Second Income Center Review: [You’ll be Scammed in a Second!]

Welcome to my unbiased review of the Second Income Center!

Apparently, anyone can make $500 – $1,500 per day online (starting in the next 5 minutes) with this product.

But before parting with your hard-earned spondoolies, dig into THIS honest review to discover why you should have second thoughts…

At a Quick Glance

Second Income Center Scam Review
Name: Second Income Center (SIC).

Owner: Unknown.


Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • None that come to mind


  • Squeeze page is hyped up
  • Owner is unknown
  • False advertisement of popular logos
  • Exit popup displays a fake member testimonial
  • Cheat sheet is a list of suspicious home-working jobs
  • It funnels you into a random ‘get-rich-quick’ product
  • Your email address is sold to third parties
  • No money-back guarantee in place
  • Don’t expect to make any money


Sadly, everything about Second Income Center absolutely reeks of that 4 letter word “SCAM”.

It promises you the world on a plate – only to give you a shady list of home jobs and also recommends some money-making product that’s a no-go area.

Furthermore, the SIC (or should that be SICK? LOL) squeeze page uses deceptive tactics, its owner hides like a coward, and your inbox is likely to be flooded with crap.

So does this really sound like an opportunity that appeals to you?


The only person raking in the cash is the one behind SIC because that’s how these far-fetched products operate, at the end of the day.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Second Income Center All About?

When you arrive at SIC, you’re greeted by a hyped-up squeeze page requesting your credentials to gain instant access to a “new video and cheat sheet”.

Where, you’ll learn “how to make REAL money from home with a simple program, and within 5 minutes”. 

In fact, you can make a staggering $500 – $1,500 on a daily basis… allegedly.

But I’d advise against entering your name and email address into the fields for 4 VERY good reasons.


#1: What Cheat Sheet?!

The cheat sheet is actually a page full of links and sponsored ads for work from home opportunities.

But unfortunately, most opportunities seem far too good to be true, like this one offering a whopping $800 for completing big brand surveys.
Make Eight Hundred Dollars From Big Brand Surveys With Second Income Center
I don’t know about you, but I’ve never ever come across survey sites that pay $100s because the majority only pay out up to a few dollars a pop.

The whole idea of the so-called cheat sheet is so the person behind SIC collects “commissions” for referring you to third party opportunities via his or her “affiliate links”.


#2: Video Makes False Promises

Interestingly, you’re directed to a site called ‘’.

Which, highly suggests SIC is really some sort of funnel rather than a stand-alone product.

It’s totally misleading, wouldn’t you agree?

But anyway, as for the video, it claims to be some “breakthrough system” paying you $500 just for watching the presentation.
Five Hundred Dollars Offered For Watching a Video Presentation
Funny that, because I’ve come across other sales pages making similar “free money” claims before, like Quick Home Websites, for example.

And guess what?

The scammers never pay up because their only intentions are to get their grubby mitts on YOUR hard-earned cash instead.


#3: Your Email Address is Rented Out

According to SIC’s privacy policy page, you’ll also receive promotions and newsletters from SIC’s affiliated entities as well as third parties.

Which, no doubt means your inbox will be bombarded by other far-fetched money-making opportunities and scammy products failing to deliver real results.

But unfortunately, the reasons why you should avoid SIC like the plague don’t end there.

Here are more red flags to take into consideration.


#4: The Site’s Not Secure! *Gasp*

Unfortunately, there’s no SSL Certificate tied to the site’s domain, which means that Google deems the site as insecure.

Or in other words, websites that do not start with the ‘https‘ protocol are dangerous because it means that hackers can potentially steal your credentials in terms of email, phone number, and credit card info.

So submitting your info into the SIC page comes with some real risks on your end.

UPDATE: It seems the URL has now been made secure.

But I still don’t trust SIC as far as I can throw its owner because here are more major red flags thrown up…


The Exploitation of Big Brands…

At the very bottom of the ‘’ page, it advertises popular brand names like USA TODAY, Inc., and TIME, etc.
Work From Home Opportunities Featured on Usa Today and Other Brands
The only reason for those names displayed in public is so the SIC creator can earn your trust.

And unfortunately, they get away with displaying the logos because they state “Work From Home Opportunities Have Been Featured on:”


A Fabricated Success Story…

Also, on the main SIC page – when you attempt to exit the site, a last desperate attempt window pops up for your details.

Which, claims a mom named “Melissa Johnson” makes $12,500 from home, and you just need to enter your email to learn how she does it.
Second Income Center Member Melissa Johnson Makes Twelve Hundred Dollars From Home
Except, it’s a load of bullsh*t because she’s a non-existent SIC member – as you’ll see from the “stock photo” from BigStock below.

Blonde haired Woman Leaning on Sofa With BigStock Watermark


This also highly suggests that “Melissa Johnson” is an alias and her story’s a total fabrication.

If folks really are reeling in the cash with SIC, then what’s with the misleading photo?


An Anonymous Product Owner…

Don’t you find it strange that there’s no mention of the person who’s running the show when it comes to SIC?

You’d think if the opportunity really worked as advertised, then he or she would reveal their identity to the whole world.

So quite clearly, the individual behind SIC has something to hide from the offset.


The Sales Video Contains Even More Warnings!…

I’m not going into too much detail because I think the sales video is actually part of a totally different scam, that has nothing to do with SIC.

But at the time of writing this review, you’re redirected to ‘’ when you enter your name and email.

The video spokeswoman claims you can easily make $379 daily, and some folks are already making $1,000s daily according to the testimonials.

And then there’s the whole “limited spots available” thing, and the spokeswoman leading you to believe her name’s “Karen Daniels”.

But it’s just a load of ‘get-rich-quick’ baloney, fake scarcity tactics, and paid actors hired from

If you want to learn more about these video presentation red flags, then check out my reviews on:

Additionally, see the Work At Home Secrets & Scams Workbook by John Crestani to really get clued-up on the deception that’s happening throughout the internet – it’ll shock you!


How Does Second Income Center Work?

The way I see it, there’s no real way to make money online with SIC because it doesn’t seem like an actual product.

Instead, it comes across as a squeeze page created by some unethical affiliate marketer to point you to whatever shady product they can think of for “commissions”.

At one time, he or she claimed you would make be $500 – $1,500 per day online via SIC.

But then redirected you to a scam called ‘Personal Computer’, that was all about raking in megabucks from spamming affiliate links all over the web.

But now, he or she’s changed it to “you can make real money from home”…

By pointing you to a site called ‘’ instead.

So SIC just offers a list of far-fetched home working jobs and pushes you into some non-existent affiliate marketing “push-button” system promising you the earth.

And on top of that, prepare for more scammy junk offers to flood your inbox.

To learn how push-button/Done-For-You systems work in reality, then check out my reviews on My Online Startup and 12 Minute Affiliate, to name a couple of examples.

Because you’ll learn that time, effort, and monetary investments always come into the equation when it comes to potentially raking in the big bucks.


Final Conclusion: Is Second Income Center a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownYup, Second Income Center is a scam to keep at arm’s length. There’s no question about it.

If SIC is “legitimate” (like it claims), then why are you presented with a list of work from home jobs that lead you astray with big income claims?

Why does the creator try to funnel you into some random “get-rich-quick” product unrelated to SIC?

Why does he or she try to trick your ass with a fabricated testimonial and popular news channel logos?

And lastly, why is he or she refusing to reveal their identity to you?

So if these scam signs don’t put you off SIC like mouldy cheese, then what the hell will?


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any thoughts or experiences to share, or even questions to ask about SIC? Drop them below and let’s chat…


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