Product Launch Jacking: Why It’s Mostly a TOXIC Idea.

Why Product Launch Jacking is a Toxic Idea

When it comes to the world of affiliate marketing, product launch jacking has become fairly popular. And for a very good reason too…

Because affiliates can easily rack up $100s to $1,000s in commissions at the speed of a drag racer using blogging, YouTube, and ads.

Only IF it’s done in the correct way though.

But from a totally organic standpoint, there are some dog-ugly faces of the concept that I’ll be warning you about in THIS article.

Which might make you think twice (especially as a novice) before you jump into bed with it.

Without further ado, let’s crack on…


What The Heck is Product Launch Jacking When It’s at Home?

In a nutshell, the concept of product launch jacking is where you (the affiliate) “hijack” the traffic of a brand new product launch.

So rather than the visitors go straight to the product publisher’s sales page, they would land on YOUR presell page instead.

There are numerous ways to steal that traffic – with blog and YouTube video reviews being two of the main strategies.

Where you would write up and/or record a review targeting a specific product keyword ahead of the launch, and then BOOM…

Land a ranking on Google/YouTube page 1 (as close to the top as possible) and hope that you maintain that position throughout the launch.

Or another example would be to purchase a domain name reflecting the actual product name itself.

Let’s say you wanna promote a product that’s due to be released called ‘Affiliate Monkey’ – you’d buy a domain from called:


So on and so forth.

You’d also need to buy web-hosting from somewhere like…

Where a quick 1 – 3 page website would be thrown up specifically to promote the product and hopefully make some money for yourself.

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Well, it’s actually the opposite.

Because numerous shady jackers (namely WarriorPlus affiliates) in the ‘Make Money’ sphere are going about it in a scammy sense.

The way I see it, these so-called affiliate marketers are beginning to give the concept and affiliate marketing itself a bad name.

And I’m about to dive into some very good reasons WHY they’re poisoning the well for all the good eggs…


#1: They’re Not Product Users

One of the core components of being a great affiliate marketer is to actually practice what you preach.

Which means if you’re doing a review of a newly-released product…

Then at least BUY and TEST product x yourself to offer your visitors thorough insights .

Because it builds trust and credibility with your audience, which in turn leads to sales.

It’s not exactly rocket science, right?

But the thing about most launch jackers is that they practice the ‘Copy n’ Paste’ approach – reciting the product sales page.

And/or they request a “review copy” from the vendor so they can skim through the product and write about the features…

Rather than sharing the true benefits from their own personal experiences to provide REAL VALUE.

This leads me to the next point on the list…


#2: They Lack in The “Transparency” Department

Have you ever noticed how most launch jackers do extremely biased reviews and never ever reveal the truth about the product?

For example; launch jacker Bob is pretty good at sharing a gazillion and one positive product features.

But when it comes to highlighting the cons, it’s always the usual lines of none that spring to mind“…

Or my personal favourite – “you need a strong internet connection” LMFAO.

These robotic-like affiliates crack me up, they really do, I tell ya!

The reason for this “keeping you in the dark” tactic is so they can bag as many commissions for themselves as possible.

Which clearly shows that they couldn’t give a rats ass about whether YOU gain value from the product or not, right?

Furthermore, you can bet your bottom dollar that some product vendors are guilty of condoning this sort of behaviour from their affiliates.


#3: “Pick up My Exclusive Bonuses Worth $1,000s”…

Yeah, righto, Kevin!

Usually, launch jackers offer you outlandish bonuses (which they value at $1,000s) when you buy their offer for under 30 bucks LOL.

Which, to me, speaks volumes about the quality of their offer from the offset.

Because any affiliate who has total confidence in the cheap product they’re promoting – knowing that it can truly benefit people’s lives…

Shouldn’t have to entice their audience with such ridiculous bribes, right?

Don’t get me wrong, bonuses are an awesome way to add more value and boost sales conversions.

But it just raises red flags when it comes to jackers (or should I say Jack Asses?) and their shoddy reviews.

It’s nothing more than a gimmick to line their pockets (as already mentioned) and land themselves some sweet leader board spots…

Winning some juicy prizes from the vendors on top of their beefy commissions.


How To Do Product Launch Jacking From an Ethical Standpoint

There are plenty of great strategies you can do that won’t make you look like a cheeseball in the eyes of your audience.

But also note that you may not hit the bullseye with launch jacking right off the bat.

Because it’s become a very competitive game.

But you can sure as hell improve your chances of striking gold by taking action and doing things in the correct manner.

Firstly, do some research into the vendor and their past product launches to ensure you choose a great quality product to promote.

Don’t just roll with any old WarriorPlus product because it offers a sexy payday. Your audience must come first.

Secondly, if you choose to do blogging or YouTube, then buy and use the products to produce in-depth reviews.

Yeah, you might be a late-comer to the Google page 1 party by a few hours…

But on another positive note, there are other ways of potentially driving big traffic to your reviews like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Paid Facebook, Google/Bing & solo ads
  • And Email marketing (if you have a subscriber list)

Heck, you could even leverage the power of to write and rank more blog post reviews on Google.

Back to the subject of reviews…

And thirdly, show the pros and cons because in my blogging experience, your audience will like and respect you for it.

Which in turn will lead you to creating a trustworthy brand and successful long term online Biz.

And if you are gonna offer bonuses, make sure to create and carefully select a small handful that your audience will love…

As opposed to overwhelming with them with a bonus list as long as your arm and slapping a “$20,000+ value” label on top.


Final Conclusion: Is Product Launch Jacking Worth it as a Noob?

To tell you the truth, I’m not a fan of product launch jacking in the slightest. And never have been since 1999.

Yeah, it’s a pretty powerful concept that can really rake you in the big bucks quickly as an affiliate, don’t get me wrong.

But given the competitive nature of it.

Especially when you’re up against dirty dishonest cheats who provide little value in the search engines…

It’s not a strategy I would recommend to a first-time affiliate marketer looking to make bank in the ‘Make Money’ industry.

And before you ask… YES, I’ve tried it numerous times, but got nowhere despite my best efforts.

In fact, the most I made was a measly $2.50 commission from Anik Singal’s ‘Lurn Insider’ course many moons ago LOL.

So you can understand why launch jacking has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

If you truly wanna make money doing affiliate marketing the right way, then get started with my #1 recommendation instead.

Where you’ll get all the essential tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 community support for building a successful Biz around your passion.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on the subject of launch jacking? Chime into the conversation below…

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