Zero Hour Work Days Review: [A “Lazy” Way to $?]

Welcome to my honest review of Zero Hour Work Days!

Which, BTW, came with a bundle of products like Easy Passive Paydays, The Profit Factory, and El Bandito I got inside Profit Maximizers.

Brendan Mace reckons his product can make you almost $10,000 on a monthly basis by following his simple system.

But what I hate about the name of it is that it leads you into thinking you can sit on your ass all day long doing diddly squat while the cash pours in.

The truth be told, internet marketing takes heaps of time and effort to get results, no matter what the strategy.

But enough of my preaching, discover the ins and outs of Zero Hour Work Days and whether it actually helps you get the job done…

At a Quick Glance

Zero Hour Work Days Review
Name: Zero Hour Work Days (ZHWD).

Owner: Brendan Mace. (But where the heck’s his sidekick: Jono Armstrong?)


Cost: $0 (maybe no bugger wants it lol) + $1,000s for upsells & other resources.

My Score: 5/10.


  • It’s free (at the time of writing)
  • Tutorial videos
  • Extra training/resources
  • Money-making potential (IF you’re experienced)


  • Training tutorials lack real steps for newbies
  • Solo ads come with big monetary risks
  • Extra expenses for tools & services
  • Comes with multiple upsells


In a nutshell:

Zero Hour Work Days is about creating a squeeze page, driving targeted traffic to it, and growing an email list to earn commissions from your offers.

But while Mace provides you with some level of direction for implementing those strategies…

His training just isn’t meaty enough for newbies to sink their teeth into because it lacks in the “step-by-step” department, sadly.

So it’s gonna be hard to make a dime UNLESS you purchase the ‘Done-For-You’ upsells which improve your chances of success.

But that’s only half the battle because you’ll still need to splash out on some expensive tools & especially also solo ads – which are risky.

So really, making $10K per month with ZHWD isn’t gonna be as straightforward as you’re led to believe.

Final Verdict: Legit.

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What is Zero Hour Work Days About, You Ask?

I won’t recite the Zero Hour Work Days sales page too much…

But Mace claims his program unlocks the secrets to your future $9,259.74 per month business.

The whole thing revolves around affiliate marketing, where you’ll bag a ton of passive commissions from Mace’s 3 easy step formula (apparently):

  1. Simple Money Grabbing Pages
  2. Copy & Paste Campaigns
  3. Unlimited Traffic Supply

And in reference to the product name ‘ZHWD’ itself, it’s about quitting the 9-5, freedom of location, and making “automated” money around the clock.

Basically, enjoying the laptop lifestyle while you’re soaking up the sun on the golden beaches of paradise.

Blah, blah, blah…

But as I’ve already highlighted, achieving this sort of lifestyle through internet marketing is no walk in the park.

Nor will you be free of the ball and chain (aka a life-sucking “JOB”) by this time next month.

Trust me, being an affiliate myself, I know what I’m talking about.

Because there are numerous factors that come into play for big success – even if Mace does help to make life easier for you.

But I digress.


How Does Zero Hour Work Days Work, Huh?

OK, so once you step foot inside the members’ dashboard below:
Zero Hour Work Days Training Dashboard
Mace provides you with a bunch of ‘Done-For-You’ resources and training steps to follow for setting the wheels in motion.

In all honesty, I’m taking back by the amount of value that’s inside the product because you’re gonna get your hands on the following:


Training (13 Video Modules)

Mace kicks things off with a lengthy overview of ZHWD and a short video on accessing the upgrades.

Followed by the actual tutorials themselves:

  • Free Traffic Sources (11.35 Minutes)
  • Trading Traffic (5.07 Mins)
  • Buying Traffic (10.45 Mins)
  • Recommend Sellers (2.02 Mins)
  • Lead Capture Page (5.11 Mins)
  • Collecting Subscribers (8.15 Mins)
  • Affiliate Promos (3.55 Mins)
  • Bigger Commission Sales (6.35 Mins)
  • ZHWD Case Study Part 1 (9.05 Mins)
  • Case Study Part 2 (9.59 Mins)
  • Case Study Part 3 (8.41 Mins)

When it comes to the free traffic side of things, Mace talks about leveraging bloggers’ comment threads, Facebook, and trading traffic via Click Bank testimonials.

As for paid traffic, he dives into the subject of “solo ads” and finding vendors through Facebook groups.

This is to send visitors to your squeeze page who will potentially opt-in to your email list and hopefully buy what you have to offer.

As for lead capture, the guy gives you a brief walkthrough of using ProfitBuilder to build your squeeze page(s).

Followed by some quick guidance on using an Aweber autoresponder for email list building.

And then it’s on to the actual money-making part, where he briefly guides you on finding the best WarriorPlus affiliate offers to promote to your list.

Rounded off by some advice on really ramping up your profits by promoting “high ticket” offers.

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Free Resources (7 Sections)

When it comes to the resources you’ll get from Mace, they are as follows:

  • How to Make $3,200 in Your Spare Time (training video from Michael Cheney)
  • Social Sharing Control (WordPress plugin)
  • Prelaunch Mode (WP plugin)
  • Setting up Your First Website (training video on building a WordPress blog via HostGator)
  • Getting Start-up Cash (training on using the “arbitrage” method for $500/week)
  • Simple 5 Minute Promotions (using simple Aweber emails to promote stuff like Affilorama, etc)
  • Make Quick Cash Off Twitter ($100/day training video)

I must say, there are some good freebies here because you’ll learn about some unique ways of making money on the web.

But saying that, it’s as if Mace has randomly chucked a bunch of goodies together.

Because some of which have little to no relevance to what’s taught within the ZHWD training itself.

But as the saying goes: we shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right?


What’s The Cost of Zero Hour Work Days?

At the moment, the product’s actually $0!

However, to take advantage of the email list building strategy he recommends, you’ll need to fork out for:

  • ProfitBuilder starts from $47 – but he also suggests ClickFunnels which starts at $97/month!
  • Aweber starts from $19/month
  • ClickMagick for tracking your results starts from $27/month

And on top of those resources, solo ads will set you back $100s (possibly $1,000s), since variables come into play like:

  • Traffic quality & packages
  • Costs per click
  • The chosen vendors, etc.

So it could be some time and out-of-pocket expenses before you build a sizable email list turning over a decent profit.

Beefing up those costs, there are the ZHWD upgrades:

  • ’40 Done-For-You Emails’ = $37
  • ‘Done-For-You Lead Capture Money Pages’ = $67
  • ‘Brendan’s One-on-One Coaching’ = $1,997…

All I can say is… OUCH!

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Final Conclusion: Is Zero Hour Work Days Worth it?

Well, since Zero Hour Work Days doesn’t cost a sausage to get your hands on, you might as well give the training a whirl, in my opinion.

Also, for the fact that Mace offers some good advice and tells you what you’ll need for making money with his recommended approach.

BUT with that said, you will struggle with the training as a total “newb” because there are no real actionable steps to take.

This means it’s unlikely you’ll generate fat stacks of cash (as promised in the ZHWD sales pitch). Ugh.

So I think Mace purposely skims the surface of internet marketing to push you into buying the ‘Done-For-You’ upsells to make life easier.

Furthermore, Mace’s pre-done stuff is centered around the ‘money-making’ niche, which is a tough nut to crack due to its competitiveness.

So really, you should have the option of rolling with your own niche, right?

However, the biggest downside to ZHWD is that you’ll quickly burn through $100s – $1,000s when it comes to tools and building a big email list.

Who knows when you’ll make your first sale and even break even.

So it’s a pretty big risk to take overall.


What’s a Much Cheaper Alternative, Huh?…

The thing you need to learn about affiliate marketing is that it shouldn’t have to cost you the Earth to get up and running.

Because there are numerous cost-effective ways to start and grow a hugely profitable business on the web besides the sales funnel approach.

The method I highly recommend for a newbie just like YOU is called “blogging”.

YES, it can take a good 12 – 18 months (depending on your niche) of hard graft before you see a full-time passive income rolling in.

But in my opinion, it’s THE best way to go about building a trustworthy brand and truly helping people, which leads to long term success.

You can’t beat blogging, I tell ya!

So if you want free WordPress websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support for building a profitable blog from scratch…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on ZHWD? Please chime in to the conversation below…

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