Perfect Webinar Script Review: [A Perfect Way to Profit?]

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You either need some guidance for hitting the ground running or just generally suck at converting viewers into profits when it comes to webinars, right?

Either way, you couldn’t have picked a more perfect spot to discover whether or not Russell’s script really is the perfect solution.

So sink your teeth into THIS juicy review for the lowdown on Mr. Brunson’s freebie…

At a Quick Glance

Perfect Webinar Script
Name: The Perfect Webinar (TPW).

Creator: Russell Brunson.

Cost: $0 (+ $4.95 for worldwide shipping) + Upsells.

Who’s it For? Mostly experienced marketers. But newbies can still benefit, in my book.

My Score: 9/10.


  • It’s free, for starters!
  • Worldwide shipping is less than 5 bucks
  • Get physical & digital copies of the scripts + training
  • Russell’s training is in-depth & step-by-step
  • Help & support is available
  • Get a free ‘Done-For-You’ webinar funnel as a Clickfunnels user
  • Benefits all types of online/offline Biz owners


  • Inexperienced newbies may feel overwhelmed (but it’s still worth the investment)
  • Comes with a couple of upsells


In my opinion, Russell walks you through some solid processes for making money from selling your products via webinars.

He offers great advice when it comes to webinar introductions too.

I also like the fact that you gain access to a virtual script and training in addition to the physical copies, and support is also available.

Not to mention that the shipping cost of the product is a drop in the ocean.

All in all, you really can’t go wrong with The Perfect Webinar script.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended.

To discover how TPW can help make your affiliate marketing Biz (or any other online/offline business) a success through webinars, continue reading…


What is The Perfect Webinar About, You Ask?

Russell has designed TPW as a blueprint that shows you the essential steps for creating webinars that can sell your products online like hotcakes.

No matter whether you own the products yourself or you’re promoting someone else’s as an affiliate in any industry or niche – TPW is for YOU.

In a nutshell, Russell reveals the same script that’s made him $ millions (both on stage and via webinars) – that you can apply to your business.
The Perfect Webinar Processes
The awesome thing about TPW is that while you’re waiting for the physical script and disc to arrive, you gain IMMEDIATE access to a members’ area.


How The Perfect Webinar Works For $…

Once you’ve paid the shipping fee for the physical resources, you’ll enter the ‘Perfect Webinar Secrets’ virtual dashboard area that looks just like this.
Perfect Webinar Secrets Members Dashboard
Inside the dashboard, Russell welcomes you with a quick 30-second video introduction to his product followed by two in-depth step-by-step training videos.


Video #1: TPW Walkthrough (Runtime: 71 Mins)

In this detailed split-screen video, Mr. B guides you through the various processes he uses that you can implement into your own webinar presentations.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you’re shown the script – known as the “concept”.

And on the right side of the screen, Mr. B shares a series of presentation templates for effectively structuring your sales webinars – known as the “application”.

But what I personally like about this video is that he doesn’t just show you the structure he uses.

But offers some sound advice on keeping your viewers pumped when it comes to your webinar introductions.

So instead of boring your viewers to death in a quiet voice with “Hi, I’m Bob, welcome to my presentation” Z z z…

He teaches you to inject energy and enthusiasm because it will lead to sales.


Video #2: TPW Sales Funnel Itself (Runtime: 110 Mins)

This comprehensive tutorial video shows you how Russell put together his actual webinar sales funnel.
Russell Brunson Sales Funnel Training Video
He walks you through the various stages of highly effective sales funnel creation: Intro, content, stack, and closes, etc.

Covering, funnel set up to psychological stuff like creating a great headline, toying with belief patterns, and engaging with your audience by asking questions, etc.

Basically, all the golden sales nuggets that work for Mr. B, he happily passes on to you for your own taste of webinar/funnel success.

But the other cool part about the product, is that Brunson gifts you a ‘Done-For-You’ webinar funnel.

Which, you can download and upload to your Clickfunnels account.


Is Support Available Inside TPW Members’ Area?

Yes, indeedy!

If there’s any aspect of TPW you need a helping hand with, then you can reach out to the Clickfunnels support team via the ‘Help Center’ tab.

There, you can browse various topics and even hit the team up via the live chat function.

Additionally, there are two massive Facebook Clickfunnels communities offering support around the clock.

If you’re a Clickfunnels user, you can request to join the official CF community.

And if you’re an actual affiliate of Brunson’s – partaking in the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp Summit’, there’s the ‘Clickfunnels Avengers’ group.


What’s The Cost of The Perfect Webinar, Huh?

To get your hands on both the physical and virtual versions of the script and training won’t cost you a single penny.

Yup, TPW is a big fat cost of… $0!

However, you’ll need to pay $4.95 for shipping (worldwide) first though.

But before sighing followed by an “oh, drat!”, it’s not exactly going to break the bank now, is it?

Furthermore, with the amount of value packed in the product, it’s an absolute steal, I tell ya!

Now, unlike most reviews of TPW, I’m going to be completely transparent by saying there are “optional” upsells that also come with the product:

  • ‘PW Slides’ = $47 (one-time)
  • ‘PW Secrets Training’ = $297 (one-time)

But as I’ve pointed out, you’re under no obligation to purchase the upsells UNLESS you’re serious about taking your webinar(s) to the next level.


Final Conclusion: Is The Perfect Webinar Worth it?

If you have to ask me that question, then you seriously need your head looking at!

*Just kidding*.

On a more serious note, if you need a helping hand when it comes to creating entertaining and effective webinars that generate profits…

Then TPW is the ideal resource you need, in my opinion.

Russell not only provides a clear path to follow, but also shows you how to sell ANY product or service in whatever line of online or offline business you’re in.

Whether, that be Affiliate or Network Marketing, eCommerce and Dropshipping or your own mobile or brick and mortar Biz.

However, though, just bear in mind that there will be a steep learning curve if you’re an absolute beginner in the field of webinar creation.

But before you dash, see more of Brunson’s awesome products:


Your buddy, Neil 😀

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