The Commission Code Review: [Rehashed Trash to Dodge?]

Welcome to my unbiased review of The Commission Code, young grasshopper!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the DISHONEST reviews of this product are certainly doing the rounds on Google and YouTube…

Published by the creator and/or their shady affiliates, no doubt. Ugh.

So I’m about to expose the true nature of the product and why you should take the whole sales pitch with a grain of salt.

You ready to be shocked?

Lets gooo!…

At a Quick Glance

The Commission Code Review
Name: The Commission Code (TCC).

Owner: William (used as an alias).


Cost: $9 for 14 days, then $47/month + $197, $146 & $297 for Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • You get SOME sort of product
  • ClickBank offers a 60-day refund policy


  • A hypey sales pitch full of outlandish income claims
  • The creator uses an alias
  • Fake member testimonials
  • Questionable income screenshots
  • The training’s insufficient for success
  • Using the solo ad strategy can cost $1,000s
  • Comes with an overpriced monthly fee & $100s in upsells


Unfortunately, it’s always the same old story with products like The Commission Code…

The creators always fill your head with get-rich-fast nonsense, deploy every psychological trick (on an unethical level) under the sun…

And then deliver some sub-par training/system/software that’s designed to benefit the creator rather than the actual customer.

As you’ll see from other duds like the Ad Formula, Bulletproof Profits, Mobile Site Sniper, and Home Business Package, to name some.

In the case of TCC, you just receive some shallow training on building an email list, landing pages, and expensive solo ad recommendations.

So $47/month is a total rip off, if you ask me.

In fact, don’t even spend 9 bucks on this thing – grab a Starbucks instead. 😉

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

If you’re sick of shoddy products, then see my #1 legit recommendation that shows noobs like YOU how to build a real lucrative affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.


What’s The Commission Code All About, You Say?

Apparently, the Commission Code creator rakes in $1,266.75 per day on ClickBank, and leads you to believe that you can accomplish the same…

Starting today in under 5 minutes and 14 clicks.

And then follows a cringey sales video, where the male presenter reckons that the video could change your life forever…

Because you’re about to discover “the incredible secret that ordinary peeps are using to make money online” quickly and as easy as pie every day…

And all you need for the magic to happen is just 10 minutes of free time daily and a desire to become extremely wealthy…


I’m sorry, but what a load of “pipe dream” hogwash.

Because the guy just leads you down the garden path…

Boasting about making $500K in the last year and how you can make a WHOPPING $30K a month with ClickBank without breaking a sweat.

There’s no substance to the hypey sales video, whatsoever.

Because he doesn’t show you HOW TCC works under the hood – it’s just all “money” talk, which raises a red flag from the offset.

Here’s a question for you…

If what he says is true, then why isn’t every man and his dog filthy sticking rich and living a lavish lifestyle already?

Trust me, I’ve been around the affiliate marketing block enough times to know that “magical get-rich-quick” systems are a myth.

But if you can find one, I’ll happily eat my own words. 😛

Yeah, there are “shortcut” systems like 12 Minute Affiliate and Done For You Services that make life easier…

But there’s still a cost tied to said systems in terms of elbow grease, time, patience, and even monetary investments to become a Super Affiliate.

Want more good reasons why you should pay ZERO attention to the sales pitch?…


Red Flag #1: The “I Got Scammed” Card is Played

The video spokesman says how he was skeptical when he first tried to make money online and even got scammed by a pyramid scheme.

And then follows the usual lines of “there are so many crooks and fake gurus taking your hard-earned bucks, but this system’s different”
Crooks and Fake Gurus
Yeah, says the con artist HIMSELF. Oh, the irony LOL.

Seriously though, how many times have you heard that line with video presentations selling you the dream?

The truth be known, it’s nothing but a lame trust-building tactic designed to lower your guard.

Don’t fall for it.


Red Flag #2: “Hey, Look at All My Affiliate Accounts”

The video narrator shows off a bunch of his affiliate accounts displaying $10,000s of sales/commissions he’s made in the last 30 days.

Here’s his ClickBank account with $8,000 made in a single month, for example:
ClickBank Transaction Search
But I really wouldn’t take the screenshots at face value if I were you.

Because first of all, to earn fat stacks of cash that quickly would have taken the guy MONTHS to build big momentum in his Biz.

And secondly, it’s not exactly difficult to manipulate and create fake affiliate income results using PhotoShop software these days, right?

In fact, freelancers can easily be hired to do the job for pennies on the dollar.

This leads me to the next red flag…


Red Flag #3: Faker-Than-Barbie Member Testimonies

Members are really crushing it with TCC, supposedly.

Just like this lass (who also did a CB Cash Code testimonial) claiming she makes money from just working 10 minutes per day.
The Commission Code Female Member Testimonial
Which frees up her time to do other stuff, etc.

But the funny thing is that they all refer to TCC as “this website” or “this one” instead of calling it by its name.

Why is that, you wonder?

It’s so the creator can reuse those generic testimonials for any other future scammy product launches he has planned.

The truth be known, the so-called members are actually actors hired from to do fake scripted testimonies *GASP*.

The proof’s in the pudding:

Asian Woman Selling Spokesperson Services Through Fiverr


So you can bet a dime to a dollar that none of those people have made a single cent with TCC.

Which speaks volumes about the product, right?


Red Flag #4: Who The Hell is “William”?

William is both the video narrator and creator of TCC.

He claims to have had an average Joe type of lifestyle for the last 30 years because his mom and three brothers had very few luxuries.
My Name is William
Blahdy blah.

I must admit, he puts on quite a good sob story show.

But it’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors, so he makes himself more relatable to you.

Which in turn breaks down your barriers.

But how can you trust some random voice and especially someone who fails to show his face or even provide evidence of his identity?

This guy clearly has something fishy to hide, I’m telling ya!


How The Commission Code Actually Works Under The Hood

I think by now, it’s fair to say that TCC really doesn’t live up to all the promises on the tin.

However, you won’t be totally left high and dry because there is some form of product behind the scenes.

Once you part with your hard-earned dollars, you get access to a members’ dashboard area that contains a bunch of video training modules.
The Commission Code System Members Dashboard
Where there are training sections that cover the following topics:

  • Registering for a GetResponse autoresponder account (+ getting DFY emails)
  • Creating an affiliate account with ClickBank
  • Using the TCC software to generate landing pages
  • Buying traffic from recommended sources

So in a nutshell; you’ll set up a squeeze page, send solo ad traffic to it to build an email list, and promote ClickBank offers to your subscribers.

But the problem is that the training’s vague because most of the videos are only a few minutes long.

In fact, if you do some snooping around YouTube, you can find better quality training for free.

While I’m not a huge fan of WarriorPlus products either, I think you’re also better off buying a product called Phoenix

Which offers more insights into solo ads and the best vendors to buy from.

And whilst on the topic of solo ads, you’re looking at $100s – $1,000s for traffic to get started on the right foot with affiliate marketing.

Because it’s gonna take you a while to generate some momentum when it comes to building an email list. Trust me.

PSST! If you’re new to all this “traffic” stuff, you should grab a copy of Traffic Secrets to learn about some cool evergreen strategies.


Final Conclusion: Is The Commission Code a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWhen it comes to affiliate marketing scams, everyone has their own definition, right?

But the way I see it, YES, I 100% believe that the Commission Code is a scam to kept at arm’s length.

Because on one side of the coin, the sales pitch is riddled with nothing but one blatant lie after another.

And on the other side, the product itself is no reflection of the hype because it’s just some very basic system and training…

That, when put into practice, will easily cost you an arm and a leg for solo ad traffic with no guarantees of you making a profit.

So for $47/month, you really won’t get much value out of this product, in all honesty.

The only one laughing all the way to the bank (as I speak) is the creator, sadly.


A Legit Money-Making Alternative That’s Worth The Investment…

Unfortunately, the web is full of dirty fraudsters like “William” who give the affiliate marketing industry a bad reputation.

Falling for their hocus-pocus trickery only puts cash in THEIR pockets when you buy their stuff and affiliate product recommendations.

But the good news is that you absolutely can launch and grow a successful Affiliate Biz IF you have the right resources and work like a donkey.

This is where my #1 pick (Wealthy Affiliate) steps into the picture…

Because you won’t just be given access to a free website builder to build a profit-ready WordPress blog

But you’ll also get tools, step-by-step training, and 24/7 support from a massive community of affiliates for turning your blog into a passive income.

Can you say awesome sauce?

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on TCC? Hop on the conversation below…


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