Octane Review: [3 Clicks Away From Igniting Success?]

Welcome to my high-powered review of Octane!

Which I bought along with other products like Cash Magnets, The Secret Weapon, and StealthD, to name some – as part of a special ‘Xmas Bundle’.

But unlike “biased” reviews from folks “affiliated” with Octane, my mission is to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

So hang tight, buddy!

Ignition starts in 3… 2… 1…

At a Quick Glance

Octane Review
Name: Octane.

Owner: Jono Armstrong. (What, no Brendan Mace?!)

Website: buyoctane.com/octane.

Cost: $27.97 (at the time of writing) +

My Score: 4/10.


  • Cheap start-up investment
  • Tutorial videos
  • Easy-to-use video-creation/upload software
  • Help & support
  • Works in any niche
  • Has money-making potential
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • The method comes with real risks
  • It’s not a sustainable solution
  • Comes with upsells


Octane pretty much runs along the same lines as Vid Chomper.

Where you use the software to turn others’ videos into your own “unique” ones (by increasing run time by 7 seconds), apply affiliates links, and potentially rank on YouTube.

And we all know what that leads to, right?…

YUP, traffic, sales, and commissions $$$. Wahoo!

In my opinion, this software can be an ideal short term money-maker if you’re lazy and don’t give two sh*ts about your brand and reputation online.


If you’re on a mission to become an authoritative YouTuber and create a long term sustainable business on the platform…

Then this software is hazardous from the get-go because it’s not just a spammy way of promoting affiliate offers via vlogging.

But you’ll be exploiting a YouTube loophole as well (which I talk about in more detail in this review).

So it’s only a matter of time until YouTube cottons on to your game and seals the hole tightly shut, in my book.

Final Verdict: Legit. But Beware of The Dangers.

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What is Octane All About, You Ask?

According to Jono Armstrong, Octane allows you to ethical steal content from the web and turn it into a 24/7 passive income in just 3 clicks!

The guy reckons it’s newbie-friendly, comes with free traffic built-in, and you’ll go from 0 to 100 fast (in terms of affiliate commissions) in 10 – 30 minutes…

And guess what?…

Without building yourself websites and knowing all that under-the-bonnet-geek-tech stuff. Blah, blah, blah.

In a nutshell, Octane is designed as an easy-peasy revolutionary “all-in-one” solution for monetizing YouTube videos, apparently.

I’m sorry, but this product seems seriously hyped-up.

Just like others I’ve reviewed in the past: WP Affiliate Machine, One Minute Free Traffic, and WP Video Machine, to name a few.

In fact, pretty much EVERY ‘make money’ WarriorPlus, JVZoo, and ClickBank product sales page is full to the brim of hype these days.

But let’s see if Armstrong’s “revolutionary 3-click” product really is something to shout home about, yeah?


How The Super-Charged Octane Makes $…

Once you either buy or decline the annoying upsells, you’ll arrive at the dashboard area that looks like THIS.
Octane Members Dashboard
But why in god’s name you’re not first greeted by a video introduction is beyond me.

But let’s kick things off with the training aspect of Octane – which helps you to actually understand how the software works.

Inside the dashboard, you’ll discover the following video tutorial sections:


First Section (2 Videos)

Here, you’ll find a brief 2.24-minute welcome from Armstrong.

Which is then followed by a 10.38-minute video on how to use Octane.

Where Armstrong explains the software uses others’ videos (with their consent) to create your own “unique” live streaming videos to rank on the first page of YouTube.

He then shows you how to use the software to hook up your YouTube account.


Profit Training (3 Videos)

Inside this section, there are three ‘Profit Levels’:

  1. Easy (16.07 Minutes)
  2. Medium (24.27 Mins)
  3. Advanced (23.37 Mins)

With the easy level, Armstrong shows you how to use ClickBank for finding best-selling affiliate products that offer video ad material you can use.

For his example, he uses the Octane software to turn John Crestani’s ad into a unique video review of the Super Affiliate System.

And also shows how to add an affiliate link to the video description, as well as use Canva to create a thumbnail.

“What’s unique about pinching a video, huh?”

Strangely enough, Armstrong adds 7 seconds to his video’s run time by simply adding an outro like THIS:
Click Link in Description Video Outro
Which YouTube actually deems as “unique”.  Ironic, I know!

Want proof?

Do a YouTube search for “Super Affiliate System review” – and his video pops up on the first page with over 1,500 hits since 2019.
Super Affiliate System YouTube Video Review
This “shortcut” approach might be fine and dandy for the time being.

But what when YouTube seals this loophole, it’s game over, man (or woman)!!!

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Medium & Advanced Profit Levels

Now, as for the medium monetization method Armstrong basically guides you through the process of promoting WarriorPlus & JVZoo affiliate products.

When it comes to the advanced method, instead of promoting raw affiliate links throughout your videos…

You’ll build a free WordPress website and create custom-made squeeze pages using ‘Thrive Architect’ (bought via Fiverr) for building an email list.

Except, the latter training video doesn’t go into great depth on those methods.

So it’s down to you to learn this “internet marketing” stuff yourself.


Octane Additional Features (1 Video)

Inside the 11.38-minute video, Armstrong shows you how to make the most of his video editing software.

By creating GIFs with affiliate/squeeze page links to enhance the click rates with your email marketing, and using your library to pull videos from other sources, etc.

In addition, there’s a troubleshooting section with a few videos on fixing certain issues that arise with Octane.


What’s The Full Cost of Octane, Huh?

At the time of this review’s publication, the start-up cost is $27.97.

Which isn’t bad, considering no expenses are required for the method – UNLESS you follow and implement the advanced training video.

However, with the basic version of Octane, the software will only allow you to create/upload 15 videos per month. Ugh.

So to remove any limitations, you’ll need the pro version for $37.

Now, as far as the other upsells go, they come with a price tag of:

  • $197 for ‘Limitless Traffic’
  • $197 for ‘$1,000 Commission System’
  • $157 for ‘Easiest System Ever’
  • $97 for ‘License Rights’ to promote the product as your own for 100% commissions…

Psst! I’ll give you one guess why there are so many “positive” reviews of Armstrong’s product…


Final Conclusion: Is Octane Worth it?

In my honest opinion, YES and NO LOL.

First of all, seeing Armstrong’s own promotional video on the first page of Google with 1,500+ visits, clearly demonstrates Octane CAN work.

So from that angle, the software’s worth experimenting with for potentially pocketing some easy affiliate commissions in the short term.

But is this a viable long term strategy?

Hmm… I think not.

Because it’s only a matter of time before YouTube (or should I say “Google”) starts clamping down on marketers exploiting this “7 extra seconds” loophole.

Furthermore, it’s a lazy and spammy kinda strategy that can seriously harm your brand and reputation on not just YouTube, but online, in general.

So I urge you to tread with caution when it comes to Armstrong’s magic software.


Check Out a Sustainable Way to Make Money…

I’ve gotta hand it to Jono Armstrong for inventing products that can easily help newbs to exploit certain loopholes in the online space.

But unfortunately, “cutting corners” will only take you so far as an affiliate because they ALWAYS come to a bitter ending at some point.

In my opinion, anyone who’s too bone idle to build their own online Biz, doesn’t deserve to be crowned as an “affiliate marketer”. Period.

But if you’re prepared to follow step-by-step training and also grab the essential tools + 24/7 support for building a thriving affiliate Biz from scratch…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on Octane to share? Please jump on the conversation below…

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