Secret Affiliate Website Review: [What’s it Really Hiding?]

Inside this review of the Secret Affiliate Website, I’m about to expose what’s really being hidden from you behind the scenes.

Apparently, the product creator is about to share a “special secret” with you that’s banking him $937 PER DAY with his system.

And he wants you (a noob) to believe that you’ll also get the same website to make YOU money around the clock just like HIM.

But I’m sorry to say, his system leaves a sour taste in your mouth – and you’re about to find out just why…

At a Quick Glance

Secret Affiliate Website Review
Name: Secret Affiliate Website (SAW).

Owner: Some mysterious guy (or gal).


Cost: $17 + Upsells.

My Score: 3/10.


  • Cheap front-end cost
  • Comes with a PDF
  • ClickBank has a refund policy
  • Money-making potential


  • Hyped-up sales page
  • The creator’s unknown
  • No websites of your own provided
  • The training’s on the thin side
  • Comes with upsells


The Secret Affiliate Website leads you to believe that you’re gonna get your hands on some “magical website” making you 900 bucks daily.

But it couldn’t be further from the truth, I’m afraid.

Because all you get is a 17-page PDF on setting up and monetizing an Ubub page with affiliate products and driving paid traffic to it.

While there is SOME potential to turn a buck from implementing the training PDF…

There are numerous moving parts that come into the equation when it comes to making $100s daily as an affiliate marketer.

So a short PDF with a bunch of text and screenshots just isn’t gonna cut the mustard, at the end of the day.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s The Secret Affiliate Website All About, You Say?

During the Secret Affiliate Website video presentation, the creator rambles on about a “secret” that makes him $900+ on a daily basis.

He says he’s about to pull back the curtain and share his secret website method with you.

So you can have the same level of commissions pouring into your own bank account each day 24/7.

He claims his simple websites are unlike anything you’ve seen before and all you have to do is share a few links to tap into a $1.3 billion goldmine.

Blah, blah, blah.

Basically, the whole concept revolves around affiliate marketing.

Which, BTW, is an awesome way of earning an income from promoting others’ products.

This is something that’s also discussed in the sales pitch – so there is some truth to SAW.

But with that said, the sales video spokesman overhypes the process…

Leading you to believe that his “magical software” is about to quickly make your dreams come true without breaking into a sweat.

But in reality, the idea of “get-rich-quick” is a mythical fairy-tale story.

It just doesn’t exist. Period.

Because it takes a high level of commitment, time, and patience to reap the fruits of affiliate marketing in terms of a life-changing income.

Whether you choose to build a WordPress website for going down the blogging route to create a brand for yourself.

Or roll with ‘Done-For-You’ systems like 12 Minute Affiliate, Commission Hero, 1K A Day Fast Track & Super Affiliate System, to name a few.

The same principles apply, whatever the internet marketing strategy.

So take it from me, SAW looks good on paper.

But whoever put the sales pitch together makes the process seem far “too good to be true”.


How The Secret Affiliate Website Works Below The Surface…

Apparently, SAW is a simple 3-step method that anyone and their gran can do:

  1. Setup Your Secret Websites
  2. Plug Into The Secret Traffic Source
  3. And BINGO: Start to Collect Your Commissions!

But that’s not the full picture.

Because there’s so MUCH more to this affiliate marketing/making money online “thing” than meets the eye.

Once you gain access to SAW, all you really receive for your 17 bucks is a 17-page PDF that covers the following main topics:

  • Requirement #1: Ubub Account
  • Requirement #2: Bing PPC Account
  • 3rd Requirement: ClickBank Account
  • Step 1: Choose a Niche & Find 5 – 10 Affiliate Programs
  • Step 2: Add Websites & Affiliate Programs to Your Ubub Page
  • #3: Launch Your Bing Ads With Buyer Keywords
  • #4: Bonus Software Tools – ClickBank & JVZoo
  • #5: Rinse & Repeat

In a nutshell, you get some guidance (with screenshots) on how to set up a free Ubub page
Secret Affiliate Website PDF Training
Fill your page with a bunch of money-making affiliate offers, and use Bing Ads to drive traffic to it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good steps on the basics of affiliate marketing and getting an online Biz set up.

But the problem is that chucking money into Bing ads is all trial and error because it’s not just about bidding on the keywords.

But you also need to fiddle about with ad headings and body text to make your campaigns relevant to what you’re promoting.

And then there’s the question of the quality of your affiliate offers from the offset.

If your offers are complete “get-rich-quick” junk, then don’t expect your commissions to rack up.

So there are factors that come into play when it comes to your results.

Trust me, you can easily throw $100s at Bing as a beginner before seeing any potential return.

Furthermore, I wouldn’t exactly call an Ubub page as having “your own website” because the page doesn’t actually belong to you.

If you want a real free money-making site that belongs to YOU, then build one with SiteRubix. Simples.


Final Conclusion: Is Secret Affiliate Website a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownTo be quite honest with you, I’m having a hard time making my mind up about the Secret Affiliate Website.

Because first of all, not only does the sales pitch contain bags of hype and the owner/video spokesman remains anonymous.

(This is always a red flag because it clearly displays that he or she has something to hide).

Secondly, you don’t get your own “magical website” at all.

Because you’ll just be creating some free Ubub page for showcasing your chosen affiliate offers.

And thirdly, the product’s just some very short PDF that doesn’t reflect the sales pitch hype.

But having said that, there’s some value to be squeezed from the PDF – giving you the potential to make some money from the web.

So based on all of those facts, I think it’s only fair of me to class SAW as a borderline scam.

But it’s still a product that I wouldn’t recommend, which is the reason for the big thumb’s down.


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Got any thoughts or questions to share on SAW? We’d LOVE to hear your feedback below…


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