Rory Ricord Review: [Is “Link Posting” Dead in The Water?]

Hi, and welcome to my honest review of Rory Ricord!

Okay, so you’ve come across a 1990s-looking training platform, but wondering if “link posting” still works for turning a buck, right?

Well, you’re at the right place!

Because inside THIS review, I’m gonna give you a walkthrough of Rory’s training and share my own true thoughts as an internet and affiliate marketer myself.

Sound good, young grasshopper?

Let’s dig in…

At a Quick Glance

Rory Ricord Scam Review
Name: Rory Ricord (rebranded as RRR247).

Owner: I’ll give you one guess. 😛


Cost: Free, $67 – $97 + $28 every 3 months (so I’ve heard).

My Score: 3/10.


  • You’ll get training, support & a WordPress blog


  • Video tutorials teach spammy, ineffective & outdated strategies
  • Rory makes bold money-making claims
  • Makes it difficult for you to get refunded
  • Numerous customer complaints made against Rory


I’m sorry, but Rory Ricord/RRR247 goes about teaching affiliate marketing in the totally wrong manner.

Not only do you receive outdated guidance on “link posting” strategies that are highly unlikely to produce a full-time income…

But Rory leads you down the garden path with income guarantees, when it’s impossible to make such claims online.

Because there are too many moving parts to take into consideration when it comes to success in the internet marketing world.

But why the guy hasn’t updated his training to reflect current marketing methods that actually work, is beyond me.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t even waste your time with the 90s style platform.

Having said though, at least you can start out for free with the program, so there’s no financial risk from the offset.

Final Verdict: Legit (But Not Recommended).

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Who or Even What is Rory Ricord, You Ask?

Rory Ricord is the guy behind ‘Brunette Marketing‘ – an internet and affiliate marketing training company that owns (formerly

Now, as for RRR247, it’s a training platform that teaches you all about link-posting and performance blogging, and also provides support.

Basically, you’ll learn how to make money from affiliate marketing – which is all about promoting others’ products/services for commissions.

In my experience, it’s an awesome money-maker to roll with IF you have the right resources at your disposal and work your socks off.

However, after navigating through RRR247, not only does the design seem tacky…

But the methods also come across as spammy and outdated.

Which should tell you that you’ll struggle to make bank with the program in this digital marketing age.

But before I discuss the red flags raised by the program, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of it…


How Does Rory Ricord Actually Work?

When Inside the free RRR247 training area, there are basically 3 steps you should follow for starting off on the right foot as an affiliate marketer.

Well, allegedly, anyways.

Here are the 3 steps broken down to help you easily understand the processes:
Rory Ricord Agents Area


Step #1: How to Post Product, Service & Advertising Links

First of all, Rory encourages you to set up a new business email address for the purpose of posting links, and also a PayPal account.

Secondly, you must become a ClickBank affiliate for products to promote and get familiar with Brunette Marketing’s affiliate program.

Thirdly, it’s off to the races by watching and implementing the following ‘How To’ videos:

  • Find Categories for Posting on Posting Sites (7.44 minutes)
  • Create a Template For Posting (19.03 mins)
  • Post from the Template to the Posting Sites (9.15 mins)
  • How to locate Images and Create an Image Folder for Posting (6.16 mins)

Basically, you’ll be taught how to create, copy n’ paste, and post ads on free classified sites like Backpage, USFreeads, and Yakaz, etc.

But those days are over (in my opinion).

Because classified ad sites are full to the brim of “spammy” postings in the ‘Home Biz’ categories – Many visitors pay little attention to the crap.

Who knows, you might get lucky and make the odd sale from time-to-time.


Step #2: Continue Your Training With 1-on-1 Support

This step is all about hiring an ‘Assigned Staff Member’.

It’s so you can start the advanced stuff on how to implement what works in this day and age for “making $100s immediately” apparently.

But trust me, there’s no such thing as an “immediate” income online unless you’re a kick-ass seasoned marketer already.

Which, I’m assuming you’re not, right?

To access the support and advanced stuff, you must install Skype (adding ‘Mentor Administration’) to your contacts and download Dropbox too.

You’ll also gain access to customer support, weekly conference calls, and weekly webinar training.

Which doesn’t seem too bad, in all fairness.

But what the actual “quality” of that support is like, I do not know.

Because I never got that far.


Step #3: Learn About “Performance Blogging”

OK, I’m a little confused about this step because it ties in with step #2.

But anyway, here is where Rory helps take your efforts to the next level by introducing you to the ‘Performance Blogging System’.

It may seem like a fancy name, but you’ll just get a free WordPress website built.

Basically, you’ll be posting affiliate offers on your own blog, and sharing those blog posts (instead of affiliate links) within your classified site ads.

It’s so you can also increase your income by displaying Google Adsense on your blog and also capturing email addresses.

My apologies for seeming negative…

But what a crock of sh*t.

Personally, I don’t see how anyone can actually earn a full-time income following Rory’s methods, and here’s why…


Red Flag #1: Seriously Outdated Training Videos…

Don’t get me wrong, Rory has invested a good amount of effort into his training.

But his YouTube video tutorials date back to 2015 (YES, they’re 6 years old at the time of writing!).
RRR247 Internet Marketing Training Video From 2015
While you can potentially make SOME money from posting ads through classified ad sites, it’s just a spammy way of doing things.

Unfortunately, the same “ad/link posting” tactics I tried in 1999 (LOL) with very little to no success, Rory’s still teaching you today.

Furthermore, you’ll need a heck of a lot of visitors on your blog to make any decent money from Google ads displayed on it.

So without a flood of traffic generated by your ads, don’t bank on making the big bucks.

Overall, without fresh training on strategies that ACTUALLY work, you’re gonna be spinning your wheels – not getting very far with RRR247.


Red Flag #2: The Wrong Way to go About Blogging…

Unfortunately, Rory leads you to believe that setting up a blog and filling it with ads/affiliate links is gonna make you a fortune.

But that’s far from the truth.

Because blogging’s all about providing your audience with “high-quality” content that’s extremely helpful.

And instead of spamming your blog’s domain everywhere, the absolute best way to get your content in front of people is via the search engines.

But do that, you need the right tutorials on producing top-notch content, keyword research, and SEO, in general.

All of which, Rory fails to provide.

Recommended: Build a Free Blog & Learn to Make it Profitable, The Right Way!

Furthermore, if your blog’s just filled with promotional content (as taught by Rory), you will NOT get approved for displaying Google Adsense.

And even if you had an opt-in form on your site, who would actually want to sign up to your email list anyways?

People only subscribe to your list if you have something of “value” to offer, at the end of the day.


Red Flag #3: Theft of Google Images…

Rory teaches you to choose whatever images take your fancy from Google for your classified ads and blog posts.

As you’ll see from THIS training video on locating images.

While I’m no expert on the law, I’m pretty sure you could land yourself in hot water, since many images may be subject to copyright.

Unfortunately, Rory doesn’t show you how to credit Google images accordingly or even contact the sources for permission beforehand.

So if you do adopt the “free for all” approach with Google images, then on your head be it.

In my experience, the safest way to go about images is either using your own or buying them through stock photo sites like Shutterstock.

Or the third option is to gather high quality free images from a royalty-free stock photo site like Pexels – You’ll be as safe as houses using this method.


The Most Furiating Red Flag of Them All!…

One of my biggest pet hates when it comes to the digital marketing world – is when marketers make income guarantees.

In this instance, towards the bottom of the ‘Performance Blogging’ page, Rory says, and I quote:

I’ll even GUARANTEE that you make money or I’ll pay you $500 personally.


Guarantees Making Money or Get Five Hundred Dollars

Rory Ricord’s Bold Income Guarantee.

I’m sorry, but the guy has ZERO right to make such a bold promise.

Because it’s virtually impossible for any mentor or guru to guarantee your success online.

There are many variables at play when it comes to internet and affiliate marketing.

Hard work, time, and patience are definitely the main ones that are up there.

So unless the guy can see into the future like Marty and the Doc, then he’s full of it.

I wonder if Rory’s out-of-pocket by now or the whole “$500 promise” thing is a trick to get you hooked…



How Much Does Rory Ricord Cost, You Say?

To gain access to RRR247 and go through the basic link posting training won’t cost you a single penny.

But with that said, you can locate the tutorials for free on YouTube anyway.

However, there are costs that come with the 1-on-1 support and WordPress blogging system.

Because although you can build a free WordPress blog – You’ll still need to pay for your own domain name and web-hosting to keep it live on the internet.

I’m just not entirely sure about the prices though, since Rory isn’t upfront with you from the get-go.

Which I consider as another red flag.

But what I’ve heard on the grapevine is that RRR247 costs anywhere from $67 – $97 and then $28 every three months.

And on top of those fees, if you follow Rory’s paid traffic methods, you could very easily fork out $100s with no guaranteed results.


Final Conclusion: Is Rory Ricord a Scam?

After going through the Rory Ricord (aka RRR247) platform, I can honestly say it’s legitimate. Well, just about.

But having said that, hell would have to freeze over before I invested my time and money into the platform.

For starters, Rory’s still teaching extremely poor and outdated internet marketing strategies that date back to the late 90s.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s the potential to make a few dollars (if you’re lucky) from spamming classified sites.

But in my experience, don’t expect your efforts to translate into a full-time income.

Because it will never happen using this approach.

And secondly, just because Rory offers you a blog for your affiliate promotions, don’t think for one second it’ll magically take off.

If you want real blogging success, you must learn the right digital marketing skills and work like a donkey for months.

It’s as simple as that.


Wanna Know How to “Really” Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer?…

I’m sorry, but “link posting” is an ancient strategy that never pays off.

Hey, just ask the amateur affiliates still spamming Facebook groups and classified sites umpteen years later lol.

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Today’s your lucky day though.

Because I just happen to know where you can find step-by-step training, tools & 24/7 support for a full-time income.

And guess what?

All rolled into one platform…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on Rory Ricord/RRR247? Please hop on the conversation below…


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