, unfortunately.

This means you’ll need to fork out an extra 37 bucks or so for one of his traffic upsells, which I think is intentional.

Furthermore, it’s only suitable for those marketers who reside in the ‘online money-making’ niche and aren’t too fussed about promoting JVZoo/WarriorPlus junk.

So if you don’t fit the criteria as a newbie, then I suggest that you stray away from this product.

The actual way to go about doing affiliate marketing is to choose a niche that interests you instead of rolling with the ‘make money’ one for $.

Final Verdict: Legit.

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What’s The Clones All About, You Ask?

Very similar to Bang Bang Profits – The Clones is set up to offer you 6 high-converting ‘Done-For-You’ money-making campaigns.

Apparently, all you have to do is “copy n’ paste” the campaigns for affiliate commissions to start rolling into your PayPal account quickly.

And also according to Mace, you don’t need any skills or even need to set up a website or spend cash on web-hosting and a domain.

Blah, blah, blah.

Unfortunately, it’s always the same old, same old with these guys; they churn out hyped-up sales pages to make easy sales themselves.

Want proof? See some of their other stuff I’ve come across, like the Raiken System, Commission Blueprint, and Lindgren’s Lazy Method.

There are literally 100s of these fluffed up products!

But before we get ahead of ourselves and judge a book by its cover when it comes to TC…


Let’s Discover How The Clones Works For a Buck…

Once you get behind the scenes of the product, this is what the members’ area looks like:
The Clones Members Dashboard
Where Mace kicks things off with a 4.37 video introduction – briefly explaining how the whole thing works.

Basically, there are 6 DFY campaigns to choose from; each one containing 4 things:

  1. A Case Study
  2. Request Approval For Your Affiliate Link
  3. Grab Your Email Swipes
  4. And Then Activate

Done For You Affiliate Marketing Campaign


The 6 Campaigns You’re Gonna Get

When it comes to the campaigns themselves, they are:

  1. The Banger Method (comes with an 11.34-minute case study video & 6 email swipes)
  2. EZ Passive Paydays (15.43 video study + 10 swipes)
  3. BLOX (13.17 min video + 8 swipes)
  4. Passivly (10.52 min video + 6 swipes)
  5. Printly (11.41 min video + 6 swipes)
  6. Postly (15.40 min video + 5 swipes)


Now, as for the 6 campaigns, they are “presell” pages built by Mace’s team that contain reviews, videos, headings, scarcity, and even congruent bonuses.

Basically, all the essential elements that make your campaigns profitable because they deliver that word called “value“.

Oh, and deploy psychological triggers too lol.

So sending your visitors to “bridge pages” instead of just blasting out “raw” affiliate links will make all the difference in the world for you.

As for the case studies, Mace boasts about his own affiliate earnings from the campaigns and also walks you through the psychology of the email swipes.

However, he doesn’t show you how to generate targeted traffic to your campaigns, which is the downside to TC, in my opinion.

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What’s The Cost of The Clones, Huh?

At this present moment in time, the front-end cost is $13.03. But that could decrease or even increase at any time.

You just never know with these kind of ‘MMO’ products.

But with TC being stocked on the WarriorPlus marketplace shelves, there are the following upsells:

  • ‘3 Traffic Sources’ = $37
  • ‘Lifetime Access’ = $197
  • ‘License Rights’ = $97 to make 100% commissions from promoting TC itself.
  • ‘Brendan’s One-on-One Coaching’ = a WHOPPING $1,997!

All I’m gonna say is… OUCHY!

So taking all these price tags into account, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s quite a costly product to roll with, right?


Final Conclusion: Is The Clones Worth it?

From my point of view:

If you have a keen interest in the ‘money-making’ niche (promoting WarriorPlus/JVZoo products), already know how to drive traffic, build an email list, and blast out follow-ups…

Then The Clones could be right up your street.

Because I believe the DFY campaigns can potentially put affiliate commissions in your pockets.

However, you also need to take any paid traffic costs in order to make those sales and commissions into consideration.

BUT if you’re a newbie who’s absolutely clueless about this affiliate marketing “stuff”, then I seriously don’t recommend taking the plunge with TC.

Especially when Mace doesn’t provide any training on how to get an affiliate Biz started or even generate traffic, which is the lifeblood of your Biz.

And in my opinion, this is intentional so you end up splashing out on Mace’s traffic upsell.

So I’m kinda on the fence with this product.

But before you dash off…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on TC? Please hop on the conversation below…

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