One Minute Free Traffic Review: [What Hidden “Secret”?]

Thanks for stopping by my unbiased review of One Minute Free Traffic!

Which I got as part of a special bundle containing other stuff like Blaze and IM Newbie, to name a couple of other products.

Two brothers (Matt & John Rhodes) reckon they’ve stumbled across some hidden traffic “secret”.

One, that attracts 1,000s of red-hot buyers on autopilot.

But in my internet and affiliate marketing experience, I’m pretty certain all the traffic-generation methods have already been covered.

Unless Matt & John know something that we don’t.


So, what’s going down with the brothers’ “magical product”, and will peeps really flock to purchase your affiliate offers?

Let’s find out in THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

One Minute Free Traffic

Name: One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT).

Owners: Matt & John Rhodes (aka “The Rhodes Brothers”).


Cost: $12 (reduced from $99, apparently) + Upsells.

My Score: 3/10.


  • Cheap to start
  • Video tutorials
  • Bonus training transcripts included
  • Help & support provided
  • Teaches a legit internet marketing strategy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee



Unfortunately, what the One Minute Free Traffic sales page advertises vs. what the product actually offers behind the scenes are two different stories.

On the surface, you’re led to believe that you’ll be getting your hands on some magic traffic-generation system that takes hardly any time to set up.

But in reality, you’ll just be leveraging a ‘Q&A’ site called Quora – which takes plenty of time and effort to get traction with.

In my experience, the platform’s a great way of driving tons of free organic traffic to your affiliate offers.

You can even potentially make some awesome sales/commissions too IF you commit yourself to adding VALUE on Quora daily.

But just don’t expect big results to materialise overnight with this OMFT product.

Because you may be disappointed by the shallow training – which makes it no “silver bullet”, at the end of the day.

It’s a WarriorPlus product, so what more can I say?!

Final Verdict: Legit (But Not Recommended).

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What is One Minute Free Traffic About, You Say?

Apparently, One Minute Free Traffic is a:

“Free set & forget traffic source that attracts 1,000s of red-hot buyers for you on autopilot lightning fast”.

Free Traffic Source Attracts Thousands of Hot Buyers on Autopilot

Well, that’s what the Rhodes Brothers claim on their product’s website anyway.

BTW, say a BIG hi to the bros:

matt and john rhodes

But as with all hyped-up products, the OMFT sales page makes the whole thing seem like the best thing since sliced bread.

Basically, running you through a checklist of how easy-peasy it is to set up, what you WON’T be needing, and how effective it is, etc.

Unfortunately, the guys don’t actually explain the full ins and outs of their “passive traffic machine”.

You’re just meant to be amazed at their traffic stats and take their word for it that OMFT really is some magical Speedy Gonzales way of driving tons of visitors.

But does this product really deliver on its bold promises, that’s the million-dollar question?

Well, for a small investment of 12 bucks, I’m pretty skeptical of it, to say the least.

Which, unfortunately, is to be expected with almost 100% of products sold through the WarriorPlus marketplace.

Who Is It For, You Ask?

Unfortunately, the One Minute Free Traffic sales pitch targets newbies who are seeking the quick and easy route to making a buck online.

Because that’s what nearly all WarriorPlus product publishers do to get newbies through the front door.

And with the OMFT product costing just $12 on the front end – who can resist such an incredible offer of a lifetime, eh?

But as for the traffic-generation strategy itself, which revolves around Quora…

The product’s primarily for beginner website/blog/squeeze page owners wanting to learn the ropes of the Q&A site for more traffic to their sites.

However, with that said, I recommend keeping your purse or wallet tightly shut.

Because here’s WHY…

How Does One Minute Free Traffic Actually Work?

Once you gain access to the members’ dashboard area, you’re presented with 22 video tutorials.

Here’s a snapshot example of a training introduction video:

One Minute Free Traffic Quora Training Video

The majority of the training actually focuses on Quora – probably not the strategy you were hoping for, right?

But I wouldn’t get too excited over the training quality either.

Because this product really isn’t as great as it seems, in my opinion.

As you’re about to learn for yourself…

A Quick Run-Through of The Training Videos:

  1. The OMFT Mindset (2.37 minutes)
  2. The System Explained (1.58 mins)
  3. Where Does The OMFT Speed Come From? (1.37 mins)
  4. Writing a Letter to a Friend (3.35 mins)
  5. How to Write 150 Words Per Minute (2.14 mins)
  6. Why is This Traffic Free? (2.47 mins)
  7. What is This Almost Magical Platform? (3.19 mins)
  8. How to Sign up For Your Own Quora Account (2.20 mins)
  9. How to Maximize Your Quora Profile (4.19 mins)
  10. Following The Right Q Topics (5.35 mins)
  11. What Questions to Answer For Maximum Traffic & Value (3.50 mins)
  12. How to Create Real Value at Insanely Fast Speeds (1.55 mins)
  13. The “Best Of” Top Secret (4.03 mins)
  14. How to Sell on Quora (2.48 mins)
  15. What to Sell on Quora (3.33 mins)
  16. The Quick Affiliate System (5.15 mins)
  17. Quick Affiliate System Case Study Example (3.59 mins)
  18. 3x Fast Fortune Leverage System (3.30 mins)
  19. 3x Fast Content Freedom (3.26 mins)
  20. One Minute List Secret: The Lazy Q Lander (4.18 mins)
  21. It’s Q-Time (4.25 mins)
  22. Your OMFT Breakthrough (6.11 mins)

It may seem like you get heaps of value from OMFT, but the training lacks depth overall.

All you’re really taught are the basics of Quora, and in all honesty, you can easily find FAR better training for FREE via YouTube.

I mean, how can you possibly learn said internet marketing strategies from just over an hour’s worth of training?

The answer is: you CAN’T.

Because you need HOURS of coaching in order to become successful as an affiliate.

So, as I suspected, you get what you pay for with this “cheap as chips” product.

To be honest, I wouldn’t even pay 12 bucks for it, personally.

In fact, I actually paid $1 for OMFT (LOL).

Because I got it inside a special ‘COVID-19 Rescue Bundle’ (if you could actually call it that) through WarriorPlus.

So, it just goes to show that the creators don’t even rate their own training course themselves.

But then again, aren’t these WarriorPlus-style products purposely low-cost to get you hooked on the upsells?


This leads me to the next part…

How Much Does One Minute Free Traffic Cost You?

At the time of writing this review, the basic entry cost of One Minute Free Traffic is just $12.

According to the Rhodes Brothers, the price was slashed from $99 – making it seem like an amazing bargain.

But because Quora disallows raw affiliate links within your answers…

This means that you’ll need to create your own bridge page for promoting your affiliate offer(s).

So, if you don’t know how to build a free website, then you’ll need to pay for squeeze page software or hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you.

Which means there are additional costs involved, as with any marketing strategy.

I digress.

You’re also hit with the following upgrade offers inside the product:

  • OMFT Advanced = $42
  • One Minute Buyer Clicks = $72
  • Traffic Bootcamp Recordings = $72
  • 100% Resale Rights = $197

Unfortunately, it’s due to this ‘resale rights’ upsell that you come across so many “biased” reviews of OMFT on Google too.

Because those WarriorPlus affiliates are more interested in what they can earn from YOU as opposed to being actually HELPFUL.

I don’t know about you, but this is what really peeves me off with these dirt-cheap-ass products.

Final Conclusion: Is One Minute Free Traffic Legit?

The awesome news is that One Minute Free Traffic is 100% legitimate because you’ll get some value from it.

But with that said, the name of this product and also the bold claims are totally misleading because the methods taught take time to implement.

In my experience with the Quora ‘Question & Answer’ platform, it can be an awesome way to drive free traffic to your affiliate offers.

BUT only when you approach Quora in the right way.

First of all, you need to build a brand on the platform by being knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to answering questions.

Plus, you’ll need to answer plenty of them before you see any decent levels of traffic.

And secondly, YES, you absolutely do need to build your own website.

Or at least have a landing page because Quora doesn’t allow affiliate links in your answers – as I already pointed out.

Yeah, sure you can build your own Facebook fan page or group, monetize it with affiliate products, and send traffic to it.

But personally, I’m not a fan of leaving my success in the hands of these social media giants.

Because they have full control, at the end of the day.

This is why it’s so much better to have a blog or squeeze page to send targeted visitors to.

But anyway, as for the OMFT training on a whole, it’s far too shallow for real success, in my book.

There’s A LOT more to making money than 22 short videos that add up to over 70 minutes.

So, I wish you luck in making any decent money from following this training course.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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