Do Wealthy Affiliate Websites REALLY Pay Off For Members?

So, you want the skinny on Wealthy Affiliate websites – how to build them and more importantly, whether they actually pay off for members, right?

Then you’ve landed on the RIGHT article.

Because I’m not just gonna break down the quick website-building process inside Wealthy Affiliate’s dashboard area…

But also dive into the features, training, and support that go hand-in-hand with actually building a potentially profitable website.

Sound good?

Sweet, let’s dive in…

SiteRubix – Wealthy Affiliate’s Website Building Tool

The cool part about Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is that you can use its SiteRubix website builder to create a $0-cost site, even as a free starter member.

But for the purposes of this article, I’ll cover the site-building benefits from a Premium member standpoint.

Because there’s so much more value when you upgrade your membership.

Speaking of which, see Wealthy Affiliate’s full membership costs here.

I digress.

When you’re behind the scenes of WA, you’ll start your journey with the 10-lesson ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ (level 1) course:

wealthy affiliate ten free getting started lessons

Where, you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing, niche selection, the online money-making process, and all that good stuff.

But more importantly, you’ll be shown how to start an affiliate Biz for free by using SiteRubix to build a WordPress blog from scratch.

site builder

To get your new blog up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible without geek-tech skills, you’ll simply do the following steps:

Step #1: Choose The Kind of Website You Want

To set yourself up for success as a complete affiliate marketing novice, I suggest registering a domain name using WA’s domain registrar service.

register a domain name

Where, not only can you pick up a .com, .org or .net domain dirt-cheap (from as little as $14/year)…

But WA also automatically hooks up your new domain to your blog site once it’s built.

Which, cuts out all the headaches of doing the technical process yourself.

Step #2: Enter a Title For Your Website

Your site’s name must match up to the domain name you purchased and registered.

enter a website title
To avoid any confusion – this is an old image. The ‘3’ should be a ‘2’ lol

For example; if your domain’s

The name of your site should be Let’s Go Ape.

In my experience, naming your site is crucial, especially as you build out your blog and start getting traction in Google in terms of rankings/traffic.

Because the name tells your visitors the niche/theme/brand of your website IF you haven’t got a logo already in place.

Step #3: Choose a Design For Your Website

There are almost 5,000 WordPress themes to choose from (at the time of writing):

choose a wordpress blog theme

But having so many themes to “pretty up” your blog, can make it seem like an arduous task.

But fear not because here are my tips for choosing a perfect theme:

  • You can’t go wrong with a basic look, so ensure the theme’s clean, has a white background & dark text.
  • Ensure that it’s SEO-friendly, which helps your site rank in the search engines.
  • Choose mobile responsiveness because many visitors will scroll your site on their smartphones.
  • And lastly, make sure it’s light-weight & fast-loading to keep your visitors & Google happy = better rankings.

In true Blue Peter style, here’s one I prepared earlier…

It’s called ‘GeneratePress’ because it ticks all boxes.

In fact, if you join Wealthy Affiliate Premium via my review, I’ll gift you the Premium GeneratePress version ($49.95/year value).

Which, comes with more benefits that can put you ahead of free theme users 😉

Step #4: Ready to Build

Once you’ve completed the 3 steps above, you simply hit the ‘Build my Website’ tab.

Which, is where the WA gremlins get to work – your site is literally built, setup, and ready to roll with in less than 60 seconds!

And then you’re ready to start getting to work on your website in terms of writing out blog posts.

I’ll try not to bore you to tears too much all with the “technical” stuff (LOL), but…

Here’s What’s Included With Premium SiteRubix Web Hosting

When your website’s live, you can access it through the ‘Websites – Manager’ tab, which brings you to this control panel:

website manager

Where, you can access and see all types of features that come with your website.

As for all the “nerdy” aspects of your website, you’ll receive:

  • 25 free websites (+ 25 premium ones) to build
  • Instant DNS setup
  • Fast Amazon c3.large hosting speed
  • 30GB of space
  • 250,000 monthly visits bandwidth
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Staging environment
  • Full redundancy
  • Enterprise security
  • Daily site backups
  • 24/7 access to server admins
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • BotNet security
  • SiteHealth
  • SiteComments, Website feedback, WA community access & 1 on 1 marketing mentorship features
  • 24/7 fast tech team support (get a response in just minutes!)

So, basically, you get all the essentials for making your blog potentially successful.

Speaking of which…

Advanced Training, Tools & Community Support, Baby!

The awesome thing is that you don’t just get a website and then left to figure the actual “money-making” stuff out for yourself.

Because WA is an ‘all-in-one’ platform.

First let’s begin with the training, where you’ll get 4 more levels of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

Which, is designed to take you from a newbie to affiliate marketing rockstar with step-by-step video lessons:

Furthermore, you’ll get weekly live video classes to watch hosted by Jay (affiliate expert) – these cover some top marketing strategies.

As for tools, you’ll get access to all sorts of features for growing your online Biz.

There’s the Jaaxy keyword research tool for writing blog posts that generate targeted traffic from the search engines…

A content writing tool (including spell checker and royalty free images) to use for easy and quick content creation…

And there’s the affiliate finder tool, which helps you to quickly uncover some top-notch affiliate programs and products to promote in your niche for commissions.

When it comes to the support, there’s an entire 2-million member community to connect with if you got questions that need answering.

Where, you can connect with other members 24/7 via live chat, classrooms, private messaging, you name it.

In my experience, having the right tools, training, and support is an absolute godsend when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Because without all 3 puzzle pieces at play, your online business can easily fall apart if ever you’re stuck.

While Wealthy Affiliate isn’t 100% perfect…

IF you do the training, use the tools and the community…

You can build a thriving affiliate Biz that produces a full-time income this time next year.

Your buddy, Neil.

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