The Commission Igniter Review: [It’s NO Online Fire Starter!]

Greetings, welcome to my honest review of the not-so-hot Commission Igniter!

If you’re hoping that sparks are gonna fly (in a good way) with this product making bold income claims, then guess again.

Because there’s more chance of igniting a rain-soaked bonfire than grabbing 3 – 5 paychecks weekly with this method.

To understand why the hypey opportunity struggles to get a virtual fire started and is something to avoid like a ticking time bomb, continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

The Commission Igniter Review
Name: The Commission Igniter (TCI).

Owner: Unidentified.

Cost: $47 + $1,000s in Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • Not a sausage (as us Brits would put it)


  • A hypey sales pitch full of outlandish income claims
  • The owner remains anonymous (hmm, I can’t think why?…)
  • TCI is non-existent – it leads to a different system
  • Comes at a cost of $1,000s for products & paid traffic methods
  • It’s an unsustainable high ticket Biz model
  • The FTC may deem the actual system as a recruitment scheme


Simply put, The Commission Igniter is nothing but a dubious scam that fails to deliver on its promises.

Because underneath all the hypey and “too good to be true” sales pitch claims, the page leads you into the Super Affiliate Network…

An entirely different system requiring time and effort, that’s not exactly cost-effective either.

Because you must spend a chunk of change on products and paid traffic strategies to potentially make a stack of cash.

Which is why most members struggle to hit it out the ball park with the system.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before taking another step, see my #1 recommended program that equips you with the essentials for building a lucrative affiliate Biz from scratch.

And in case you feel skeptical…

NO, my #1 pick is not some far-fetched junk like The Commission Code or shady ponzi system like Profits Passport.

Because unlike some ill-intentioned bloggers, I genuinely care about YOUR best interests as a newbie. 😀


What’s The Commission Igniter About, You Ask?

Unfortunately, I’m no stranger when it comes to The Commission Igniter sales page because it shares the same characteristics of:

So I have strong reason to suspect that whoever hides behind said products is also the coward behind TCI.

I digress.

The TCI website leads you to believe that it’s a “weird online method to grab 3 – 5 paychecks online per week from home”.

Some unknown female sales video presenter then follows with outlandish claims of TCI being some revolutionary and as easy-as-pie system for raking in the dough.

And of course, how can we forget the member testimonies bragging about the system being the best thing since sliced bread…

Because it’s the easiest and fastest money-making method they’ve ever used, and can’t speak highly enough about it?

Blah, blah, blah.

Basically, the sales pitch is riddled with false hopes of attaining online wealth quickly and living “the dream” without lifting a finger.

Trust me, I’ve been in a player in the affiliate marketing arena long enough to know that “get-rich-quick” schemes are a myth.

YES, there are some ‘Done-For-You’ systems about like My Online Startup, and 12 Minute Affiliate, for example…

But by no means are they some magical wand making the sky rain cash – drenching you in 100 dollar bills.

Because money, effort, time, and patience (not to mention developing an entrepreneurial mindset) are all key components of success.


How Does The Commision Igniter Work, You’re Wondering?

As I said, the system is no reflection of the hype on the tin because it doesn’t even exist anyway *GASP*.

You’ll find that TCI is simply a bridge page created by some alien affiliate to funnel you into Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network (SAN).

On the flip side, the Super Affiliate Network is a legit ‘DFY’ system comprising tools, training, and support for making money as an affiliate.

But returning to the downside… At what cost, huh?

Because to potentially earn a sizable income with SAN, it’s a requirement to fork out for membership packages that can set you back $1,000s.

(Plus, there are the outside fees of $100s – $1,000s to generate targeted traffic to your system in terms of solo, PPC, and Facebook ads, etc).

And this is so you can earn meaty commissions off of those membership packages when your referrals make the same purchases.

This means that SAN is basically operating as a high-ticket “recruitment scheme”.

Which is the same reason why the Federal Trade Commission shut down MOBE and Digital Altitude, if you remember?

The other big problem with SAN is that it’s an unsustainable business model due to the exorbitant fees for the products.

Which explains why SAN’s income table shows that the majority of members pocket only chump change.
The Profit Shortcut and Super Affiliate Network Income Information
So it makes me wonder how Misha’s system is still afloat like Fullstaq Marketer and Secrets Of The Wealthy, to name other rip off systems.



Is The Commission Igniter a Scam to Avoid?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownUnfortunately, YES is my answer to you.

Because let’s look at the facts, shall we?

First of all, it’s evidently clear that The Commission Igniter isn’t just a clone (as already discussed), but the person behind it has something to hide.

Because why does she not reveal herself on camera – putting a face and name to the voice for credibility and trustworthiness?

Secondly, the sales video and member testimonies lead you astray with some “magical system” that’s non-existent from the get-go.

And thirdly, the one-time $47 price tag’s a blatant lie.

Because TCI leads you into the arms of the Super Affiliate Network that costs you an arm and a leg to go “all in”.

Which makes it a risky investment, considering many of your referrals won’t have the budgets either.

But the biggest risk of all with SAN lies within it potentially being put out of business by the FTC someday for being a coaching scheme.

So I’m sorry, but you can count me out of this one.


Here’s a Safer Money-Making Method That’s as Cheap as Chips…

As I said, there are legitimate aspects of the Super Affiliate Network.

But the big price tag and structure lets it down, at the end of the day. Which makes your investment a risky one.

And as for The Commision Igniter itself, all I can say is… UGH.

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Awesome sauce, right?

So don’t delay… Start your new affiliate Biz for $0!

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on TCI? Please chime into the conversation below…


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