Secret Millionaire Bot Review: [NO Robotics For $!]

Welcome to my truthful review of the Secret Millionaire Bot!

The guy behind this product boldly claims his bot will easily make you $100s every single day without fail and allow you to join an “elite millionaire society”.

Pfft… What a crock of sh*t.

Don’t believe the Decepticon (yes, I’m referring to the villainous Transformers) for one second.

Because I’ve had a look behind the scenes and it’s fugly.

Charles Allen simply fails to deliver on his promises.

Wanna know why?

Dive into THIS review for some honest answers from someone who’s unaffiliated with this so-called product…

At a Quick Glance:

Secret Millionaire Bot Scam Review

Name: Secret Millionaire Bot (SMB).

Owner: Charles Allen, supposedly.


Cost: $47, but also $37 & $7 (when you hit the back button) + $100s.

My Score: 1/10.


  • Get a refund from the ClickBank marketplace within 60 days
  • A great example of the type of online crap to steer clear of


  • Hyped-up sales page pulling the wool over your eyes
  • Scripted video testimonials from Fiverr members
  • Charles Allen is a stage act
  • Fake scarcity & unethical use of popular logos
  • Training is inadequate for success
  • Creator entices you to spend more $ via his/her affiliate offers


Any product leading you astray with the notion of “get-rich-quick” and also providing insufficient value, is a scam in my book.

Unfortunately, Secret Millionaire Bot IS THAT product.

Because the shoddy Instagram training you receive for your spondoolies doesn’t reflect the hype on the surface.

Nor does the so-called money-making website you get either.

Because there’s no real training for making it successful – it’s just generic PLR-type of stuff that only covers some basics.

There’s only one person raking in the dough from SMB…

YUP, you got it…

The shady creator.

At the end of the day, generating a full-time income as an affiliate marketer requires MUCH more than some easy-as-pie “push-button” software.

Real Super Affiliate success requires hard work, time, and patience. There really is no substitute.

And this “Charles” absolutely KNOWS it!

But narcissistic guys like him will never ever reveal the truth, for obvious reasons.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But first things first.

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What is Secret Millionaire Bot About, You Ask?

The English video spokesman (Charles Allen) basically wants you to believe all sorts of crap about SMB.

Stuff like, you’ve just been accepted into a “special elite club of underground millionaires”.

Millionaires, who, are raking in $1 million each year with SMB...

And how you’ll gain access to the exact same hidden key/automated push-button robot that allows you to live the life of your dreams.

But what’s especially hilarious about the hyped-up pitch is that Charles claims his bot is unlike all the “get-rich-quick” bullsh*t making crazy promises.

Well, blow me down with a feather!

That’s EXACTLY the type of baloney that Charles, himself, is peddling LOL.

So consider his statement as a huge red flag.

Because he’s simply trying to gain your trust in order to fill his own pockets.

In fact, take his whole video sales pitch (including sales page) with a pinch of salt.

Because here are 6 more solid reasons why:

#1: The Filthy Scarcity Tactic…

Scarcity works so well at converting visitors into customers in the land of internet marketing, that fraudsters themselves want their slice of the pie.

Fake Limited Remaining Copies Scarcity

The SMB sales page warns you that there are just a few copies left, so you need to get your ass in gear, pronto!

But it’s absolute nonsense.

Because if you load up this time next week, the same “few copies remaining” warning will still be there.

I guarantee it.

But the scamming doesn’t stop there.

Because Charles desperately wants you to believe that 1,294 peeps are already waiting in line to access SMB.

Ya, right!

First of all, it’s to give you the impression that the product is hugely popular.

And secondly, the queue number never actually changes – which makes the counter BS.

#2: The Exploitation of Famous Logos…

In my opinion, this has to be the dirtiest tactic of all.

The sales page displays some top brand logos that you’ve most likely heard of before, like Forbes, CNN, and Huff Post, etc.

Forbes CNN and Huff Post Brand Logos

The reasoning behind those logos on display is that Charles knows the big brand names have featured the whole “work from home” thing before.

So Charles uses it to his advantage – making you believe SMB is endorsed by top brands.

But in truth, they would avoid Charles and his “pipe dream” product like a plagued village.

#3: Reviews Are as Fake as Astro Turf…

Apparently, “Donald Trimps”, “Paula Yates”, “Natasha Beddingfield”, and “Nigel Reo-Cooker” couldn’t be happier with SMB.

Secret Millionaire Bot Reviews From Four Fake Members

It’s the answer to all their prayers, blahdy blah.

But you can bet a dollar to a dime that the member reviews are faker than plastic grass, especially since their photos can be stolen or bought online.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed.

But three of the names resemble ones belonging to a certain US president, an English TV presenter, and also a singer/song writer LOL.

Additionally, even the “live social proof” is highly amusing.

Fake Member Facebook Status

Apparently, there are Tweets and Facebook status updates from successful SMB members’.

But the profiles and posts are highly likely to be fabricated, considering the fact that, again, images are either bought from stock photo sites or pinched.

So if you search for these folks on Facebook, they may not even appear in the search results.

And secondly, there’s not the slightest bit of engagement from their pals, in terms of likes and comments, etc.

Do you not find that a bit odd?


#4: $1 Million Profits, My Ass!…

According to Charles, some of his members’ are raking in an absolute fortune every single day.

Fake One Million Dollar Bank Account Proof

In fact, one member, in particular, has banked a staggering $1.3 million since using SMB!

But any idiot can learn how to forge income screenshots online these days.

Furthermore, Charles fails to show actual proof of HOW his “push-button” software generated a million bucks for his so-called member.


#5: Lame Member Video Testimonials…

I guess no hyped-up sales pitch would be complete without folks claiming they’ve made a boatload of cash online as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Secret Millionaire Bot Fake Male Member Video Testimonial

Take this fella, for example – who claims he’s already made $350,000 within his first few months!

But wanna know the shocking truth, huh?

Every single video is scripted.

Meaning, the scam artist behind SMB “pays” actors and actresses from to basically lie through their teeth.

Want 100% ironclad proof?

Meet the same guy again offering his “spokesperson” services.

Grey Haired Man Selling Spokesperson Services on Fiverr

But what’s also interesting is the fact that nobody actually refers to SMB.

They call it “this software”, “this bot”, and “this secret system”, etc.

And there’s a VERY good reason for that.

So the SMB creator can use the same testimonials throughout his entire network of trashy far-fetched products.


#6: The Secret Millionaire Bot Creator Hides Like a Hermit Crab…

One of the things I’ve discovered with all hyped-up products, especially ones sold through ClickBank and ClickBetter – is that “pen names” are used.

Some shady product creators even confess to this at the bottom of sales pages LOL.

Their confessions are desperate trust-building tactics, in my book.

In this instance, the SMB creator and video narrator goes by the name of “Charles Allen”.

The reason for this alias approach is so the real product publisher can keep his (or her) reputation intact.

Meaning, he or she can continue stringing newbies along and banking $10,000s (if not $100,000s) from the unsuspecting over many years.


PSST! If you want more help and guidance on dodging pipe dream crap like SMB…

Then see the Work At Home Secrets & Scams workbook by Super Affiliate John Crestani.

How Secret Millionaire Bot “Actually” Works…

It may come as no surprise to you, but SMB simply does NOT work in the way that Charles leads you to believe.

After your massive $7 investment (a hint of sarcasm there), you’ll land in a membership area giving you a few steps to follow.

Step #1: Join a “VIP Members” Workshop

It’s basically a free webinar from John Crestani (creator of Super Affiliate System and Internet Jetset) that funnels you into one of his paid programs.

The intention is to make Charles more money via his “affiliate link” when you invest in one of Crestani’s programs…

Internet Jetset costs roughly $40/month and Super Affiliate System costs almost $1,000.

So the more newbies Charles pushes into those programs, the more high ticket affiliate commissions he racks up for himself as a result.

But at least Crestani’s programs are legitimate.

So I guess we must give the SMB creator at least some credit, right? LOL.

Step #2: Activate Your Free “VIP Member” Website

The truth about the site is that it’s far from free.

Because you’ll need to fork out for web hosting and possibly a domain name as well.

Again, you’ll be spending cash through the creator’s “affiliate link” – lining his deep pockets even more.

Recommended: Build a Free Money-Making Website (WITH Hosting Included) Here!

But even simply activating your free SMB website won’t make you a single cent.

Unless, you already know how to optimize it for SEO, do keyword research, and write high-quality blog content (which you can learn about inside the fab FIMP course).

So there’s a lot that goes into building a successful blog site, that obviously, Charles purposely fails to mention.

Step #3: Plug Into The Video Training

Well, that’s if you can call it training.

The videos are just a bunch of generic (not to mention short) tutorials on making money through affiliate marketing on Instagram.

secret millionaire bot training dashboard

More specifically, there are 9 outdated YouTube videos (roughly 2-10 minutes apiece) that cover the following topics:

  1. What is Instagram?
  2. How to sell on Instagram
  3. Building your Insta brand
  4. Creating an Insta business account
  5. 5 ways to make money on Insta
  6. Becoming a dropshipper on Insta
  7. How to use the Secret Millionaire Bot with Insta
  8. Growing your following
  9. How to do sponsored posts

Trust me, you’ll learn nothing ground-breaking for success here.

Because the training is just basic “start up” stuff that’s available for free on YouTube anyway.

Unfortunately, that’s the thing with dirt-cheap products like SMB – you receive the p*ss poor value you pay for.

But also, the cheap price is to also lure you into the product and buy into the creator’s affiliate offers.

So either way, I guess it’s a win-win for Charles, right?

How Much Does The Secret Millionaire Bot Cost?

The front end price is $47.

But what product creator in his or her right mind would give you access to some fast life-changing system for peanuts?

The reason why the product’s so cheap is so Charles can hit you hard with his upsells – squeezing you like a lemon.

Which, I said previously.

As you’ll see from the following upsell costs:

  • Millionaire Bot Pro – $147
  • Auto Profit Replicator – $147
  • Done-For-You Traffic – $497

However, all these extra offers are ‘one-click’ ones.

This means that as soon as you click on them, your bank card will be immediately hit with the charges.

So imagine if you clicked on all 3 upsells…

You’ll be forking out literally $100s!

Plus, when it comes to actually accessing the free VIP member website you supposedly get…

It’s not free at all – you’ll need to invest almost $300 per year for a domain and web hosting with CoolHandle.

So when you add up the costs of the upsells AND when buy services via the creator’s affiliate links…

He or she stands to make an absolute fortune off of you!

Final Conclusion: Is Secret Millionaire Bot a Scam?…

Yes it is, in my opinion.

And I don’t give a rats ass if anyone argues against my verdict.

Firstly, the Secret Millionaire Bot sales page is hyped-up to the max.

Because it reels off nothing but lies and deploys various deceptive tactics to make you buy the so-called dream system.

And secondly, the actual product you lay your hands on fails to deliver the goods anyway.

Because there’s very little value for success.

The real meat on the bone just seems to be third party tool and resource recommendations from Charles...

Like the CoolHandle hosting and Crestani’s system.

So at the end of the day, the only intention of Charles is to make money from YOU…

When you splash out on SMB and other products through his affiliate links.

It seems to me that the only good thing about SMB (in my book) is that it’s a ClickBank product – you can get your 7 bucks back.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions to ask or thoughts to share on SMB? Please get them off your chest below…


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