Tigers Traffic Review: [Does it ROAR or Just meow?]

Thanks for digging your claws into my review of Tigers Traffic!

I recently got access to this as a freebie inside The Lockdown Formula that I bought.

So I thought to myself, “why not take it for a spin and share the ins and outs with my audience on FuriousAffiliate.com, huh?”.

Any successful affiliate marketer on planet earth knows that targeted TRAFFIC is the bread and butter of their online business.

You might have THE most beautiful-looking website and perfect offers known to man…

BUT if the right people don’t know about your products/business/brand online – then how the heck are you gonna make bank?

This is where Tigers Traffic comes into play.

Because it teaches you a bunch of traffic-generation strategies that you can start implementing today.

But with that said, does this product truly roar like a lion?

Or just resemble a meowing pussycat with weak strategies that will produce little to no results?

Sink your teeth into THIS review to find out…

At a Quick Glance

Tigers Traffic Review
Name: Tigers Traffic (TT).

Owner: Dawud Islam (also the creator of Eagle Emails, Leopard Lists & Cougar Commissions).

Website: tigerstraffic.com.

Cost: $11.95 (at the time of writing) + $100s in Upsells.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Cheap front end cost
  • Training videos
  • Resources & bonuses
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • A handful of traffic methods are pretty lame
  • The best methods lack in-depth training
  • Comes with upsells


Put simply, Traffic Tigers delivers a bunch of video tutorials on various ways you can send traffic to your affiliate offers.

But in my opinion, I wouldn’t exactly call this product something to “ROAR” about.

Because first of all, there are some lame strategies that will produce very little to no results – even if you turn on “beast mode”.

Trust me, I’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.

And secondly, when it comes to the awesome strategies, I think Dawud Islam only really skims the surface.

So I guess you get what you pay for with TT.

But despite the training lacking in some areas, I believe that Islam can still help to get your offers in front of potential buyers.

Final Verdict: Legit – But Doesn’t Float my Boat.

But before scrolling further, see my #1 recommended program for earning a sustainable income via affiliate marketing as a newb or pro.


What’s Tigers Traffic All About, You Ask?

According to Dawud Islam, he’s about to reveal “the secret to totally free traffic” inside his Tigers Traffic product.

10 X traffic-generating secrets, that are gonna make you ROAR as an affiliate marketer and triple your profits in the next 12 months.

The guy claims you’ll get over-the-shoulder training, monetization methods, downloadable resources, and even some cool bonuses.

I must admit, the TT sales page is probably the least hyped-up one I’ve come across since reviewing numerous WarriorPlus products.

Furthermore, Islam actually gives you a quick behind-the-scenes look, so you know what to expect for your hard-earned cash.

It sure makes a refreshing change from the typical hyped-up “make money fast” bullsh*t that you see time and time again.

So in my opinion, ALL WarriorPlus product publishers should take a leaf from this guy’s book because “transparency” speaks volumes

I digress.

OK, Islam talks a good game, but let’s see how TT works…


The 10 Training Modules Inside Tigers Traffic

Once you buy TT, you’ll arrive inside a members’ dashboard area that looks just like THIS:
Tigers Traffic Training Dashboard
Where Islam provides you with the following video walkthrough tutorials:

  1. Mailers (40.24 minutes) + a PDF list of safelists to join.
  2. Traffic Exchanges (15.58 mins) + list of sites.
  3. Facebook Groups (14.24 mins)
  4. Quora (13.55 mins)
  5. Classified Ad Boards (20.17 mins)
  6. Blogging (15.30 mins) – PSST! Build your free blog via SiteRubix. It’s the best option!
  7. YouTube (7.28 mins)
  8. LinkedIn (8.09 mins)
  9. Reddit (6.30 mins)
  10. Email Signatures (6.12 mins)

Overall, I’m kinda in two minds when it comes to Islam’s training.

Because although the guy offers some good pointers on leveraging various methods, there are too many downsides to the tutorials, for my liking…


#1: Numerous Shoddy & Outdated Methods

From experience, I’d say that 4 out of the 10 methods aren’t worth the time of day.

Let’s start with mailers and traffic exchanges.

In 1999 (YUP, I’m old school), I spent hours daily blasting promotional messages and surfing MULTIPLE exchange sites to build up ad credits.

I even forked out $100s for premium features and credits, but to no avail, unfortunately.

So how can said methods possibly work 21 years later? LOL.

As for Facebook groups, I seriously hate the method with a true passion.

Because first of all, it’s like “SPAM city” – everyone’s continuously posting their affiliate offers and opportunities.

So you must do something pretty spectacular to stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, Facebook groups are full of, what I call “tyre kickers” – some folks will engage with your posts but won’t buy a sausage.

And on top of that, you face receiving dodgy friend requests, inbox spam, and even Facebook jail time for posting your stuff too much.

As for classified ad boards, they’re hit-and-miss.

What I dislike about this method is that it’s like a battlefield because you must consistently post ads to stay ahead of your competitors’.

It’s a monotonous and exhausting game, I’m telling ya!


#2: The Training’s Patchy in Key Areas

The other 6 methods can drive you some serious traffic IF you invest the effort and go about them in the correct manner.

But Islam only scratches the surface of Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit, Email Signatures, and especially blogging and YouTube (the two best ones).

Instead of taking you through the processes of getting a blog set up, YouTube channel started, and also growing them…

He just sends you to the TT ‘resources’ section.

Where there’s a combination of freebie products like The Secret Weapon, Urgency Suites Pro, and Siphon Reloaded…

YouTube video tutorials from his pals (including Islam himself), and a product called Partnership To Success costing $1,997!


Strange that he doesn’t recommend better-suited reputable products like Wealthy Affiliate or First-Time Internet Marketing Profits instead.

This brings me to the next item on the list…


#3: Everything Revolves Around “WarriorPlus” (UGH!)

There’s one thing that really ticks me off when it comes to WarriorPlus product creators – they’re always endorsing one another’s stuff.

Not because their products are the best thing since sliced bread, but because they stand to “profit” piggybacking off of one another.

For example, all throughout Islam’s training, he recommends using the methods to promote certain WarriorPlus products.

Furthermore, the products revolve around the ‘make money online’ industry.

The truth be told, you should start and grow an affiliate marketing Biz around a niche that you’re genuinely PASSIONATE bout.

Instead of trying to rake in the bucks for the sake of it.

Or because some ‘make money’ product publisher has convinced you that it’s the only path.

There are MANY products you can promote across numerous networks like ShareASale, ClickBank, and Digistore24, to name some.

So don’t limit yourself to the ‘MMO’ niche if you’re not in love with it. You’ll just end up quitting at some point.


What’s The Cost of Tigers Traffic, You Say?

The starting price is just $11.95.

And what I mean by the starting cost is that there are also upsells tied to the product…

  • Traffic On Tap = $37
  • 10 x Powered Traffic + Super Solos = $67
  • Triple Reseller Rights for 100% profits = $97 (this explains all the “biased” reviews of TT)
  • Tigers Traffic Academy = $197

And also not forgetting Islam’s recommendation of John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success product with a price tag of almost $2K!


Final Conclusion: Is Tigers Traffic a Scam?

After watching the training videos one-by-one, I can honestly say that Tigers Traffic is 100% legitimate.

But whether I’d actually recommend it to a novice affiliate is a totally different story.

Because while Islam recommends some great traffic-generation strategies that can certainly help you to grow your online Biz over time…

He doesn’t really dive deep enough into teaching you about the best and most effective ones.

His lengthy videos just seem to cover THE absolute worst strategies of the bunch – mailers, traffic exchanges, Facebook, and classifieds.

But before you dash off, wanna see the #1 strategy I use for attracting a boatload of targeted traffic to my affiliate offers?…

Start a free WordPress blog here – it also comes with tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support for turning it into a full-time income.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on TT? Please hop on the conversation below…


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