My Mobile Money Pages Review: [$500/Day?… I Doubt it!]

Thanks for dropping in on my brutally honest review of My Mobile Money Pages!

The sales video spokesman leads you to believe that $547.43 is yours for the taking each day as easy as warm apple pie.

But the truth be told, it’s just a load of baloney so the creator can unethically claim HIS own slice of the pie by taking you for a ride.

To find out why this so-called “big money” opportunity is a no go and how the whole thing really works behind the scenes, continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

My Mobile Money Pages Review
Name: My Mobile Money Pages (MMMP).

Owner: Andrew Davidson (just a stage act).


Cost: $39.95 + Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • Comes with a website builder & training
  • ClickBank has a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • A hyped-up sales page that makes unrealistic claims
  • The owner uses a pen name
  • Your websites won’t rank in Google = no profits
  • The PDF & video tutorials are too shallow for success
  • There are numerous upsells


Andrew reckons that all you have to do is fill in a few fields to get your first money page (website) set up in just seconds…

Allow the software to unearth the hot money-getting keywords that folks are searching Google for using their mobile phones…

And watch your money page automatically start collecting commissions via multiple affiliate programs off of those keywords LOL.

WOW, if only building a profitable website was really that simple!

While you do get access to website building software once you purchase My Mobile Money Pages…

It’s just “pipe dream” crap that’s not gonna turn a buck from my point of view.

Also, the video and PDF training you get is p*ss poor quality stuff on forum and social media marketing.

Because the tutorials don’t even add up to 1 full hour! UGH.

But rather me rambling on about all the reasons why MMMP is a no-go area – I explain them in my FULL review below.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before you take another step, see a legit way to earn a sustainable income as an affiliate marketer that ACTUALLY works for newbies.


What’s My Mobile Money Pages All About, You Say?

Andrew Davidson reckons that My Mobile Money Pages is the same software he uses himself to easily create “money pages” that make him $500+ per day.

And guess what?…

He’s also giving you access to the software and formula so you can easily get rolling in under 15 minutes and start cashing in from TODAY.

The guy claims that “mobile money” is so ridiculously hot right now…

That companies like Amazon are paying out $ millions commissions to Average Joes’.

And to rake in the bucks from these big companies, you only need to spare a few minutes daily, and you don’t even need to build a website either.

Because Andrew’s done all the heavy lifting for you like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Blah, blah, blah.

But when was the last time you met some lazy bum ass who became stinking rich online as fast as Wonder Woman, huh?


Put simply, the sales pitch is full to the brim of “get-rich-quick” jibber-jabber.

Just like Five Minute Profit Sites, Daily Cash Siphon, and Easy Retired Millionaire, to name some junk I’ve reviewed in the past.

Because as an affiliate marketer myself, I know for a fact that “magical pages” just DO NOT exist.

It takes talent, time, and effort to succeed.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger, vlogger or rolling with some ‘Done-For-You’ system – the same principles always apply.

So don’t allow yourself to be led astray by clowns behind stuff like MMMP.

Here are a few more good reasons why you shouldn’t trust Andrew as far as you can throw him…


Red Flag #1: Who The F*ck is “Andrew Davidson” Anyway?

He tries to convince you that he’s the real McCoy by introducing his name in voice and text format.
My Name is Andrew Davidson
But the funny part is that he doesn’t give you diddly squat in terms of hardcore evidence to actually prove his identity.

Even if you type the guy’s name in the Google search bar, there’s not a single trace of him, whatsoever.

Wanna know why?

Because he’s nothing more than an alias so the real creator can continually scam the pants of naive newbies without being caught.

Additionally, I’m willing to bet my life savings that a freelancer was hired to narrate the video for pennies on the dollar.

Because fraudsters will do absolutely anything to protect THEIR own best interests. Period.


Red Flag #2: Zero Proof That it Actually Works

It’s all good and well Andrew walking you through a quick 3-step demo of setting up your money page and how it works for commissions.
My Mobile Money Pages Software Demo
But what he fails to do is show you concrete proof of his own pages actually raking in the dough.

And that’s for two good reasons:

First of all, it’s to get the better of your “curious nature” – pushing you into opening up your purse or wallet.

But we all know what happened to the cat, right?

And secondly, how can he possibly prove his software works like a dream…

When the notion of “get-rich-quick” is a myth from the start, huh?


Red Flag #3: The Money Pages Belong to Andrew – Not You!

You may think that Andrew is doing you a massive favour – allowing you to quickly and easily chuck together your own website.

But the truth of the matter is that Andrew will always lay claim to your site.

Because your domain and hosting are all provided inside the software.

So if the guy ever decided to close down MMMP due too many complaints, refund requests, and negative review like this…

You can kiss your site goodbye, I’m afraid.

The only true way to go about owning a website is by building your own and paying for a domain name together with hosting.

This is where the SiteRubix website builder comes in real handy. 😉


Red Flag #4: Duplicate Content + Backlinks (UGH!)

Andrew reckons that your website will be automatically updated with fresh content and high-quality backlinks for high Google rankings.
Fresh Website Content and Quality Backlink Claims
While it’s true that unique content and backlinks are search engine ranking factors for traffic, Andrew still pulls the wool over your eyes.

Because first of all, the content on your site is identical to the content on other MMMP member sites.

Meaning, it’s considered as “duplicate”.

So even if your site’s lucky enough to get indexed by Google, just don’t expect any page-1 rankings = no traffic = no sales.

And secondly, HOW you go about building quality backlinks also plays an important role in rankings.

But Andrew’s software generates multiple backlinks to your site fairly quickly.

This means if/when Google detects “unnatural” backlink growth, your site will drop from its search results like a lead balloon.


Final Conclusion: Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWell, given the fact that My Mobile Money Pages is hyped-up on the surface, doesn’t do what’s advertised on the tin, and raises other red flags…

Then YES, it’s a total scam, in my book.

Yeah, you may get your hands on some website building software, and ClickBank also offers a refund…

But at the end of the day, MMMP holds little to no value.

You’ve got more chance of seeing a flying unicorn than cashing in with this product, so I urge you not to waste your precious time on it.


Learn How to Build a Money-Making Website That Works…

Generating a full-time income as an affiliate marketer from your own website is 100% doable.

IF you have the right resources and you’re also willing to work your butt off at creating your own high-quaility blog content.

so never be led astray by shady individuals behind far-fetched products like MMMP.

Because the lazy approach to affiliate marketing never works.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on MMMP? Please feel free to hop on the conversation below…


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