Ad Formula Review: [$3,000/Day “Shortcut”? In Ya Dreams!]

Don’t tell me… The Ad Formula just landed in your inbox and you’re highly skeptical.

Which is why you’ve landed on THIS review, right?

And who can blame you when the sales pitch leads you to believe that $3,000 days can easily be yours by doing 3 simple steps online.


Unfortunately, it’s nothing but a “too good to be true” system making outlandish claims, and I’m about to blow the lid on this thing.

So stick around if you wanna know why you must avoid it like the plague…

At a Quick Glance

Ad Formula Review
Name: Ad Formula (AF).

Owner: Jack Heaton (He’s just a stage act).


Cost: Free (apparently).

My Score: 1/10.


  • There are ZERO that spring to mind!


  • A hyped-up sales pitch making outlandish claims
  • Fake owner, scarcity, testimonials & opportunity
  • Your phone number is required (don’t hand it over!)
  • It’s an affiliate presell page for a fishy traffic generation service
  • It can leave you $100s – $10,000s out-of-pocket


The Ad Formula sales pitch leads you astray with not just the idea of how easy it is to rake in $3,000 per day…

But also the creator (and his wife), member testimonies, income screenshots, and scarcity, etc, that are as fake as Barbie.

The thing just has all the characteristics of a scam – like Home Business Package, Mobile Site Sniper, and Bulletproof Profits, to name a few duds I’ve reviewed.

Except with AF, rather than getting access to some sort of shoddy product – you’re directed to a site called Click2Sell…

Which throws up some red flags itself because it sells you costly and risky ad banner packages with no info on where the traffic comes from.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s The Ad Formula All About, You Ask?

Jack Heaton (the so-called founder of the Ad Formula) claims that it’s a premium online ad revenue system that allows you to earn a passive income.

And he’s on the hunt for beta testers who wanna rake in 3,000+ on a daily basis.

(Hmm… strange that. Since there are reviews in Google stemming back to 2018. So I seriously doubt it’s still in “prelaunch” mode).

Apparently, you just need to follow 3 simple magical steps:

  1. Fill in the form
  2. Activate your account
  3. And BOOM – watch the big bucks roll in!

As for the sales video pitch itself, it begins with generic news clips of the whole “working from home” trend.

But trust me, the news reporters are NOT referring to AF in the slightest because Jack simply uses the videos as a dirty credibility tactic.

Then follows some short clips of random folks boasting about their $1,000s in affiliate commissions with the AF system.

Except, there isn’t an ounce of proof to support their claims, which means Jack could have snatched the video clips from anywhere on the web.

Heck, he may well have paid a bunch of freelancers to create fake affiliate earning dashboards and read from scripts.

We just don’t know, right?

So either way, take all the claims with a grain of salt.

And then the male sales video presenter plays the good old scarcity card.

Where the exclusive video will only be shown to just 50 people in your country.

Yeah, righto!

If the video’s really that “exclusive”, then how come anyone and their gran can view it at

Furthermore, you can bet your sweet bippy that if you load up the website in a few months from now, it’ll be the same old scarcity story.

And if that’s not enough to turn your stomach with AF like a moldy egg sandwich, then check out more bad boy red flags I discovered…


Your Phone Number’s Required – Say Whaaa?

Before you can get started with AF, you must also submit your phone number along with name and email.
Phone Number Field
But the thing is that they fail to disclose the details of WHY they need your number.

Is it so you get a coach who helps you to hit the ground running with the system?

Or is it really so some random punk-ass bitch can pressure you into spending big bucks (with no refunds) on costly products that don’t work or exist?

I’m going with the latter reason – even though the video spokesman reckons he’s not selling you a goddamn thing LOL.
I Am Not Selling You a Thing
In fact, if you look up a scam called Click Clone Cash on Google, you’ll see numerous comments from folks who have been bombarded with phone calls.

So expect the same to happen to you if you fall for AF, in my opinion.

Take my advice and avoid anything fishy that asks for your number because you’ll probably end up needing to change it.

Especially if the scammer decides to sell your number to his (or her) pals. Which could happen, right?


Who The Heck is “Jack Heaton” Anyways?

The video spokesman claims to be Jack Heaton (the brains behind AF) and also shows you his lovely wife “Jennifer”.

Say hello to Jack.
Jack Heaton CEO of Ad Formula
He claims that they’re both living the ultimate dream life – owning a beautiful home with a pool, along with a Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Blah, blah, blah.

But if that’s really the case, then how come his image can be bought on a stock photo website like Shutterstock?
Dark Haired Man in a Grey Jumper on Shutterstock
Ha, busted in the act!

So I think it’s fair to say that not only is the couple imaginary, but Jack’s full of utter sh*t. So much so, that his eyes turned brown.


Fake-Ass Member Testimonies (Why Am I Not Surprised?)

Towards the bottom of the page, there are some members (Sarah, Jake, and Mike) who claim to be crushing it with AF.

They reckon within just 10 minutes of joining, they made fat stacks of cash – to the tune of $588, $860, and $950 each.

Say hello to Jake who made over 800 bucks.
Ad Formula Testimonial From Jake
But the funny thing about their testimonies is that they’re full to the brim of fluff and there’s no solid proof to back up their claims either.

In fact, you’ll find these peeps on selling their acting services – YUP, even to scammers too, I’m afraid.

Meet Jake again.

Dark Haired Man Selling Professional Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


This same guy has also recorded fake testimonies for other duds I’ve done reviews of like the AZ Formula, for example.


How Ad Formula (or Should I Say Click2Sell?) Works Behind The Scenes

To be perfectly honest with you, AF is non-existent from the offset *GASP*.

Because once you enter your credentials, you’re directed to a site called Click2Sell via the scammer’s affiliate link instead…

Where they’ll make a tasty commission when you buy into it, which is the real intention of AF.

As for Click2Sell, the members’ area just seems to be a dashboard filled with stuff about setting up promotional campaigns.
Click2Sell Dashboard
The whole money-making opportunity is pretty vague because there’s no training or explanation on how it really works.

So as a newbie, you’ll be totally lost at sea with this one.

From what I gather, Click2Sell is a platform that charges you $100s – $10,000s for banner ad packages that are designed to advertise your product/service.

But there’s a lack of transparency over where your ads will actually be displayed and also the quality of visitors seeing and clicking your ads.

For all you know, it may be fake bot traffic that’s about as useful as a glass hammer.

Trust me, there are some pretty shady traffic generation platforms and sellers out there.

So are you really willing to risk losing a chunk of change on traffic that’s probably not even the real McCoy.

I dunno about you, but I prefer to control where my traffic’s flowing from, whether it’s organic SEO and social media or paid channels like Bing.

In fact, if you’re clueless on the traffic side of things, then Traffic Secrets is a good buy because you’ll learn about some cool evergreen strategies.


Final Conclusion: Is The Ad Formula a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWell, since the AD Formula sales page is full to the brim of lies and it’s just a bridge page that leads you to a questionable traffic generation site that costs an arm and a leg…

Then YES, it’s 100% a scam to dodge like a bullet, in my book.

Because why throw a sh*t ton of cash at some website that comes across as EXTREMELY fishy and risky, hey?

If you ask me, you’ll be setting yourself up for a huge fall with both AF and Click2Sell.

Trust me, I’ve spent years investing in almost every “pipe dream” opportunity under the sun, and there’s only ever one winner…

YUP, the very people hiding behind the products.

But the ball’s in your court, at the end of the day. Only you can decide whether to take the plunge with AF or not.


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Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts to share on the Ad Formula? Chime into the conversation below…


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