Super Funnels Review: [Are They Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?]

Howdy, thanks for swinging by my unbiased review of Super Funnels!

From Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong – comes this breakthrough software that’s gonna automate FREE traffic, leads, and commissions in under 60 seconds.

Well, so the guys reckon anyway.

But will their sales funnel software REALLY transform you into Superman or Supergirl of the affiliate marketing world?

Or is it just all spandex and cape without the actual Kryptonian power, huh?

Dig in to find out…

At a Quick Glance

Super Funnels Review
Name: Super Funnels (SF).

Owners: Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong & Guy Potok.


Cost: $22.97 + $67, $167 + $197 (X3) for upgrades (at the time of writing).

My Score: 5/10.


  • Easy to set up ‘Done-For-You’ funnels
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Support is available
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Potential to earn money


  • Basic membership only provides 2 funnels
  • No guidance on email marketing (unless you buy an upgrade)
  • Extra cash needed for autoresponder, domain name(s) & paid traffic
  • Comes with multiple upsells


To be quite honest, I’m taken back by Super Funnels because it’s actually a good product, in my opinion.

Especially when it’s sold through *GASP* WarriorPlus!

I do like the fact that you get a couple of ‘Done-For-You’ funnels that are a piece of cake to set up when you follow Guy Potok’s tutorials.

Also, the dude delivers some good traffic training – especially when it comes to paid methods like Facebook, Bing, and Google ads.

But how “super” profitable the funnels become, really depends on a number of factors highlighted in my review.

But my pet hates with SF is that…

It comes with hidden expenses, there’s no help on email marketing with the basic membership, and you’ll be trapped in the ‘make money’ arena.

So it’s not gonna be every affiliate marketing newbie’s cuppa.

Final Verdict: Legit.

But before taking another step, see another method for creating a super-profitable affiliate marketing Biz from scratch as a newbie…

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What is Super Funnels All About, You Ask?

Firstly, I’d like to say that Super Funnels was an ABSOLUTE steal!

Because it’s part of a special ‘Xmas Super Bundle’ I bought which contains 15 other products like Vid Chomper, Enigma, and Atomic DFY, to name a few.

But anyway, SF is about getting your hands on ‘Done-For-You’ sales funnels that apparently automate the marketing and passive income processes.

Mace and Armstrong both claim their funnels are designed to triple your traffic and affiliate profits using their “next-gen” technology.

In fact, they are the exact same funnels used by Mace himself to generate over $3,000 per day!

But from a total newbie standpoint, I think that level of income is unrealistic, if I’m being honest.

Because even with a ‘Done-For-You’ funnel, there are numerous variables at play, like your actual marketing efforts and time commitments.

Furthermore, your income boils down to the quality of offers you promote and the economics side of things in terms of product prices, commission %, and ad spend.

So be under no illusion of pocketing $1,000s quickly as easy as pie because this “internet marketing” thing takes a while to get to grips with.


Let’s See The Ins & Outs of Super Funnels

When you land in the dashboard area, you’ll have 3 tabs at your disposal: Super Funnels, Tutorials, and Support.

Here they are broken down:


Tab #1: Super Funnels

Inside the first tab, you’re able to both manage and create new sales funnels.

But the downside is you only have two ‘Done-For-You’ templates to choose from as a basic member, which is a bit of a bummer really.
How to Make Money Squeeze Page Templates
Once you select a template, it’s time to customize your funnel with the following fields:

  1. Funnel Name
  2. Offer URL (Affiliate Link)
  3. Your Name
  4. Your Photo URL (Optional)
  5. Push Notification Script
  6. ManyChat Script

And then connect your autoresponder by choosing a service from the drop-down list and hit ‘Save & Publish’.

It’s as simple as that to get your funnel up and running.

But my biggest beef with the funnels is that you’re forced to build an email list and promote products around the ‘internet marketing/make money’ industry.

Did you know there’s a deep-sea of industries out there – from beauty and care to video games?

So really, Mace & Armstrong should provide you with a selection of funnels in numerous niches for some flexibility, in my opinion.

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Tab #2: Tutorials

Super Funnels Training DashboardHere, all the moving parts are explained, and Guy Potok also shows you how to set up your funnels, as well as drive traffic to them.

The video tutorials are divided into the following sections:


SF Walkthrough (6 Videos)

  1. Software Requirements (11.41 minutes)
  2. Connect Your (GetResponse or Aweber) Autoresponder (6.04 mins)
  3. Little Trick to Increase Deliverability (10.25 mins)
  4. Connect Your ManyChat Account (16 mins)
  5. Connect Your PushCrew (9.32 mins)
  6. Put SF In Action (2.54 mins)

In my opinion, Guy’s over-the-shoulder guidance is very easy to follow for starting off on the right foot with your new funnels.

However, I dislike the fact there’s absolutely nothing on how to craft your own email follow up sequences and connect with your subscribers.

This is intentional, so you buy the ‘Done-For-You’ email swipe upsell.


Get Free Traffic (5 Videos)

  1. Old Facebook Method (6.59 minutes)
  2. Get Unlimited Buyers Traffic (6.36 mins)
  3. Increase Engagement With Your Potential Buyers (4.25 mins)
  4. Manage Your Friends Lists (4.59 mins)
  5. Curiosity Posts – Send Them to The Funnel & Grow Your Audience + Make Sales (11.24 mins)

Again, Guy makes things simple to follow if you plan on leveraging Facebook.

But the truth be told, I absolutely HATE organic Facebook marketing methods with a passion.

Because not only are they spammy, but most marketers are faker than Barbie – everyone’s looking to exploit one another.

But I guess that’s the Internet and affiliate marketing world, in general, for ya lol.


Paid Traffic (3 Videos)

  1. Bing Ads Training (22.43 minutes)
  2. Google Ads Training (18.28 mins)
  3. FB Ads Training (25.13 mins)

I’d say this is my favourite section because I KNOW for a fact all three paid traffic methods can be effective.

In my opinion, Guy does a great job of walking you through the different platforms for getting paid ad campaigns up and running.


Recommended Traffic Source (2 Videos)

  1. (10.29 minutes)
  2. Special 20% Discount For SF Affiliates (2.44 mins)

Hmm… I’m a bit reserved when it comes to solo ads because not only can they cost an arm and a leg.

But not every solo ad vendor is to be trusted for sending high-quality traffic to your offers.


Case Studies (2 Videos)

  1. Equinox Case Study (5.49 minutes)
  2. Invi$ible Case Study (5.40 mins)

Basically, Guy quickly shows his results from promoting both offers above via the funnels.


What’s The Overall Cost of Super Funnels?

The starting price is just $22.97 (at the time of writing).


There are numerous hidden costs involved, unfortunately.

First of all, you’ll need an autoresponder from Aweber (starting from $19/month) or GetResponse (from $15/month).

Secondly, comes a domain name for your funnel from namesilo (starting from $8.99/year).

And thirdly, you’ll need $100s (maybe $1,000s) spare for Pay Per Click and solo ad methods combined – to get any REAL results with SF.

And of course, not forgetting the upsells:

  • ‘Done-For-You’ Package = $197
  • MaxCommissions Funnels = $67
  • Unlimited Traffic = $197
  • 1K Daily System = $197
  • License Rights to resell SF as your own product for 100% commissions.

But with the latter upsell, why do you think there are so many “biased” reviews of SF knocking around?…


Final Conclusion: Is Super Funnels Worth it?

Really, that depends on what angle you see Super Funnels from.

On one side of the fence, you get a couple of ‘Done-For-You’ funnels that are easy to set up.

Plus there’s the fact Guy helps you to understand how your funnels work, and also offers some good training on driving targeted traffic.

So I do believe you have the potential to make some coin from SF.

But on the other side, there’s no guidance on email marketing itself, you’re stuck in the ‘make money’ arena, and there are numerous hidden costs to bear in mind.

Personally, SF isn’t something I’d roll with as a newbie on a budget.

But only YOU can determine if SF suits your needs, at the end of the day.


Want a Better Money-Making Option, Huh?…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on SF to share with us? Please feel free to jump on the conversation below…

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