Profit 365 Review: [Is Jamie Lewis a 24/7 Scammer?]

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Jamie Lewis wants to show you how he rakes in $1,000s daily from affiliate marketing, and how you can do the same.

But is he just pulling your leg or can you really follow in his footsteps so easily?

Dig into this review to find out…

At a Quick Glance

Profit 365
Name: Profit 365 (P365).

Owner: Jamie Lewis.


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • ClickBank offers a 60-day refund policy
  • Affiliate marketing is a legitimate money-maker


  • Sales page is hyped up & misleading
  • Most training’s outdated & vague with no step-by-step instructions
  • Comes with tacky & outdated resources
  • There are upsells
  • Comes across as a rehashed product


I’m really trying hard to say something positive about Profit 365, but all I can think of is ClickBank’s 60-day returns policy lol.

In my opinion, it’s such an appalling product because very little effort’s been made to help you earn an income online.

Not only is Jamie’s sales video highly misleading, but most of the tutorials are outdated and fail to guide you by the hand.

Furthermore, the resources also seem dated and spammy – so good luck trying to make money from P365.

The only person profiting is Jamie, I’m afraid.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Profit 365 About, You Ask?

The pitch starts off with Jamie saying he’s going to show you how he rakes in almost $5,000 in just one day.

And attempts to impress you as well as people in a shopping mall with $100s – $1,000s of daily income he’s been generating.

He claims that if a “simple guy” like himself can rake in the dough.

Then any average Joe can duplicate his results through affiliate marketing.

But one thing you should bear in mind is that Jamie’s a “seasoned” internet marketer who’s been making money for a long time.

So being the real deal, he knows EXACTLY how hard it is to start out and earn a full-time income down the road.

But he purposely leads you to believe the process is a piece of cake – just so he can make an easy sale himself, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, that’s the thing with these hyped-up product publishers, they’re not always up front with you from the get-go.


How Profit 365 Works For Big Cash (Yeah, Right!)

P365 is supposed to help you leverage solo ads for earning affiliate commissions from promoting products.

But sadly, it isn’t going to work like some “mean cash-generating” machine because it massively under delivers, in my book.

It’s as if the product’s just been randomly thrown together with no clear direction on what you’re actually meant to be doing to turn a buck.

Here’s a list of reasons why P365 is as confusing as hell, and why you’ll more than likely be requesting a refund if you choose to buy…


#1: Outdated Training From Adrea Fulton…

Jamie has teemed up with Anrea Fulton (the woman behind Affiliate Cash Empire) who delivers 8 training videos.
Affiliate Marketing Training Videos From Adrea Fulton
Except, the tutorials are extremely basic with no step-by-step guidance on how to hit the ground running as an affiliate marketer.

There’s nothing on how to buy solo ads, build your own website or squeeze page, and do email marketing, etc.

You’re just left to your own devices, at the end of the day.

And to make matters much worse, Andrea’s videos appear to be from 2016.

Which, leads me to believe the video tutorials are from one of Jamie and Andrea’s earlier products, that they’ve just bunged inside P365.

To be honest, implementing certain strategies from 2016 can be pretty dangerous for newbies because internet marketing evolves.

Not only will some techniques be ineffective in this day and age, but they can potentially create serious legal issues for you.


#2: Spammy Emails & Outdated Campaigns…

In addition to Andrea’s sub-par training, you’ll get 40 pre-written emails from Jamie for your solo ad campaigns.

Except, the promotional emails are short, hyped up, and spammy – which means they won’t convert into sales.

Furthermore, you’ll get your hands on a bunch of campaigns that revolve around various affiliate niches and products to promote.

But the campaign materials offer no clear direction – especially when it comes to using the Pay Per Click strategy.

However, if you’re meant to be using solo ads, I don’t quite understand why Jamie’s sending you down the PPC route.

The other downside is that the campaigns seem dated because some recommended affiliate products are no longer for sale.

And even Jamie’s sales videos that he allows you to use for promoting his own product are seriously hyped up and outdated.


#3: Jamie Delivers Completely Random Training…

When it comes to Jamie’s training videos, he just talks about different marketing aspects unrelated to solo ads.
Profit 365 Video Tutorials
He quickly dives into topics like YouTube, social media, and email marketing, to name a few.

But he delivers absolutely ZERO over-the-shoulder training for benefiting newbies like you.

Put simply, the whole P365 product is a mix mash of outdated resources that provide very little to no value.

There’s no step-by-step guidance on how to do affiliate marketing and no tools supplied either.

Which, makes it a total waste of money, in my book.


BTW, How Much Does Profit 365 Cost?

The basic price of Jamie’s product is $37.

But then follow some upsells:

  • ‘Class Training’ = $197
  • ‘Business in a Box’ = $297

But if you do jump into solo ads or PPC.

Then it’s important to know those methods will easily set you back $100s – that you could also potentially lose.

Especially, when Jamie fails to teach you the ropes of both strategies.

In all honesty, solo and PPC ads aren’t the best way to start because there are cheaper alternatives like First-Time Internet Marketing Profits.

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Final Conclusion: Is Profit 365 a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownFrom my point of view, Profit 365 sits between a legit product and a scam.

On one hand, you won’t get totally robbed of your hard-earned bucks – especially when ClickBank has a 60-day refund policy in place.

But on the other hand, not only does the training fail to show you how to build a profitable affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.

But most tutorials (including campaigns) are outdated. Some even random too.

Furthermore, Jamie misleads you with a very hyped up sales video – talking about raking in a fortune online as if it’s a piece of cake.

All in all, a total junkie product for all newbies to steer clear of.


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