Urgency Suites Pro Review: [Read NOW Before It’s Gone!]

Thanks for checking out my unbiased review of Urgency Suites Pro!

As the first word of this product suggests, it’s all about adding scarcity to your affiliate offers to boost your sales and commissions.

But will this product really help you to effectively deploy the strategy for higher sales conversions?

Or are “launch jackers” on Google page-1 telling you exactly what you wanna hear inside their reviews – just to make a quick buck themselves?

Hurry, grab this review now to find out, before it gets pulled down! 😛


But you get the gist…

At a Quick Glance

Urgency Suites Pro Review
Name: Urgency Suites Pro (USP).

Owners: Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong.

Website: urgencysuitespro.com.

Cost: $97 + other expenses + Upsells.

My Score: 6/10.


  • Easy-to-use software
  • Works with any website platform & email marketing
  • Can also work in any niche
  • Bonus page & traffic video tutorials
  • Support’s available
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Bonus page training revolves around launch jacking & the ‘MMO’ niche
  • Extra expenses for bonus page creation
  • Comes with numerous upsells
  • Unsuitable for newbies in some respects


In all honesty, I quite fancy the idea of using Urgency Suites Pro to inject some “hurry the hell up & just buy” scarcity into my affiliate offers.

Because, for starters, the software’s so easy-peasy to use for creating funky urgency bars and timers for your blog content and email marketing.

And secondly, I’m confident that the software can actually help you to boost your affiliate offer sales and commissions.

I also like the fact that Armstrong guides you through the process of creating bonus pages along with some traffic training as well.

But for this strategy to have full effect, you must also promote a kick-ass product and offer some awesome congruent bonuses.

So when all three aspects click into place, it’s show time, baby!

Final Verdict: Legit.

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What’s Urgency Suites Pro All About, You Ask?

Urgency Suites Pro that came as part of a bundle I bought containing stuff like 0 To $100 in 24 Hours, The Flash Method, and Bang Bang Profits…

Is designed as some breakthrough method and “secret” software for enabling you to earn 6 times the affiliate commissions from your efforts.

And according to the creators, it only takes 30 seconds to activate, you don’t need to build a website, and anyone can easily make $170+/day from it.

Blah, blah, blah.

But before we get to the nitty-gritty of USP:

What the heck is this scarcity “thing”, when it’s at home, huh?

Put simply, it’s a practice deployed by both product publishers and affiliates to make their audience think the product’s in short supply.

It basically creates the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) that drives your visitors to buy from you.

Scarcity comes in all sorts of forms like:

  • “Buy now, only 10 more products available/spots remaining”
  • “Hurry, before the countdown clock hits zero”, etc. 

To see the concept in all its glory, read this cool article: 18 Scarcity Examples That Can Boost Sales.

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Unfortunately, scam artists also deploy the tactic to trick vulnerable newbies into buying their “get-rich-quick” crap.

Check out my scam reviews to see how those money-grabbing sleazeballs apply it.


How Urgency Suites Pro Actually Works…

When you set foot inside the members’ area that looks like THIS:
Urgency Suites Pro Members Dashboard
You’ll see that USP has 4 sections to it:


#1: Welcome & Overview

Inside this section, there are 3 videos:

  • Welcome To USP (2.24 minutes)
  • Why USP Works (9.55 mins)
  • Orientation & Elements (4.55 mins)

Mace talks about the effectiveness of scarcity and how Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels, the Perfect Webinar & Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook creator) applied it.

Additionally, he shows an example of the “urgency bar” he slaps on his sales pages to pressure his visitors – leading to huge profits.

Rounded off by a quick walkthrough from Armstrong on how to set up urgency bars for your website/email campaigns using USP.


#2: Software Access

When it comes to the ‘Urgency Bar’, you simply configure your preferred style and text.
Scarcity Bar and Timer Software
Then grab the HTML code to paste on your website, sales page, blog post or email, etc – wherever you want the bar to be displayed.

And it’s the exact same process for creating a ‘Countdown Timer’ as well.

Excuse the impression, but this software really is a piece of p*ss to use. Even an 8-year could create a bar and timer.


#3: The “Urgency” Campaign

Here, there are 4 videos:

  • Preparation (14.20 minutes)
  • The “Urgency” Page (24.42 mins)
  • Campaign Day 1 & 2 – The Urgency Bar (12.10 mins)
  • Campaign Day 3 & 4 – The Countdown Timers (13.56 mins)

In the first video, Armstrong shares the scarcity timeline formula he uses to make $1K daily in commission.

Plus, also how to get affiliate approval by JVZoo product vendors and choose pre-made congruent bonuses to offer with your affiliate promotions.

However, his strategy is more for “launch jackers” promoting products in the ‘make money online’ arena. Ugh.

Video #2: He walks you through creating your own bonus page (one that matches the product sales page) to entice folks to buy via your link.

To do this, you’ll build a free WordPress blog and buy/install he ‘Thrivethemes Content’ plugin via Fiverr.

Where you’ll write some content on the product, include your bonuses and scarcity bar.

Videos #3 and 4: Armstrong briefly discusses/shows when to include your bars/timers within your email marketing campaigns after product launch.


#4: Traffic Methods

Inside this final section, there are the following videos:

  1. Free Traffic From YouTube (6.30 mins)
  2. Cheap Quality Traffic From Bing (38.35 mins)
  3. 3 Underground Traffic Sources (28.26 mins)

All three videos are taken from The Lost Code. How cheeky!

Joking aside, there’s a quick tutorial on ranking YouTube videos.

Followed by an in-depth tutorial on setting up ad campaigns inside Bing.

Rounded off by some guidance on leveraging traffic “hacks”:

Influencer marketing on Instagram and Twitter, and Google/YouTube retargeting ads.


How Much Does Urgency Suites Pro Cost, Huh?

The front-end price is $97, which is quite costly since most of Mace and Armstrong’s products hover around the $12.95 mark.

But saying that, the software probably wasn’t cheap for the duo to produce.

However, to implement the strategy, you’ll either need to buy the ‘Thrivethemes Content’ WordPress plugin for your bonus pages.

This comes at various prices depending on the Fiverr seller you buy through.

Or option B: ‘Commission Gorilla’ which costs $49/year.

As for the USP upgrades:

  • ‘Done-For-You Campaigns’ = $37
  • ‘Limitless Traffic’ = $197
  • ‘Elite Insiders Coaching’ = $397
  • ‘Campaigns For Life’ = $197
  • ‘License Rights’ to make 100% commissions promoting USP = $97 – the reason behind so many “biased” reviews from launch jackers.


Final Conclusion: Is Urgency Suites Pro Worth it?

In my opinion, I’d say so, YES.

Not only is the Urgency Suites Pro software as easy as pie to create funky-looking urgency bars and countdown timers.

But what I also like is the fact that you can easily implement them into your blog, and will work in any niche.

Armstrong’s training isn’t too shabby either, since he guides you through some bonus page and traffic-generation processes as well.

But saying that, I think this product will mostly benefit those who already have an affiliate marketing Biz established and need help with conversions.

In addition, USP will only work if you’re promoting a great product with some quality bonuses that are congruent with your offer.

Plus, you’ll need targeted traffic flowing to your offer, which goes without saying.

Overall, USP is certainly a piece of software I’m gonna test the waters with when it comes to a few affiliate offers of my own. 😉

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Your buddy, Neil.

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