0 To $100 in 24 Hours Review: [Really, In 1 Day?!]

Hey, thanks for swinging by my truthful review of 0 To $100 In 24 Hours! 🙂

Lucky for me, I saved some $ on this product.

Because it’s inside Profit Maximizers together with other stuff like Zero Hour Work Days, El Bandito, and The Flash Method.

But are you really gonna go from $0 to $100 in a single day (like a drag racer in the desert) as a total newbie?

Or is this just a classic case of ‘the tortoise and the hare’ story – where you’ll make some dosh, but at a snail’s pace, huh?

Hmm… let’s get the nitty-gritty of this product to find out, shall we?…

At a Quick Glance

0 To 100 in 24 Hours Review
Name: From Zero/0 To $100 In 24 Hours (0 – 100 for short).

Owners: Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong & Tom E Mcting.

Website: 0to100in24hours.com.

Cost: $12.95 + Upsells.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Low start-up cost
  • Tutorial videos
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Money-making potential


  • Takes more than just a “few minutes” to set up
  • Unideal if you’re camera shy
  • Revolves around launch jacking & the ‘MMO’ niche
  • Comes with hidden upsells


To tell you the truth, I do believe you can make $100 per day with 0 To $100 In 24 Hours if you follow the video tutorials to the letter.

How the whole thing works:

Is by finding an affiliate product on MunchEye that’s about to be launched & you simply set up a bonus page & do a review video on YouTube.

Which can get ranked on the first page of YouTube results and bring you some traffic.

And you’ll do this process for about 30 days (1 product launch per day) to increase your money-making potential.

But while it may seem like an awesome way to turn a buck, there are multiple flaws to the strategy.

Not only will you be competing against other affiliates (or should I say “launch jackers”) who live and breathe this “stuff”.

But you’ll be promoting WarriorPlus/JVZoo products – the majority of which, aren’t that great quality, in my experience.

Furthermore, if you’re not the kinda guy or gal who’s confident to create, narrate, and put your face on YouTube, then this isn’t for you.

But if the strategy is right up your street, then be prepared to invest at least a few hours in each campaign set up.

Final Verdict: Legit But Not The Real Way to Practice The Art of Affiliate Marketing.

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What’s 0 To $100 In 24 Hours All About, You Ask?

From the dudes who brought you the likes of The Secret Weapon, Cash Magnets, Kartel, and Aurora, to name a few – comes 0 To $100 In 24 Hours!

Which is supposed to do exactly what it says on the tin: Making you 100 bucks in a day using nothing but the internet.

More specifically, it’s an over-the-shoulder blueprint that allows you to earn affiliate commissions from promoting others’ products.

But what I truly dislike about their sales pitch is that it’s loaded with all the usual hype:

  • “You don’t need to build a website or have tech skills”
  • “Takes just a few minutes to set up”
  • “Make more cash faster than ever before”
  • “It’s a brand new unseen & revolutionary method”

Blah, blah, blah.

So if you hadn’t have guessed, 0 – 100 is another one of their products aimed at lazy bum ass newbies looking for corners to cut.

But I’m not saying that you fall into that category, of course. 😛

Joking aside, from my experiences, there’s no such thing as easy and fast cash on the web from a newbie standpoint.

Because whatever training you follow requires that word called “hard work“, not to mention time to set the wheels in motion.

But even then, there are no guarantees you’ll rake in $100/day.

Because it depends on other variables, like work quality and what you promote, etc.

Right, now we’ve cleared that up…


What’s Under The Hood of 0 To $100 In 24 Hours, Huh?

Once you step inside the members’ area, you’ll see that the dashboard looks just like THIS:
0 To 100 In 24 Hours Training Dashboard
Where Armstrong starts by explaining that 0 – 100 is what he used to get started as an affiliate marketer back in the days.

And he’s gonna show you how to do the same using free traffic and without all the fancy-pants tools at your disposal.

What I like about the first module is that Armstrong’s upfront with you about him not being able to guarantee your results.

But if you work consistently for a good 30 days and adopt the right mindset for success, he says you can make $100 daily and scale-up.

I think this type of integrity wouldn’t go amiss in the ‘online money-making’ world, if I’m being totally honest with you.

See what I did there? 😛

However, what puts me off is that the method revolves around doing YouTube video reviews and the concept of “launch jacking”.

But anyway…


Now, it’s on to The Meat & Spuds

The video training’s broken up into the following 6 modules:

  • Case Study (4.21 Minutes) – Jono did the method (as if he had to start from scratch) & shows his $190 earnings in 24-hours.
  • Checking The Tires (7.33-Minutes) – You’ll set up YouTube, PayPal JVZoo/WarriorPlus affiliate & Canva accounts. Oh, & create a free WiX account (even though they said you don’t need a “website” LOL). Plus, you’ll need a headset & also webcam/smartphone (optional).
  • Filling Up The Gas (23.14 mins) – Use MunchEye to pick an affiliate product that’s about to be launched & basically suck up to the creator for their blessing to promote their product & also get a product “bonus” page generated.
  • Checking The Mirrors (60.24 mins) – You’ll also create your own custom bonuses – where you’ll find others’ YouTube videos or PLR stuff to offer as freebies, use Canva to design the bonus graphics & then create a free website using WiX to showcase your affiliate offer + bonuses.
  • Fire The Ignition (16.30 mins) – Find reviews of the product on YouTube to draw inspiration from & go create your own ‘live streaming’ review video on YouTube – also using your webcam to show your face & build that word called “trust” with peeps.
  • Activate Cruise Control (17.33 mins) – Before your video goes live, you’ll do some tweaking by adding a video title, description & the product link (your WiX website) underneath your video. Also, you’ll design a thumbnail using Canva.

In all honesty, Armstrong’s training is quite good.

And as you’ll see from my Wealthy Affiliate buddy (John Newman – also The Collector creator), this YouTube/launch jacking strategy can work.

So he’s potentially made some affiliate commissions.

But I don’t like to pry, so you’ll have to ask him about his earnings yourself lol.


What’s The Cost of 0 To $100 In 24 Hours?

The front-end cost is just a drop in the ocean at $12.95.

But when it comes to building your offer “bonus” page(s), Armstrong recommends a better alternative to WiX.

One, that’s called ‘Commission Gorilla’ @ $49 per year.

As for the 0 – 100 upsells, they are as follows:

  • ‘Free Traffic Training’ = $37
  • ‘Limitless Traffic’ = $197
  • ‘Done-For-You Funnels’ = $67
  • ‘Lifetime Campaigns’ = $197
  • ‘License Rights’ to resell the product for 100% commissions – so no wonder why there are loadsa “biased” reviews.


Final Conclusion: Is 0 To $100 in 24 Hours Worth it?

In my opinion, I’d say YES… 0 To $100 in 24 Hours is certainly worth taking for a spin – considering Jono gives you some good guidance.

Even I, myself, learned a thing or two about bonus-creation because it’s an area I’ve struggled with *SIGH*.

But having said, there are 4 main reasons why I wouldn’t recommend this strategy to a newb like YOU:

First of all, if you’re a camera-shy person (like I am lol), the fear of YouTube is gonna stop you dead in your tracks.

Well, unless you have the funds to pay freelancers to produce the video reviews on your behalf, then it’s a different story.

Secondly, it revolves around the ‘make money online’ niche – which is the most competitive of them all.

This means you’ll be competing against other affiliates on YouTube who have the same idea as you on product launch day.

And thirdly, rather than offering realvalue” in your video reviews (in terms of a behind-the scenes look, pros/cons & honest thoughts)…

You’ll just be reciting product sales pages and offering bonuses like most “launch jackers”, just to turn an easy buck for the sake of it.

Finally, there are far too many junkie hyped-up WarriorPlus and JVZoo products released continuously, for my liking.

So you’ll be basically promoting stuff blindfolded – leading your audience astray (if you don’t have product access yourself beforehand).

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on 0 – 100? Please chime in to the convo below…

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