Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard (Quick Walkthrough)

As with any top-notch platform in the affiliate marketing training realm, the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard may seem intimidating at first, especially to a newbie.

But fear not, young grasshopper!

Because I’m about to give you a brief walkthrough of the dashboard (from a Premium member angle), so you’ll feel right at home when you take the plunge with the Wealthy Affiliate community 😉

So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!…


Once you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member (which, BTW, comes with a load of benefits) and login, you’ll arrive inside the dashboard area:

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

The dashboard has gone through so many changes, so yours will look similar(ish) lol.

These are the following accessible tabs inside the dashboard:


The ‘home’ page is basically the ‘community member feed’.

Where you can scroll through the feed (and also refresh it) at your leisure.

Or to save a little time, you can jump straight to any of the following sections to the left of the feed:

  • Top 10 Blogs
  • Hot Topics
  • New Classes (from Jay & other expert members)
  • Top 10 Training (from co-founder Kyle & other successful members)
  • New Blogs
  • New Questions
  • Affiliate Revenue (this only applies if you promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate)

Now, as for the rest of the tabs along the top of the dashboard (going from left to right), there’s:


This is the tab you’ll access to learn how to start and grow an affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.

Where you can either start with the ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ course that teaches you how to build a successful blog around your passion.

Wealthy Affiliate Ten Free Getting Started Lessons

Or choose the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’, which is pretty similar, but shows you how to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate’s referral program instead.

Additionally, you can go to the ‘Training HQ’ and ‘Classrooms’ tabs.

Where you’ll discover stacks of videos and tutorials from WA’s co-founder and other community members.


Here, you have access to all sorts of awesomeness, that’s not just designed to help you use SiteRubix to build WordPress blogs from scratch…

But also scale and manage your money-making blogs under one roof.

I won’t go into all the juicy details, but this is certainly one feature-rich tab that’s the actual beating heart of your online business(es).


I’ve already briefly discussed this, but the classes come in the form of weekly webinars.

Where Jay (trainer & successful WA member) goes into great depth with certain internet marketing topics/tutorials.

Ones, that can really help you “level up” your business(es).

Not only are there literally 100s of pre-recorded webinars to catch up on, but it’s the place to access new and upcoming webinars from Jay.


It’s one thing to have all the essentials website building tools and training for getting WordPress blogs up and running…

But without the “know-how” when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for ranking your blog content in Google…

You’ll never have a single successful online Biz on your hands, I’m afraid.

So, this is where Jaaxy plays its part (WA’s in-house keyword research tool).

Where you’ll get access to Jaaxy (Lite version) inside this tab for finding the right keywords for ranking your content around…

Google rankings = organic traffic = possible sales & affiliate commissions!


This is actually one of my favourite time-saving tools inside WA’s dashboard.

Because this is an ‘Affiliate Program Search’ tool that makes locating affiliate programs in your niche a total breeze to find.

Affiliate Programs Platform

You simply use the tool to browse popular categories and/or enter your own search terms…

And the tool automatically pulls up plenty of great affiliate programs that are highly rated and also offer big commission rates.


This is the final puzzle piece.

Because with the right support from other community members who have also been in your shoes as a newbie affiliate and community member…

You’ll be able to move mountains – there’s literally support around the clock and from members all over the world too.

Under this tab, not only can you ask questions in classrooms, but you can also engage in live chat with other members, and even private message folks.

Help Center

For the icing on the cake…

If ever you have technical issues with any of your WordPress blogs, there’s also the ‘SiteSupport’ team you can contact – they resolve issues, fast!

There are all sorts of other stuff you can do inside WA – like set up your own WA profile and adjust account settings, etc…

But I just wanted to give you some insights into the meat and potatoes of WA to help you make an informed decision.

Wrapping it up on Wealthy Affiliate’s Dashboard

The truth be told, in all my years of purchasing training program memberships, I’ve never seen such a feature-rich dashboard as Wealthy Affiliate’s.

Yeah, it can be overwhelming at first – particularly if you’re a newcomer the whole affiliate marketing “thing” itself.

But once you’re familiar with the entire dashboard, you’ll be able to navigate it with your eyes shut – it just takes some time.

On a whole, when you take everything into consideration (tools, training and support) offered by WA…

It’s certainly a dashboard that comes with all essentials rolled into one for building successful online businesses from scratch.

So, I think it’s fair to say that WA’s dashboard truly is unmatched right?

If you want to know more about WA in-depth, then read my FULL Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts to leave on the subject? Please drop your comments below…

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