Home Business Package Review: [A Repackaged SCAM?]

Thanking you for dropping in on my unbiased review of Home Business Package!

According to the sales video presentation, you’ll get your hands on some automated website that’s already made massive amounts of sales.

All you do is active your site by clicking your mouse a few times, and hey presto – the cash will start pouring in.

I dunno about you, but this online opportunity definitely seems WAY too good to be true.

So let’s find out if my spidey-like sense really has detected a dangerous scam to avoid like the plague or not…

At a Quick Glance

Home Business Package Review
Name: Home Business Package (HBP).

Owner: Pam (just some random stage name).

Website: homebusinesspackage.com.

Cost: $97 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • Some basic level of value


  • The sales page is full of lies & deception
  • Fake income proof screenshots
  • The creator uses an alias & voiceover
  • Comes with upsells
  • It’s not listed on ClickBank or ClickBetter – meaning invest at your own risk


Unfortunately, I’ve bumped into Home Business Package on multiple occasions because it is in fact, a rehashed scam that’s circulating the web.

Not only is the sales pitch riddled with lie-after-lie, but what you get for your money is nothing to shout home about.

Because it’s just basic stuff in terms of training and resources that won’t make newbies a single cent, in my book.

There’s only one agenda with this product…

YUP, so some unethical ratbag out there can fill HIS or HER own deep pockets at YOUR expense, I’m afraid to say.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s Home Business Package All About, You Ask?

According to “Pam”, Home Business Package offers some “automated website” that really racks up the sales for you.

All it takes on your end is to activate your account from a few clicks and then sit back while $100s – $1,000s roll in daily.

To convince you that HBP is the real McCoy, Pam also rambles on about how she just created an online Biz for her client “Johnathon”…

She claims that before the presentation began, they spent 20 minutes selecting website styles to set up his new money-making account.

But the most comical thing is the $55 that “magically” rolled into Johnathan’s account 3 minutes into the sales pitch LOL.
Daily Sales Snapshot of Fifty Five Dollars
I’m sorry, but Pam (or should I say Plastic Pam?), her automated websites, and money-making account are so fake, it’s unreal.

Because it doesn’t matter whether you roll with a squeeze page, sales funnel, blog or even a ‘Done-For-You’ system…

There’s not a single website on planet cyberspace that will easily start banking you affiliate commissions in the blink of an eye.

Furthermore, Pam fails to prove HOW Johnathon even landed that 55 bucks in his first few minutes.

Plus, the screenshot specifically states “example account with our software“.

Which means you should take the commission with a grain of salt anyway.

In fact, the whole HBP sales pitch seems to be a rehash of other trash I’ve already reviewed like:

Which tells me that whoever created HBP is the same toxic person hiding behind said product names. Ugh.

Here are more red flags that you might wanna take note of before parting with your hard-earned spondoolies…


Red Flag #1: Who The Heck Are “Pam” & “Johnathon” Anyways?

You’re led to believe that Pam (the presenter) is the creator of HBP and that Johnathon is actually a client of hers.
Home Business Package Creator Pam
But if that’s really the case, then why don’t the pair show their faces on camera?…

Why are they known by first names only?…

And why is there no iron-clad proof in terms of social media evidence and Google search results to support their claims?…

Could it be that both names are stage acts and that Pam’s voice is actually a Fiverr.com freelancer hired to read from a script?

So quite clearly, this major lack of transparency speaks volumes about the creator’s intentions and her product from the get-go.


Red Flag #2: “The Web’s Full of Scam Artists” *YAWN*…

Pam gives you the whole “internet fraudster” speech of how they promise you millions overnight, but hide the REAL ways to make money…

Which is why you haven’t made a single dime yet…
The Internet is Littered With Get Rich Quick Schemes
Blah, blah, blah.

But isn’t it ironic since Pam’s exactly THAT scammer – pulling the wool over your eyes with her outlandish claims?…

And especially someone who hides behind an alias? LOL.

The truth be told, Pam’s just trying to trick you into trusting her so she gets her grubby mitts on YOUR cash…

Just like she’s already done to the 100s (maybe 1,000s) of other vulnerable newbies who were sucked in by her bullsh*t.


Red Flag #3: Fake-Ass Bank Account Screenshots

Pam reckons that she’s pulled in a WHOPPING $400,000+ from her automated websites in just 6 months!
Four Hundred Thousand Dollars in Checking Account
But is she really being upfront with you?

In the words of the famous catchphrase from Little Britain: “Computer says NO”.

Because for starters, she doesn’t show you proof of HOW HBP has worked to deposit megabucks in her account.

But even if it was the case, you can bet a dime to a dollar that the $400K is from scamming the pants off others like you.

And secondly, any Muppet can fabricate income screenshots using image manipulation software like Photoshop.

So I’m calling Pam’s bluff on this one.


How Does Home Business Package Actually Work, You Wonder?

Well, according to the dog-ugly corporate-looking product page itself, all it says is that you’ll get access to:

  • Website templates
  • Email marketing & E-Commerce training
  • List Development strategies
  • And other stuff…

But if HBP really packs so much value, then why aren’t the resources, training and support explained in more detail, huh?

In my experience, this vagueness raises a red flag because it’s a common trait of all the affiliate marketing scams I’ve come across.

You’ll find that behind the scenes is a totally different story…

All you get is some generic and/or outdated training, and some software that doesn’t produce an income.

Trust me, I’ve invested in this stuff umpteen times since 1999, and you never get what’s promised on the tin.

Because the real intention is for the scammer(s) to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible with their pricey upsells.

Upsells, that provide very little to no value and also come with zero refunds…

Or the worst-case scenario is that some naive folks invest $100s and don’t receive any form of product, whatsoever.


Final Conclusion: Is Home Business Package a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWell, if you’ve read this entire review, then it’s obvious what I think of this so-called Home Business Package, right?

At the end of the day, falling for this crap will do you no good.

Because it simply does not live up to the bold claims and promises throughout the sales pitch.

If the automated websites magically put $100s and $1,000s in your account on a daily basis…

Then why isn’t everyone and their grandma already filthy rich?


Moreover, with the product not being listed on marketplaces like ClickBank or ClickBetter, it’s doubtful that you’ll be refunded.

So my advice would be to seriously keep this far-fetched opportunity at arm’s length.


Here’s a Real Legit Money-Making Solution…

Unfortunately, it’s trash like HBP that not only leaves newbies in a bad spot…

But also gives the online money-making world a bad reputation.

But the good news is that legitimate opportunities really do exist – even if it feels like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.

And the even better news is that I have the perfect solution that will finally put you on the right path to earning a passive income online.

BUT it only works if you’re prepared to work like a donkey and give your efforts enough time to pay off.

Because the truth be told, no “easy-peasy push-button” system exists for depositing a fortune in your account overnight.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to add on HBP? Please hop on the conversation below…


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