Bulletproof Profits Review: [Is it Riddled With Holes?]

Howdy, I welcome you to my unbiased review of Bulletproof Profits!

Apparently, this product is gonna allow you to start generating $3,750 per day on the internet, starting today.

And get this…

For a drop in the ocean price tag of just 9 bucks!

Holy moly, Batman!

But does it really live up to the sales pitch hype – giving you a real shot at cashing in online?

Or is it another get-rich-quick bullet to dodge, you ask?

Let’s pull the trigger to blow this thing wide open (or in other words, continue reading this review to find out lol)…

At a Quick Glance

Bulletproof Profits Review
Name: Bulletproof Profits (BP for short).

Owner: Justin Tyler (allegedly).

Website: launch.yourbulletproofprofits.com.

Cost: $9 + $100s in Upsells.

My Score: 3/10.



  • Hyped-up sales page with unrealistic income claims
  • The owner uses an alias, voiceover & stock photo
  • Fake member testimonials & income screenshots
  • The training’s inadequate for real success
  • Comes with upsells


In a nutshell; Bulletproof Profits offers you PDF and video training on making money with the FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) business model.

Where you basically get Amazon to store your products in its fulfilment centers, and let Amazon take care of the heavy lifting for you.

In terms of picking, packing, shipping and providing customer service when folks purchase your stuff through Amazon’s ecommerce website.

In all honesty, the training inside BP is OK, I guess.

But having said that, it’s just basic level stuff that will teach you a few things…

It won’t actually lead you to earning a full-time income with the method (in my opinion)

Because there are no in-depth actionable steps on building a successful online Biz from scratch.

So for the guy or gal behind BP who claims that you can rake in $3,000+ per day as easy as pie via Amazon…

They’re just leading newbies like you astray, I’m afraid.

In reality, it will take many months (up to a full year even) of blood, sweat, and tears to earn a substantial income with Amazon.

And that applies to ANY of Amazon’s money-making opportunities.

Furthermore, don’t pay any attention to everything else you see and hear on the BP sales page.

Because there’s a heck of a lot of deception going on, which you’ll see as you read through my review.

So as always with these get-rich-quick products, there’s only ONE real winner…

YUP, the person on the other end rubbing their hands together when you shell out for their crap.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before taking the plunge…

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What’s Bulletproof Profits All About, You Say?

As soon as you arrive on the Bulletproof Profits sales page, it claims you can start making up to $3,750 per day on the internet.

I dunno about you, but anytime I see a bold statement like that, it instantly throws up a red flag.

Because after reviewing the likes of Cashpoint ATM, Passive Profit Pages, and Crazy Money Online

I know how these hypey sales pages and products always pan out.

With BP, the over-the-top male presenter (Justin) spews out all sorts of stuff like how:

  • “You’re gonna tap into a secret online goldmine worth $685 billion”…
  • “It’s a secret, that has absolutely nothing to do with that Bitcoin fad, Shopify or any illegal pyramid schemes”…
  • “It’s so easy to bank $50,000 on a monthly basis, that even a 60-year old gran can do it”…

Blah, blah, blah.

Justin also reckons that he personally made $45K in just 21 days (shown below) of stumbling across the “secret” for the very first time.
Bank Account With Forty Five Thousand Dollars
That’s all well and good…

But any Tom, Dick, and Harry can pull the wool over your eyes with fabricated income screenshots.

Here’s another couple of red flags to be cautious of…


Who The Heck is “Justin” (The Creator) Anyway?

If you do a Google and image search, there’s no evidence to support the guy’s identity.

But you can locate his face on a stock photo website like Shutterstock.
Man in T-shirt on Shutterstock
Which means the Justin you see in the video is a fabricated character.

So why should you take the word of someone who clearly has something to hide from you? 

If he’s the real deal, then why isn’t he exposing himself and proudly taking credit for his so-called “magical” system?



Fake Member Testimonies (No Real Surprise There!)

As for the far-fetched income testimonials from BP members’, don’t even get me started on those!

See this lady who supposedly made over $10,000 in her first 7 days as a member (LOL):
Bulletproof Profits Female Member Made Ten Thousand Dollars in a Week
But let’s just say the testimonies are 100% likely to be staged, since nobody even verifies their earnings with that thing called “proof”.

But the BP sales video presentation part that really tickles me is when Justin says that he’s not promising you millionaire status overnight…

Because he doesn’t wanna lead you astray with unrealistic expectations.

Um, hello!…

Isn’t that exactly what he’s already doing with all his bullsh*t (pardon my French!) claims?

The truth be told, he’s just lowering you into a false sense of security to gain your trust, at the end of the day.

Trust me, as an Amazon affiliate earner myself, I know for a fact that making $50K monthly is far from a teddy bear’s picnic.

Because there are “magic bullets” and “secret loopholes”, etc, when it comes to making money online.

It’s just a myth.


How Bulletproof Profits Actually Works Behind The Scenes

Once you gain access to the product, all you get is a bunch of training on various aspects of making money with Amazon.
Bulletproof Profits Training Dashboard
Here’s a quick peek at the modules:


Level 1 Course

Inside this first module are 12 video lessons on all the basics of getting set up with Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).

If you’re unfamiliar with this model, you basically make money as an actual business owner with your own products.

Where Amazon stores your products and takes care of all the selling, shipping, as well as the customer service roles for you.

But if you don’t have your own business, then this module’s pretty pointless, to be honest.


Level 2 Course

Inside this section, you’ll discover 4 modules that dive into all sorts of stuff on:

  • Amazon listings & keywords
  • Getting Amazon reviews
  • Running paid Amazon ads
  • And doing social media strategies

But in my experience, you really need to invest plenty of cash and time into implementing said internet marketing strategies for results.

This means getting your hands on the right in-depth training and support from the get-go, which is where BP falls short.


Bonus Strategies

There are 9 videos that cover a whole range of topics like:

Sourcing strategies, auctions, local & online sales, Craigslist, rebates & coupons, to name the main subjects.


10K Affiliate Plan

Here, there’s a PDF and also 12 videos on my most favourite money-making method of all time…

YUP, Affiliate Marketing, baby! 😉

Where you’ll briefly learn about all the steps to getting up and running as an Amazon affiliate, that can also be applied to other affiliate programs.

You’ll discover stuff on how to pick a niche and products in order to create your own website from scratch.

But I’m not entirely convinced that the training in this module will take you to $10K though.

Because it lacks real depth.


5 Passive Income Methods

This section just quickly uncovers the following money-making methods:

  1. YouTube
  2. Instagram
  3. Amazon Kindle
  4. Crypto (Ugh!)
  5. Affiliate marketing

But there’s no step-by-step training on how to effectively implement any of said strategies, to be honest.

Plus, they all take heaps of time and effort to get traction with in terms of monetary results.


Income Maximizer

Here, you’ll discover various ways of generating free traffic to your website.

For example; like leveraging Pinterest, Facebook bots and messenger, a keyword research tool, and search engine optimization, to name a few strategies.


Wealth Hypnosis

This last module’s all about wealth building, deep sleep, and theta healing.

Some weird subjects, I know.

But if they help to put you on the right track to becoming an online entrepreneur, then why not?

Because after all, developing the right healthy “mindset” plays a key role in your success.

Overall, the information in all the modules above is far from amazeballs.

Because the majority of training is vague – there’s no step-by-step guidance to building a lucrative online Biz.

Add to that, some training aspects are dated.

Which means they probably won’t work or be as effective in today’s internet marketing landscape.


How Much Does Bulletproof Profits Cost, You Ask?

The base cost is just $9, which isn’t bad considering you get SOME value out of this pocket.

But having said that, the product’s so cheap on the front-end because…

Yup, you guessed it…

Justin’s real intention is to push you into purchasing his upsells, which are:

  • ‘BP Turbo’ – $197.
  • ‘BP Paydays’ – $145.

Personally, I didn’t buy the upsells.

So I’ve no idea what the products entail.

But if the basic BP training is anything to go by, then I should imagine the upsells won’t offer you that much value for success online either.

Additionally, be prepared to invest in other tools and resources IF you decide to figure out the methods and put them into action.


Final Conclusion: Is Bulletproof Profits a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWell, before I make up my mind, let’s look at the facts, shall we?

On a positive note, Bulletproof Profits seems to actually deliver a lot of training for your 9-dollar investment.

But there are far too many downsides to the product, for my liking.

Firstly, just because there’s a lot for your money…

Most of the training seems generic and also dated – as if it’s a PLR product.

Secondly, the sales page is full of crap…

The unrealistic income claims, fake owner, false testimonials, and also fabricated screenshots.

It’s just another “pipe dream” product that over promises and under delivers, at the end of the day.

The only one who’s gonna be profiteering is the individual hiding behind it pushing $100s worth of upsells in ya face.

So after weighing everything up, and knowing for a fact that BP will not make you $3K per day…

Then YES, I believe it’s a scam to dodge like a bullet.


How to Really Make Bank as an Affiliate…

Sadly, there’s a lot of fly-by-night crap like BP clogging up cyberspace like hair in a plug hole – taking newbies for absolute fools.

This scam will soon shut up shop and be rebranded as something entirely different, once ClickBank receives tons of refund requests.

You just wait and see, young grasshopper!

I digress.

To truly build a sustainable online Biz from scratch, requires the right tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a big community.

Oh, and not to mention work ethic, time, and patience, which goes without saying.

So if this all sounds like a bit of YOU, then I invite you to…


==> Start Your Affiliate Biz For $0 Here!


Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on BP to get off ya chest? Please join the conversation below…


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