Atomic DFY Review: [Does This “Nuke” Method Pay Off?]

Welcome to my BOOM-tastic review of Atomic DFY from Brendan Mace!

The guy claims his product is an all-in-one ‘Done-For-You’ solution that allows you to unleash a money-making campaign in under 5 minutes.

But does this system really allow you to start an affiliate marketing business as easy as pie and nuke the internet at speed?

Or is it just all explosive-talk without any actual impact in terms of success?

Hmm, let’s find out…

At a Quick Glance

Atomic DFY Review
Name: Atomic DFY (AD).

Owner: Brendan Mace.


Cost: $23.97 for Lite or $24.97 for Full version + $67, $197 (X3) & $397 for upgrades.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Cheap to get started with
  • ‘Done-For-You’ campaigns
  • Stacks of templates & PDF assets in a variety of niches
  • The opportunity to import your own assets
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Zero training on email marketing & finding affiliate products
  • Encourages spammy traffic methods
  • Template pages don’t belong to you
  • Comes with numerous hidden upsells


I must admit that Atomic DFY does actually make it quick and simple to set up ‘Done-For-You’ templates with PDF freebies to offer your leads.

Furthermore, I love the fact there are 49 niches and literally tons of template designs to choose from.

But what really turns my stomach with AD is that it doesn’t just fail to provide training on email marketing and affiliate offers to locate for your campaigns.

But also the traffic strategy – which is to “SPAM” Facebook and other social media platforms with your template URLs that look like affiliate links.

It’s just not a sustainable way of earning via affiliate marketing, in my book…

Well, UNLESS you’re a whiz kid at email marketing and know your stuff on traffic generation.

Final Verdict: Legit. But approach with caution.

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What is Atomic DFY All About, You Ask?

Atomic DFY came as part of a dirt-cheap ‘Xmas Super Bundle’ I bought.

Which contains 15 other products from Mace like Equinox, Goodwill, and Aurora, to name a handful.

Don’t ya just love a bargain? 😉

But anyway, Mr. Mace claims AD is a ‘Done-For-You’ system eliminating all the frustration and confusion when it comes to starting an online Biz.

He says all it takes is just 4 simple steps for you to start making some cash:

  1. ‘Done-For-You’
  2. 1-Click Monetization
  3. Free Traffic Tap
  4. Profit

And it doesn’t involve building a WordPress website, hacking funnels, chatbots, Facebook ads, copywriting or even mastering webinars, etc.

Blah, blah, blah…

So if every internet marketing strategy under the sun is ruled out, then I guess AD must be some magical system pulling cash out of thin air, right?

But in all seriousness, does AD ACTUALLY live up to all the sales pitch hype – that’s the all-important million-dollar question?

Read this review in its entirety for a truthful answer…


A Quick Peek Behind The Scenes of Atomic DFY…

Once you part with your hard-earned buckaroonies, Mace is waiting to greet you (while on his holibobs in Hawaii) with a short 5-minute video.

Which is then followed by a brief 4-minute walkthrough of implementing the AD system.

Here are the 4 steps you’re gonna follow:


Step #1: Atomic Assets

Surprisingly, Mace (who normally focuses on the ‘make money’ industry) provides you with numerous niches from cosmetic surgery to golfing.
Various Niche Assets
In total, there are 49 niches – each one containing a lengthy topical PDF (known as the “asset”) to offer your visitors for free.

When you select an asset to roll with, you have the option of giving it away through a ‘Monetized Page’ linking directly to your affiliate offer.

Or option B: A ‘Lead Page’ for capturing subscribers.

Where you can connect an autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse and build an email list.

Which is the REAL asset because it’s traffic you own that can be continuously sent to your affiliate offers.

But while the second choice is a MUCH smarter fit, you must first know a thing or two about “email marketing” because it’s not that simple.

Unfortunately, Mace teaches you nothing when it comes to email marketing…

So as an affiliate novice, you really have no choice but to go with the ‘Monetized Page’ method.

But the great thing is that there are literally heaps of templates for both styles of pages to choose from with every asset.

Page Template Designs

‘Monetization Page’ Templates.

Which brings me to…


Step #2: My Arsenal

Once you’re happy with a template design, you can request to transfer it to your arsenal.

Where you can edit your template before publishing using the following customizable features:

  • Page Title
  • Monetization/Affiliate Link
  • Headlines
  • Summary/Introduction

However, since your template is good to go with the fields pre-populated, you just need to insert your own affiliate link for whatever asset-related product.

But that’s easier said than done.

Because Mace doesn’t actually show you HOW to search for and apply to affiliate programs relevant to your niche.

He just assumes you already have an affiliate product to promote to peeps.

Did you know there are literally 1,000s of affiliate programs/networks in various niches?

This means you’re gonna have to do plenty of research on YouTube and Google for guidance on locating/joining the best programs.


Step #3: Order a Strike

This final step is all about dropping your assets to all the major social sites.

But the truth be told, I’m TOTALLY unimpressed by this “nuking the internet” strategy.

Because Mace basically encourages you to “SPAM” your social accounts with a template URL that resembles an affiliate link.

For example:

Unfortunately, some social media platforms will block links of this nature.

The proof’s in the pudding because Facebook returned an error message when I tried sharing my ‘Home Brewing’ page on my profile:
Facebook Error Message

Also, if you share the links on bookmarking sites like Digg, for example, you’ll probably get reported and/or banned.

The other reason why I think this “link-sharing” strategy sucks is that for it to potentially work, you need a loyal following of peeps you actively engage with.

So if you make very little to no effort with folks in your niche on social media, then you’re wasting your time promoting stuff, in my book.

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What’s The Cost of Atomic DFY, Huh?

There are two options:

$23.97 gets you the ‘Lite’ version of AD.

And for just $1 more, you can access the ‘Full’ version which basically comes with more benefits.

Now, as for the upsells (which is the norm for all WarriorPlus products), there are the following choices:

  • ‘AD Platinum’ for 10X More Profits = $67
  • ‘Done-For-You’ for Automated $1,000 Commissions Daily = $197
  • ‘The Source’ = $197
  • ‘Everything Bundle’ = $397
  • ‘Unlimited Traffic’ = $197

In my opinion, the reason for step #3 “order a strike” being so shocking is to force you into buying the ‘Unlimited Traffic’ upsell from Mace.

Trust me, I know how these product creators’ brains tick LOL.


Final Conclusion: Is Atomic DFY Worth it?

Unfortunately, I’ve hit a crossroad with Atomic DFY.

Because on the upside, Mace offers you numerous niches to choose from, which is a rarity with ‘money-making’ products these days.

Plus the fact, there are countless ‘Done-For-You’ squeeze and monetization pages for you to easily customize and put into action.

But on the downside, there are numerous flaws with the product.

First of all, don’t expect any help from Mace when it comes to email marketing and finding affiliate programs/products to promote.

You’re left to your own devices in those departments, I’m afraid.

And secondly, the traffic method’s absolutely shocking because you’re basically taught the “spam and pray” method instead of REAL strategies.

Furthermore, some social media platforms/bookmark sites will even block your AD template links from being shared.

If your heart’s set on this ‘Done-For-You’ style of affiliate marketing, then check out 12 Minute Affiliate, the Super Affiliate System & Commission Hero

Yeah, they’re expensive options – BUT at least they’re more sustainable money-makers because they actually teach EFFECTIVE traffic methods.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any thoughts or questions on AD to get off ya chest? Please hop on the conversation below…

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