Smart Profit App Review: [Why It’s A Dumb Ass Move!]

Don’t tell me, you’ve landed on this review because the Smart Profit App has just popped up on your radar and seems fishy, right?

Well, then you’ve made the smart choice to conduct your research before handing over a bunch of hard-earned dollars.

Because whoever invests in this so-called “$1,500 a day” money-maker has to be dumber than a box of frogs! *Kidding* 😛

Joking aside, dive into this honest review to discover WHY this product isn’t such a smart move and HOW it truly works behind the scenes…

At a Quick Glance

Smart Profit App Review
Name: Smart Profit App (SPA).

Owner: Robert Fisher (so he claims).


Cost: $37 + $100s in Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • Training videos & a PDF
  • ClickBetter offers a 60-day refund policy


  • Hype-up & far-fetched sales pitch
  • The creator uses an alias
  • Inadequate & outdated training
  • Comes with upsells
  • It’s sold via the ClickBetter marketplace


Unfortunately, the Smart Profit App is no “app” at all.

Nor is it some “magical system” that lives up to all the bold money-making claims spewed out by the sales video presenter.

Because let’s face it, the notion of “get-rich-quick” was cooked up in some fantasy land to exploit newbies like YOU.

The only thing you get behind the scenes of SPA is some vague and outdated video/PDF training on making money with Amazon’s affiliate program.

Stuff, that barely scratches the surface, in my opinion.

So you’ll have more luck seeing the day the pope gets high than raking in megabucks with SPA.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before scrolling further, see my #1 pick for making sustainable money via affiliate marketing that ACTUALLY works for beginners like YOU.


What’s The Smart Profit App All About, You Ask?

I’ve reviewed all sorts of hyped-up products making bold claims recently: My Mobile Money Pages, Affiliate Profits Club, and Affiliate Advisor Group, to name a few.

And unfortunately, the Smart Profit App is just another pea from the same pod.

Because the presell video spokesman comes out with all the usual hype, like how SPA:

  • “Is an amazing new trick that’s highly confidential & insanely profitable”…
  • “Is an easy-as-pie system that allows you to earn up to $1,595 per day online – starting TODAY”…
  • “Enables you to get started in under 30 minutes & 17 clicks”…

Basically, the guy leads you down the garden path – making it sound so ridiculously quick and easy to rake in affiliate commissions.

By copying some simple step-by-step system to promote Amazon products.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE affiliate marketing!

Because it truly is an awesome way of generating a passive income online.

And even the Amazon Associates program is totally legit.

Aven if Jeff Bezos has slashed affiliate commission rates during the coronavirus outbreak.


BUT… SPA is just a load of “pipe dream” drivel.

Because I know with absolute certainty that turning a buck on the web is no stroll in the park.

It takes talent, effort, time, and patience among other factors to start and grow a lucrative affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.

Trust me, even if you hook up to DFY systems like 12 Minute Affiliate, Commission Hero, Super Affiliate System, and 1K A Day Fast Track

Making $1,500 per day as a total newbie is gonna take you a substantial amount of time.

But before we have a nosey under the bonnet of SPA, here are more reasons why you shouldn’t trust Fisher as far as you can chuck him…


Red Flag #1: “Robert Fisher” – Who is This Clown?

The video narrator introduces himself as Robert Fisher – the dude who created SPA.
My Name is Robert Fisher
But the funny part is that there’s no photographic or social media evidence of his human existence.

Even when you conduct a quick Google search for him, it’s Mission Impossible – like he’s some kinda secret operative.

And that’s because he’s nothing but a stage act – made up so the actual creator can scam newbies to death under the radar.

You can also bet a dollar to a dime that the video narrator’s just a voiceover hired on

Because scammers always try every trick under the sun to cover their own asses at all costs.


Red Flag #2: Zero Proof of The Ins & Outs

And the star prize for Billy Bullsh*tter of the year goes to…

YUP, you got it… Robert Fisher!

This guy talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk when it comes to SPA, I’m afraid.

Because he fails to show you HOW SPA rakes you in $1,500+ per day as easy as warm cherry pie.

The first reason for this is so he can exploit your “curious nature” to get you excited as a little girl – so you’re tempted to buy the product.

And secondly, how on earth can he show proof of a “get-rich-quick” system that’s actually non-existent from the offset, huh?


Red Flag #3: Just $37 For Lifetime Membership (LOL)

Fisher bitch, please!!

Tell me, if SPA really is such a “life-changing” system that lives up to all the promises on the tin, then why is it being sold for a measly $37?

Surely Fisher would ask that you pay $100s – even $1,000s for his product, right?

The extremely low 37-dollar price point is nothing but fishing hook bait, so you end up purchasing his crap plus any upsells.

This is the whole intention of SPA all along – to line HIS deep pockets with cash instead of yours. UGH.

For more helpful guidance on avoiding pitfalls like SPA, see John Crestani’s Work At Home Secrets & Scams workbook.

Because he shares all the dirty sales page tricks in the book to watch out for.


How The Smart Profit App “Really” Works…

Judging from the hyped-up sales pitch and the danger signs detected by my Spiderman-like senses…

It’s safe to say that the concept of SPA is a myth.

Instead, what you really lay your hands on after your $37 payment is a members’ area containing some very disappointing training.
Smart Profit App Training Dashboard
Because there are some really short training videos and a generic 48-page ebook on various Amazon money-making topics.

Unfortunately, the guidance you receive barely scratches the surface of earning an income through the Amazon Associates program.

Furthermore, the training’s dated – which means you’re not gonna learn about current affiliate marketing strategies.

So overall, I think you’ll be lucky to get an online Biz started with this product, let alone make over a thousand bucks per day in commissions.


Final Conclusion: Is The Smart Profit App a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownSome folks will disagree with my decision, but YES, the Smart Profit App is a total scam to keep at arm’s length.

Trust me, I’ve experienced this type of crap since 1999, so I know hat I’m talking about LOL.

Not only are you led astray by the SPA sales video presenter for HIS own benefit…

But the product itself is just a pile of useless junk that’s only fit for the scrap heap.

Because it’s just vague and outdated training that you can find for “FREE” on YouTube and Google when you wear your research hat.

So based on those facts, don’t flush your cash down the toilet with the so-called product.


Is There a Better Money-Making Option That Works?…

Hell yeah, I thought you’d never ask!

The truth be told, making money from affiliate marketing really isn’t as easy and simple as dirtbag scammers lead you to believe.

Because it takes the right resources, real commitment, time (in terms of MONTHS), and patience for big success to materialise.

This is why building an online Biz isn’t for every newbie out there. It’s just not.

BUT if you’re determined to work your socks off and want tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a gigantic community…

The whole shebang for creating a lucrative Biz as an affiliate marketer from the ground up – then start with Wealthy Affiliate for $0!

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Have you any questions or thoughts to get off your chest regarding SPA? Please hop on the conversation below…


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