Perfect Webinar Script Review: [Russell’s Secrets EXPOSED?]

Here’s my fully updated 2022 review of Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script, that exposes his golden millionaire secrets!

Where you not only gain access to his frameworks and training videos, but also top converting sales funnels to plug into and adapt as your own.

So, SHH…

Don’t share these secrets with your competitors’ 😉

Joking aside, is the product on a whole REALLY the perfect solution to turbo-charging your business like a desert drag racer?

That’s the question!

For a totally honest answer and also to see what 7 bucks gets you, jump into THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

Perfect Webinar Script Review
Name: The Perfect Webinar Script (aka Perfect Webinar Secrets).

Creator: Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels co-founder).

Cost: $7 + optional Upsells of $47, $297 (x2) & $497.

Who’s it For? ANY business owners (including affiliate marketers).

My Score: 8/10.


  • Cheap to buy
  • Lengthy & quality training videos
  • Downloadable ‘Frameworks’ PDF
  • 16 webinar & autowebinar share funnels to choose from
  • Free ‘Secret Masterclass’ to register for
  • Benefits Biz owners of all types & experience levels
  • 30-day refund policy
  • ClickFunnels offers help & support
  • Russell Brunson’s a mega successful expert in his field


  • Card payment’s only accepted (there’s no PayPal option)
  • Comes with some upsells (but isn’t that the nature of Russell’s business? lol)
  • ClickFunnels $97/monthly subscription required for share funnels (if you choose that route)


Put simply, the Perfect Webinar Script is a roadmap to craft a highly lucrative webinar around your business from scratch.

Inside the members’ area, you’ll get 3 hours of in-depth video training and a 17-page PDF – revealing the 4 frameworks to implement for successful webinar creation.

Additionally, Russell offers you the option of a number of pre-built high-converting share funnels to plug into for speeding up the creation/income-generating process.

But obviously, “the catch” is that you must buy a monthly ClickFunnels subscription IF you decide to roll with the share funnels.

If not, then I guess there are cheaper software alternatives to use for modelling the funnels yourself.

But all in all, I think you get some pretty sweet (golden-nugget) value for a drop-in-the ocean investment of only 9 dollars!

I do genuinely believe this product is the holy grail of selling your stuff through webinars, as long as you follow the training and do the work.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended


Disclaimer: I am a ClickFunnels affiliate. So this is an affiliate link. It’s how I stay funded & these commissions keep my blog afloat. Please support me by buying via the link below:


==> Get Your Perfect Webinar Training & Frameworks!



What is The Perfect Webinar Script About, You Ask?

Russell Brunson (the dude behind Affiliate Bootcamp, DotCom Secrets, and other products) has designed The Perfect Webinar Script (PWS for short) as a blueprint comprising training and templates.

Where he basically walks you through the essential steps for creating a webinar from the ground up, that can not only turn your Biz into a trustworthy brand…

But also make you extremely profitable as a result, which is the end goal, right?

And get this…

Russell reveals the exact same secrets that have also made him a millionaire himself, both online and even at stage presentation events!

While there are never any guarantees when it comes to this internet marketing “stuff”…

I believe that if you follow and implement the training to the letter, work your ass off at driving targeted visitors and generating leads/attendees/customers…

Then I don’t see why you can’t have BIG success online yourself using the power of webinars.


Who Is The Perfect Webinar Script For, You Wonder?

PWS will benefit ANY type of business owner with ANY experience level (YES, even newbies!), and in ANY niche.

More specifically, whatever product or service you’ve got to sell (even as an affiliate marketer)…

And if you’ve sucked (or suck still) at crafting webinars that convert or you’re a first-timer in need of the right path…

Then Russell’s training and templates will be right up your street.

But there’s one thing I will say though:

This tool’s not for “get-rich-quick-seekers” or “shiny-object-chasers” (however they’re labelled lol)…

Add to that, it’s not for dirtbag “scammers” (ugh!) either…

It’s for seriously hard-working and legitimate business owners who are fully committed to taking their businesses to new game-changing levels using sales funnels.

If this applies to you, then I invite you to continue reading…


How Does The Whole Thing Work? (Walk This Way!)…

Once you’ve watched Russell’s video introduction, joined the free ‘Secrets Masterclass’ (optional), and created your PWS account, you’ll be taken to the members’ area.
The Perfect Webinar Training Dashboard
Where first of all, there’s ‘The Perfect Webinar Training‘ video to watch, which lasts for over an hour.

Where Russell basically breaks down the components of a successful webinar.

After that, there comes ‘The Stack & The Close‘ video lasting over 2 hours.

I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say he goes into A LOT more depth.

For the icing on the cake, Russell includes a 17-page PDF you can download.

Which reveals (with easy-to-follow diagrams and steps) the 4 key frameworks to craft the perfect webinar.
How To Teach Frameworks
The 4 frameworks are:

  1. How to Teach Frameworks
  2. The Perfect Webinar Framework
  3. Stack & The Close Framework
  4. Perfect Webinar Funnel

But that’s not all – here comes the glacier cherry on top of the icing…

Russell even throws in 16 pre-built share funnel templates to download into the mix.

Which are basically high-converting shortcuts that you need tweak to reflect your own business and products.

But obviously, this is also the part where a ClickFunnels funnel builder subscription comes into play to actually roll with the funnels.

Which leads me to the next bit…


How Much Does The Perfect Webinar Script Cost?

To get your hands on it is just $7, which is an absolute steal and a half, in my book!

On the actual order form, there’s also the option of investing another $47 for ‘PowerPoint & Keynote Files’ – to make PWS proven to work.

Once you’ve bought PWS, Russell entices you with the following One-Time-Offers:

  • ’10X Secrets Masterclass’ = $297.
  • ‘Childers’ Chunks’ (+ ’10X Closing Secrets’ free) = $297.
  • ‘Virtual Funnel Hack-A-Thon’ = $497.

On top of those optional upsells, there’s the cost of ClickFunnels itself, which starts from $97/month.

Of course, there are cheaper alternative funnel builders out there…

But to download and use any of the 16 share funnels, then ClickFunnels is mandatory.


Final Conclusion: Is The Perfect Webinar Script Worth it?

If you have to ask me that question, then get your head checked!


In my opinion, the Perfect Webinar Script is totally worth it, especially when everyone and their gran can afford 7 bucks!

In fact, 7 dollars is nothing…

Folks spend that on a delicious Starbucks latte, right?

I digress.

I think Russell Brunson really over-delivers inside the PWS members’ area because there’s so much value in terms of training, frameworks, and even pre-done funnels.

So whatever your situation and industry as a business owner, the resources can definitely help you to skyrocket your Biz.

All you have to do is follow the training, use the tools, apply plenty of elbow grease, and be patient to start seeing awesome monetary results.

I’ve played my part in this review – now the rest is down to you.


Disclaimer: I am a ClickFunnels affiliate. So this is an affiliate link. It’s how I stay funded & these commissions keep my blog afloat. Please support me by buying via the link below:


==> Click Here to Buy The PWS!


Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on the PWS to share? Please drop your comments below…


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