WebinarKit Review: [A Nice Bit of “Kit” For Affiliates?]

Hey, welcome to my honest review of the recently-launched WebinarKit!

As the name suggests, it’s a kit designed for you to easily promote your affiliate offers via webinars and make commissions…

To the tune of $497 – $1,997 per sale, to be exact.

But is this really a piece of webinar-tastic software to shout from the rooftops about?

Or just all sizzle without the steak and potatoes underneath the surface, huh?

Tuck into this juicy review to find out the answer and also how the software actually works…

At a Quick Glance

WebinarKit Review
Name: WebinarKit (WK).

Owners: Stefan Ciancio, Tom Yevsikov & Philip Schaffer.

Website: getwebinarkit.com.

Cost: Roughly $46 (at the time of writing) + Upsells.

My Score: 7/10.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Getting started tutorials
  • Easily & quickly set up webinars (+DFY ones)
  • Help & support available
  • 14 days return policy
  • Money-making potential


  • DFY webinars revolve around the ‘make money online’ niche
  • No training on how to record your own webinars
  • Extra expenses for an autoresponder + paid traffic (if you choose that route)
  • Comes with numerous upsells


In a nutshell; WebinarKit is a piece of software that makes the webinar-creation process a piece of cake for newbie and seasoned affiliate marketers.

So if you’re absolutely clueless about putting your own webinars together and/or you’re struggling to get your high-ticket affiliate offers out there…

Then WK can potentially help you to turn some decent profits. in my opinion.

However, there are some downsides to the software (as highlighted above and below this review).

But all in all, this something I’d be willing to test out for my own money-making campaigns.

Final Verdict: Legit.

But before going further, see my #1 way to earn a sustainable income via affiliate marketing – The essential “all-no-one” platform for newbs!


Firstly, What’s The Big Deal With This Webinar “Thing”?

Whether you know it or not, webinars are gateways that enable product publishers and affiliate marketers to sell their stuff like hotcakes.

Take John Crestani’s free webinar, for example. I

t’s made him an absolute fortune with his Super Affiliate System product!

And then there are the likes of Robby Blanchard and Merlin Holmes – both have made killings with Commission Hero and 1K A Day Fast Track.

And the list of these top-dog marketers goes on…

But HOW and WHY are they crushing it with these web-based seminars, huh?

Because “free” training sessions filled with that word called “VALUE” are highly effective digital ways of preselling products and cashing in.

But they also follow Russell Brunson’s “secret sauce” (aka ‘The Perfect Webinar Script‘) below:
The Perfect Webinar Processes
But mum’s the word, right? 😉

So more and more product creators/affiliate marketers are wanting to jump on the “webinar” bandwagon.

BUT the biggest problem is that numerous peeps are clueless about HOW to go about actually putting webinars together in terms of tools and software.

So this is where WebinarKit comes into the picture…


What The Heck is WebinarKit, You Ask?

Put simply, WK is designed as an ‘auto-webinar system’ (ideal for newbs) that takes care of funnel creation and even traffic generation…

So product vendors and also affiliate marketers (like yourself, I’m guessing) can easily promote high-ticket offers.

Ones, that can earn you $497, $997, and even $1,997 in commissions per SALE.

Holy Moley!

There are 5 steps to getting up and running with WK:

  1. Pick a Pre-loaded Funnel
  2. Grab Your Affiliate Link
  3. WK Automatically Builds Your Autowebinar Funnel
  4. Set Up Your Passive Traffic
  5. Watch Your Business Scale Like Never Before

But I’m betting the question that’s on your mind is:

“Is the software really that simple & effective for crushing it with webinars & also giving me the edge over my competitors’, huh?”


OK, maybe that’s 3 questions. 😛

So to help answer those questions…


Here’s How The Whole WebinarKit System Works…

Once you get to grips with the basics of WK inside the ‘Getting Started’ tab, it’s time to start building your new webinar.

Where you’ll first upload/add a video URL – either your own or somebody else’s from YouTube or Vimeo, etc.

#2: You’ll enter all the details of your webinar in terms of title, description, and even the run time.

#3: Then you’ll choose your presenter from a selection of pre-recorded webinars by various internet marketers.

Or option B: Add yourself as a new presenter by including your photo and filling in your name, bio, and email.

#4: Schedule your webinar by selecting a certain day, time (+ time zone), and date.

#5: Customize your registration page by choosing different options – from page types to webinar sign up credential fields.
WebinarKit Software
#6: Next up is the settings.

Where you can choose a live webinar, add your affiliate link, apply a Call-To-Action button, countdown timer, a poll, and simulated chat messages, etc.

However, there will be an extra cost involved for some advanced features.

The other great thing is that you can integrate an autoresponder like Aweber, GetResponse, and MailChimp, to name a few, for building an email list.

Once you’re ready for the off, you’ll be presented with your webinar’s main link, the live room, replay, and control room links.

Finally, when your web-based seminar’s in full swing, you can track your results in terms of traffic, watch times, engagement levels and registrant numbers.

Overall, I really do think this software’s a piece of cake for quickly getting your webinars up and running.

Because it’s just fill a few boxes here and toggle a few switches there.

Even a 3-year old could do it… well, almost.


But What About “Traffic-Generation” Part, Huh?

Great question!

Unfortunately, all the reviews of WK from “launch jackers” only highlight the benefits of the software and the power behind it.

Basically, reciting the whole damn WK sales page like robots!

But they fail to discuss how the traffic side of things works.

And in my opinion, it’s because none of them actually know HOW it works LOL.

Since you must purchase the ‘Sales Accelerator’ upsell comprising the ‘Rapid Traffic Suite’.

This is basically the same software/traffic method that the WK creators have used to drive 1.5 million views to one of their sites, apparently.

So if you don’t know how to effectively drive “targeted” traffic to your webinar(s), then you’ll be forced to buy the upsell – which leads me to…


The Costs That Come With WebinarKit

The front end cost of WK varies because if bought through JVZoo, it’s $45.45.

And via WarriorPlus, it’s $46.45 (at the time of writing this review).

But also bear in mind that you’ll need to fork out for an autoresponder service if you plan on building an email list via your webinars.

For example; using GetResponse for your email marketing can start from $15/month.

And then it’s “upsell” time with WK (surprise, surprise!):

  • ‘WK Pro’ = $67
  • ‘Chat Simulator’ = $37
  • ‘Sales Accelerator’ = $67
  • ‘Agency’ for sub-accounts + other benefits & commercial rights = $97.

In my opinion, the one-time cost of the basic version of the software isn’t bad considering all the features you get for setting up and running webinars.

As for the upsells, I guess it depends on your business needs.


Final Conclusion: Is WebinarKit Worth it?

To be totally honest, I’m a newbie myself when it comes to webinars and wouldn’t even know where to begin.

So I definitely think WebinarKit is worth a shot – especially considering just how easy the software is to use and also its cost-effectiveness.

The only downside is that the ‘Done-For-You’ webinars seem to revolve around the ‘online money-making niche’.

It’s not just competitive with numerous junk offers to peddle for commissions, but you must have a keen interest in the niche from the offset.

Otherwise, you’ll get bored down the road and quit setting up/promoting those kinds of webinars.

I guess you could always create your own in other niches.

But saying that, you’ll either need to learn how to put lengthy videos together or find high-quality ones to use from others.

Furthermore, it will be a case of hunting down good-quality (high-ticket) affiliate offers to promote in those niches as well.

But overall, this WK can certainly benefit affiliate marketers of all levels.


Before You Dash Off, See How I Make $ Online…

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For example; my path revolves around “blogging” about my passion and attracting free targeted traffic from the search engines.

How else did you find this review! 😛

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Your buddy, Neil!

Got any questions or thoughts on WK? Please jump on the conversation below…

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