SiteGround (75% Off Black Friday Deals NOT to Miss!)

Looking for a 2022 Black Friday cyber sale like no other? Then welcome to this year’s SiteGround Exclusive Black Friday deals!

Rather than blow your hard-earned spondoolies on the usual tech-gadget stuff *YAWN* for yourself this holiday season…

Why not save a big handful of bucks on super-duper web hosting that can actually earn you a life-changing income with your own affiliate blog/website in 2023?

So, without further ado – let’s discover what magnificent money-saving treats, SiteGround has in store for you…

What Is SiteGround All About?

Put simply, SiteGround is one of the most popular web hosting companies on the cyber planet – it’s definitely one of the top dogs.

This comes from a place of experience – I have another site which I host and built via SiteGround back in April 2022.

Check out my ‘site tools’ dashboard snapshot for further proof:

siteground dashboard

Heck, I even bought my domain ( with the guys – I have the whole WordPress blog kit and kaboodle.

(Shhh! Don’t tell Wealthy Affiliate *GASP* – in fact, see Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Special if you’re an affiliate noob).

What can I say, I’m lazy!

Or maybe I just wanted to make good use of SiteGround’s services myself (since I heard some great things) 😉

So far, so good.

While the blog’s still a spring chicken, I’ve had no complaints with downtime, site speeds or even the support team – “Impressed” is the word.

In fact (as a newbie), it’s so quick and easy to build a blog with SiteGround – it comes highly recommended.


SiteGround was born in 2004, has 500 employees, operates multiple worldwide data centres, and is currently serving millions of customers (myself included).

There probably are cheaper options out there – but you can still receive some of the best quality hosting for websites and WordPress niche blogs.

5 Reasons Why You Need SiteGround in Your Life

While there are plenty of alternatives in the web hosting space, I think I’ll be sticking with SiteGround for a VERY long time.

If it’s your first rodeo (or just looking to switch hosts) with blogging, websites, or web hosting in general…

Then here’s a bunch of epic reasons why SiteGround is definitely not to be sniffed at:

#1: Benefits a Wide Range of Users

Whether you’re a total beginner or seasoned web geek.

And you’re an affiliate marketer, blogger in the making, social media influencer, small-based business owner, E-commerce store fan or an entrepreneur in general…

You’ll gain access to all the necessary tools and services to throw some sort of website together for turning a profit online.

#2: Super-Fast Loading Website

With everything thrown into the mix in terms of premium Google cloud, ultra-quick server setup, top WordPress speeds, and latest tech…

You’ll build a super smooth high-performance website that will KEEP customers browsing without hiccups – boosting sales and preventing ones being lost to your competitors.

Furthermore, from a WordPress blog perspective, a fast-loading niche site is also favoured by Google = better search engine rankings.

Speaking of speed and Google rankings, I recommend you check out the GeneratePress Black Friday sale too.

GeneratePress is a Premium light-weight WordPress theme that goes hand-in-hand with SiteGround to really crank up your blog’s performance 😉

#3: Extremely Quick Support

Man, I thought Wealthy Affiliate’s site support team were fast – but SiteGround’s is even quicker!

Can you say Speedy Gonzales?

Literally within just seconds, I connected to a skilled member of the support squad on live chat, and my question was answered in under a couple of minutes.

This level of professional support is truly epic, to say the least.

Because it gives you total piece of mind – quickly resolved issues help to keep your Biz well-oiled and ticking along just nicely.

#4: Your Site is as Safe as Houses

There’s absolutely nothing worse than hackers – they can potentially destroy your online business.

What’s worse is they can even lock you out of your own website – it happened to me in the past. Ugh.

So, what’s cool about SiteGround is that they monitor and protect your site or blog from multiple angles.

You can better-enjoy your days and sleep more soundly in bed at night, knowing that your site is in the safest hands possible.

#5: All-In-One WordPress Solution

If you’re more of a blog lover (like myself), then similar to the SiteRubix website builder – SiteGround has a builder of its own.

Which I was pretty impressed by – you can literally have a WordPress blog up and running in a few minutes as easy as cherry pie.

In fact, if you buy your domain via SiteGround too, they’ll automatically hook it up to your site.

Which saves you time and hassle of figuring it all out yourself if you were to buy a domain separately at GoDaddy for example.

So, it just goes to show you don’t need to be tech-savvy to build a website in this day and age – when tools connect the puzzle pieces for you.

Pretty cool, huh?

SiteGround Black Friday Hosting Plans

Over the course of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend – SiteGround has slashed its web hosting prices by a WHOPPING 75%!

Which means you can purchase a hosting plan for as cheap as British chips.

In fact, with a “recession” looming (ugh), THIS Black Friday is the perfect time to start a website at a fraction of the normal price, right?

But enough rabbiting (LOL)…

SiteGround offers the following discounted plans:

  • StartUp$2.99/month (reduced from $11.99/month)
  • GrowBig$4.99/month (reduced from $19.99/month)
  • GoGeek$7.49/month (reduced from $29.99/month)

The great thing is you also have the option of paying for your chosen plan monthly, yearly or every 2 years.

So, there’s something for all budget levels.

Final Thoughts on SiteGround’s Black Friday Sale

Don’t get me wrong, you certainly get plenty of bang for your buck with SiteGround’s services at the best of times…

But I SOOO wish I had held off until Black Friday (ha ha) to get the GrowBig or GoGeek plan (I do LOVE building blogs after all).

But this is about YOU…

Whatever kind of site you intend to build, I can’t recommend SiteGround enough for its powerful web hosting and site building capabilities.

Especially if you’re a total beginner when it comes to this type of stuff.

Yeah sure, the web host has its downsides like pretty much every other hosting service on the planet…

But as long as it gets the job done – allowing you to start and scale a profitable Biz for pennies on the dollar…

Then you’re on to a real winner.

Your buddy, Neil.

If you have any thoughts to share on SG and/or its special offers, please drop your comments below…

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