StealthD Review: [Really a “SNEAKY” Way to Earn Online?]

Welcome to my honest and unbiased review of StealthD!

Which was part of a special ‘Xmas Super Bundle’ I bought containing products like Vid Chomper, Octane, and The Secret Weapon, to name a few.

Apparently, StealthD is a “sneaky” way of reaching email inboxes without actually needing an email list.

But can you really fly under the radar and make money with this thing or are you gonna crash and burn; that’s the million-dollar question?

To find out the answer to your question and also HOW the product works, jump right into this review…

At a Quick Glance

Name: StealthD (SD).

Owners: Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong.


Cost: $12.95 (at the time of writing) + $97 & $197 for upgrades + other expenses.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Cheap starting cost
  • Easy step-by-step video tutorials
  • Help & support available
  • You can potentially make money
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty
  • Special bonuses chucked in


  • One or two video tutorials lack depth
  • A sizable ad budget is required
  • Teaches a risky strategy for newbies
  • Comes with numerous hidden upsells


Unfortunately, there’s more to making money with StealthD than you’re led to believe.

While there is some potential to earn from following Brendan and Jonno’s Google Adwords and Gmail methods…

Paid ads are a risky way to go about affiliate marketing, especially if you’re a complete novice on a shoestring budget.

Furthermore, you only get about an hour’s worth of training, which means you’ll have to invest in some upsells for real success with SD.

In my opinion, this is more of a product targeted towards seasoned marketers who have the cash to splash.

Final Verdict: Legit. But not ideal for everyone.

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What is StealthD All About, You Say?

According to Brendan and Jono, StealthD allows you to transform emails into a passive income without a list, autoresponder, and monthly fees.

Nor does it require you to plough money into solo ads.

And apparently, it’s a newbie-friendly method that practically anyone and their grandma can implement for fast and easy results.

I dunno about you, but SD seems hyped-up just like Traffic Ivy, Commission Shortcut, Rory Ricord, and Traffic Multiplier, to name a few recently reviewed products.

So if no email marketing, list building, and solo ads are involved, then how the heck does SD make you profitable as an affiliate marketer, huh?

Unfortunately, you don’t actually know because the sales page keeps it hush-hush until you hand over your cash for the WarriorPlus product.

It’s nothing more than a “curiosity” marketing tactic, at the end of the day.

But luckily for you, I’m about to walk you through the ins and outs of SD. 😉


How Does StealthD Actually Work For a Buck?

Once you get behind the scenes of SD, you’ll find 6 tutorial videos on various internet marketing topics.

But what I liked right off the bat is how the training modules relate to actual fighter pilot terminology.

Tower, This is Ghost Rider Requesting a Flyby – Maverick, Top Gun.

Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist lol.

A quick glance at the SD dashboard area.
StealthD Video Training Dashboard
In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to use Adwords for plonking your affiliate offers in front of your targeted audience inside their Gmail email accounts…


So What Does The Training Entail, Huh?

  • Intro & Co-Ordinates (3.05 minutes) – Jono discusses the importance of an email list, but says you’ll be reaching peoples inboxes without using squeeze pages to build your own list.
  • The Required Ammunition (5.27 mins) – This video briefly covers Google Adwords, Canva & WarriorPlus as the tools you’ll need for the job.
  • Finding A Target To Exterminate (12.06 mins) – Jono offers guidance on locating the right affiliate offers(s) to promote & getting vendors’ approval.
  • How To Fly Your Stealth Bomber (33.13 mins) – Jono discusses setting up your first Adwords campaign. You’ll be creating a Gmail ad show that your target audience sees when they open up their Gmail accounts.
  • The Conversion Boost Maneuver (17.11 mins) – This is all about creating bonus pages to send your Gmail ad traffic to in order to potentially boost your sales.
  • Mission Debrief (2.03 mins) – Just a short video bringing the training to a close & enticing you with some upsells.

While the training certainly puts a unique spin on marketing your affiliate offers, and Armstrong also offers good over-the-shoulder guidance…

I can’t see how over an hour’s worth of video tutorials are gonna teach you all there is to know about being massively successful using this method.

Yeah, sure the potential’s there to make money.

But there are some monetary risks when it comes to setting up ad campaigns through Adwords because certain variables come into play.

Trust me, I lost $100s on Google Adwords when I first started out with paid advertising because I never had the right guidance.

Unfortunately, you’re gonna find the REAL value inside the SD upsells – forcing you to spend more cash.

Which, is one thing I hate with these dirt cheap products sold through WarriorPlus. UGH.


How Much Does StealthD Cost, Exactly?

The front end price is only $12.95 (at the time of writing this review).

Followed by the following upsells:

  • ‘SD Advanced Secrets’ from 2 super affiliates = $97
  • ‘Unlimited Traffic’ = $197

In addition, inside ‘The Conversion Boost Maneuver’ section, you’ll be enticed by a couple of other products to purchase from the guys:

  • ‘Commission Gorilla’ to 5X your affiliate earnings = $99 every 12 months
  • Profit Maximizers‘ (5 – 80+ bonuses to offer your customers) = $14.95 – $16.95

But that’s not all you’re forking out for because Google ads can easily cost you $100s – especially with no guaranteed results either.

So really, they come with the same amount of risks as solo ads, in my opinion.

The only difference is that you’re in control of the eyeballs seeing your offers with Adwords.

In my opinion, you’ll need to buy every upgrade that’s on offer to increase your money-making potential with SD.


Final Conclusion: Is StealthD a Legit Product Worth Buying?

Despite StealthD being hyped-up from the get-go, it is actually a legitimate product providing some value.

I really like the fact that Jono shows you an entirely different process of targeting your audience through their Gmail accounts.

And I also love that the guy gives you an over-the-shoulder walkthrough of each process – even if a couple of tutorials are fairly brief.

It certainly makes a refreshing change from using solo and Facebook ads, I tell ya!

But with that said, SD still teaches you a risky way of driving traffic to your affiliate offers because results are never guaranteed.

Which, really isn’t the best approach to starting out with affiliate marketing as a newbie, in my book.

But if you’re already a skillful marketer with a sizable budget, then SD could be right up your street.

So yeah, I’d say it’s worth buying for the right individual.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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