Private Cash Sites Review: [Exclusively For “Pipe Dream” Seekers!]

Today, I’m going to be reviewing Private Cash Sites!

Apparently, it provides you with pre-built businesses – allowing you to make $1,000s per month online as easy as pie.

But don’t believe that drivel for one second because there’s not a single person on this planet who has raked in an easy fortune from such a product.

In order to understand why it’s so deceptive and also why you won’t turn a buck with it, continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

Private Cash Sites Scam Review
Name: Private Cash Sites (PCS).

Owner: Nathan Canfield (just a stage act).


Cost: $47 + Upsells + other hidden expenses.

My Score: 2/10.


  • Product offers some value
  • Maybe the potential to make money
  • ClickBank offers a refund


  • Hyped up sales page/video
  • Owner hides behind a pen name/voiceover
  • False scarcity is deployed
  • Your email’s sold to third parties
  • Comes with upsells
  • Product teaches expensive methods


The thing I REALLY dislike about Private Cash Sites is that it walks you down the garden path with get-rich-quick garbage among other dirty tactics.

Because on the surface, you’re led to believe that you’re getting some epic Done-For-You system that brings you an online income as easy as pie.

But behind the curtain, the training’s shoddy (it’s just outdated PLR stuff) and you’ll need to throw $100s at the system to set the whole thing up…

Which won’t really pay off if you don’t have any decent and effective training from the offset.

So there’s only one winner when it comes to PCS…

YUP, the person who put the product together.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Private Cash Sites About, You Ask?

According to the Private Cash Sites hypey sales pitch, you’ll get a simple ‘Done-For-You’ businesses that will easily generate you 3 – 5 figures online daily.

And it doesn’t involve MLM, blogging, spamming hosting costs, and making videos either.

Followed by the video spokesman claiming it’s a “secret” that anyone and their grandma can tap into for a quick $10,000/month.

I don’t know about you, but all too often, I read and hear that baloney online. Here are some far-fetched money-makers I’ve recently discovered:

They all promise you the world on a plate from very little to no effort at all – wanting you to believe in the notion of “get-rich-quick”.

And that’s because the unethical ratbags behind such products are only interested in THEIR own needs, at the end of the day.

If PCS really delivers on its promises, then why is it only being sold for 47 bucks?

And why are there no member success stories to be found anywhere?

Those are the questions you should ask yourself.

I digress.

Here are more warning signs to prevent you from investing your hard-earned bucks into PCS…


Red Flag #1: Fake Scarcity Tactics

Scarcity is widely used by product creators and internet marketers because it’s such a powerful sales technique that creates urgency.

And unfortunately, grifters also take advantage of this approach for sucking in newbies like you who are easy targets.

According to Nathan Canfield, you need to hurry your ass up and buy PCS before he pulls the plug on it.
Private Cash Sites Fake Scarcity
Now, wouldn’t that be a real shame?!

But the guy just spews out a load of sh*t because PCS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Well, unless he shuts down the product and rebrands it due to numerous complaints, refunds, and negative reviews like THIS.

Which, is often the case with these deceptive products.


Red Flag #2: Who is “Nathan Canfield” When he’s at Home?

The voice in the video reckons his name is Nathan Canfield – the PCS product creator.

He’s also gone by other names in the past, like Josh and Steven.

In fact, he even had a complete sex change once, when he turned into a Felicity LOL.

But anyways, don’t be fooled by his identity because he fails to provide any solid social media or photographic proof.

Which, highly suggests he or she hides behind an “alias” as well as a “voiceover” hired from if I had to guess.

If PCS genuinely makes you sticking rich, the lazy-ass way.

Then why doesn’t the actual creator step forward to take credit for their product?


Red Flag #3: PCS Has Ties With Other Scams

After inspecting the sales page itself, I discovered the product has connections with other duds, which also suggests it’s a rehashed product.

First of, if you scroll to the very bottom of ‘’, you’ll notice that the text refers to Explode My Payday.
Explode My Payday Disclaimer Text
Secondly, when you check out the ‘Disclaimer’ page, the browser tab comes up as ‘Your Freedom Mentor’.
Disclaimer Page For Your Freedom Mentor
And thirdly, the ‘Privacy’ page brings up ‘Greedy Mentor’.
Privacy Policy Page For Greedy Mentor
So obviously, the person behind PCS has a whole network of scammy products under his or her belt.

Also, by them failing to invest effort into creating legal documentation that actually represents PCS is just pure laziness, to say the least.


Red Flag #4: You’ll be Bombarded With Crap

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with joining email lists to be informed about the latest and greatest products.

But when you buy hyped up trash like PCS, the creator rents out your email address to third parties.
We May Share Your Information With Third Parties Text
Which, basically means those third parties are likely to be other scam artists who are going to fill your email inbox with junk offers.

So if you do decide to invest in PCS, then my advice would be to set up and use a different email address that you’ll hardly check.

At least it’s one way of combating these unethical product creators, right? 😉


How Does Private Cash Sites “Actually” Work?

Unfortunately, $47 is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to PCS because on top of the upsells that you’re tempted with, you’ll need extra funds for certain services.

And here’s why…

Once you get into the system, you get a bunch of ‘Done-For-You’ squeeze pages that are designed to help you earn commissions as an affiliate marketer.

BUT in order to activate and use your pages, you need a ClickFunnels account via the creator’s “affiliate link” – which starts from $97/month.

And then you’re encouraged to grab a ClickMagick account (also via his or her “link”) for tracking your results – starting from $37/month.

On top of all that, you’ll need an email autoresponder for building an email list, which will cost from $15/month (depending on the service).

However, the training you receive inside PCS on setting up your system and generating traffic to it is pretty shallow stuff, unfortunately.

So the way I see it, you’ll be chucking almost $150 per month into this thing with little to no chance of driving targeted traffic to it.

Does this sound like an awesome way of making money online to you?…

Or more of a way of lining somebody else’s pockets instead?



Final Conclusion: Is Private Cash Sites a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownI’m not gonna call Private Cash Sites a full-blown scam because there is SOME value inside the product. Plus the fact that legitimate tools are recommended to you.

However, I still don’t like the fact that the tacky sales page pulls the wool over your eyes with too good to be true income claims, comes with poor training, and puts the squeeze on you for more money.

Overall, I just don’t think you’ll ever make bank with PCS…

Because at the end of the day, the product’s rigged up against you in order to make the creator profitable.

But if you are interested in rolling with a 100% legitimate Done-For-You money-making system that can actually work for newbies, then see my reviews of 12 Minute Affiliate and My Online Startup.


Here’s My #1 Affiliate Marketing Recommendation…

By no means is the internet some magical world enabling you to make bank quickly without breaking a sweat.

Because if that was the case, then why aren’t we all gobbling up products like PCS like there’s no tomorrow and living like Kings/Queens?

So if you’re prepared to get your hands dirty in the fields of affiliate marketing, then a full-time income can be achieved down the road.

However, hard work is only part of the equation because (in my experience) you’ll still need the right step-by-step training, tools & 24/7 support for success.

Otherwise, you’ll just be bouncing around the internet with no clear direction of what to do and how to do it, right?

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got questions or thoughts to get off your chest when it comes to PCS? Please join the conversation downstairs…


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