Point 2 Click Profits Review: [Click to See WHY It’s A Scam!]

In THIS honest review, you’ll discover WHY Point 2 Click Profits is a dirty scam to keep at arm’s length.

The guy in the sales video reckons that you’ll easily make $500 on a daily basis using some special “black box”.

Excuse me while I roll around the floor laughing hysterically (LOL)…

What complete and utter bullsh*t, I’m afraid.

Continue reading if you don’t wanna get sucked in by such outlandish claims…

At a Quick Glance

Point 2 Click Profits Review
Name: Point 2 Click Profits (AKA Point To Click Profits).

Owner: Charles McCallister (just a stage name).

Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • Basic training & DFY templates


  • A hyped-up sales video full of exaggerated claims & lies
  • The creator uses a pen name
  • It’s inadequate for success
  • Comes with extra costs


Unfortunately, what you get inside Point 2 Click Profits isn’t a refection of the $500 daily promises on the tin.

Because for starters, “get-rich-quick” schemes are a total myth.

And secondly, all you’re provided with is some basic training on affiliate marketing and ‘Done-For-You’ squeeze pages.

Templates, that don’t just require you to fork out $100+/month on services to activate them and build an email list.

But templates that don’t come with any email list building and traffic generation training either – which means you’re buggered.

There’s only ONE individual making bank with P2CP…

YUP, the sleazeball behind it.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

STOP scrolling for a sec!

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What’s Point 2 Click Profits All About, You Ask?

Point 2 Click Profits (P2CP) is an easy-as-pie “black box” method that quickly rakes you in $500 per day in affiliate commissions.

More specifically, it’s “push-button software” that requires you to do absolutely nothing for the big bucks to flood your account like clockwork.

The whole thing revolves around the “Amazon Effect” – allowing you to easily siphon off a small percentage of product sales.

Well, according to the creator (Charles McCallister) anyway.

But don’t believe a single word that rolls off the guy’s tongue for one second.

Because no such “magical system” exists – the notion of “get-rich-quick” is nothing but a fairy-tale myth invented by scam artists.

Don’t get me wrong, you can certainly earn an income through Amazon’s affiliate program – BUT it takes LOTS of time and effort.

Not to mention the fact that you must learn the right internet marketing skills, have access to tools, and also support from the offset.

Even with DFY systems like 12 Minute Affiliate, Super Affiliate System, Commission Hero & 1K A Day Fast Track, to name a few…

Making $100s on a daily basis isn’t gonna happen overnight for ANY newbie. Period.

But what really sets off alarm bells in my head when it comes to P2CP is that the whole sales page bears a resemblance to:

This leads me to believe that P2CP is part of a scam network created by the same unethical dirtbag(s).

Here are more reasons why the whole sales presentation should be taken with a grain of salt…


Red Flag #1: “Charles McCallister” – Who The F*ck is This Guy?

The video spokesman introduces himself to you as “Charles McCallister” – the PSCP creator.

And even shows you a picture of him and his family sat on a sofa to convince you that he’s the real McCoy (or should I say, McCallister).
Point 2 Click Profits Fake Creator
But he might as well name himself Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister because the guy’s nothing more than a stag act.

As you’ll see below, the family picture can actually be purchased from a stock photo site called Pexels.
Man and Woman With Two Kids Sat on Sofa
And even if you do a Google image search, plenty of random websites are also using the same family photograph.

Furthermore, when you search for the guy’s name, in general, you’ll see that he’s tied to numerous scam results.

So tell me… are you still willing to trust what comes from the mouth of the so-called Charles?


Red Flag #2: Testimonials That Are Faker Than Artificial Snow Spray

Well, now we know that McCallister’s a stock photo, an alias, and more than likely a voiceover hired from the Fiverr.com marketplace too…

Let’s move on to even more fakers, shall we?

YUP, the members.

Apparently, some guys n’ gals are really crushing it with P2CP – raking in absolutely ridiculous amounts of cash.

For example, just like this guy (Benjamin Tinsman) who reckons he’s doing $10,000 per day after only 2 months LOL.
Ten Thousand Dollars a Day Member Testimonial
But the laughable part is that he doesn’t provide any evidence of his identity or even his earnings.

Which, in my experience, clearly proves that he has something to hide…

Hmm… maybe the fact that he’s just a paid actor from Fiverr.com, and P2CP is actually non-existent from the offset.


Red Flag #3: Fake-Ass “Hurry, Buy Now!” Urgency Tactics

According to the sales pitch, there are only 500 black boxes left to purchase. One they’re gone, they’re gone.

Blah, blah, blah.
Maximum Capacity Scarcity
But the reality is that P2CP is available for an unlimited number of peeps to buy because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Well, unless the creator decides to shut the crap down and rebrand it due to complaints and refund requests, then it’s a different matter.

But the reason why the creator says only 500 people can buy the product is to create that word called “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out).

When used in a genuine sense (like with Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday offer) – scarcity can sell creators’ products like hotcakes.

But unfortunately, scammers deploy urgency tactics in an unethical manner, so you really must watch out for it.

And whilst on the subject of red flags, the Work At Home Secrets & Scams workbook is a great resource avoiding “pipe dream” stuff like the plague.


How Point 2 Click Profits “Really” Works Behind The Curtains…

OK, we’ve already established that P2CP isn’t some magical Yellow Brick Road to making all your dreams come true in an instant.

But what you actually get behind the scenes is nothing worthy of shouting from the rooftops about either.

Because when you part with 47 of your hard-earned American dollars, all you receive is some sub-par training on affiliate marketing.

It’s just basic stuff for getting you up and running as an affiliate marketer and nothing more.

Additionally, you’ll get some ‘Done-For-You’ squeeze page templates…

BUT you’ll need to invest in pricey software tools in order to actually use them for building an email list and promoting affiliate products.

And guess what?…

You’ll be encouraged to buy the tools via the scammer’s own “affiliate links” so he or she pockets at YOUR expense further.

But the real kick in the gut with PSCP is that you receive no training on email marketing or even generating traffic to your websites.

So without knowing how to effectively promote your offers to your subscribers and drive traffic (which is the bread and butter of your Biz)…

You’re doomed as a total noob from the get-go, sadly.


Final Conclusion: Is Point 2 Click Profits a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownIn my opinion, anyone who tries to sell you “the dream” on a silver platter without you needing to break into a sweat IS a scam.

Plus, any product that purposely comes with costly tool recommendations with vague training…

Training, that not only just skims the surface of using those tools.

But also only paints half the picture when it comes to online success… IS a scam.

So I hope that answers your question on Point 2 Click Profits.

At the end of the day, the ONLY person raking in the dough from P2CP (which is the case with all scammy trash) is the creator.

Trust me, he or she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about YOUR success.

Because they just wanna live the life of Riley at YOUR expense instead.


But if you wanna get your hands on a legit product that ACTUALLY helps you to earn a passive income via affiliate marketing…

A platform that equips you with websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 success from a huge community for building a successful Biz around your passion…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on P2CP to share? Please drop your comments down below…


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