My Funnel Empire Review: [A FREE Way to Make $1,000s?]

Thanks for stopping by my honest My Funnel Empire review!

Bryan Winters claims it’s “1 weird trick” that added almost 20,000 email subscribers and $1,000s to his account at $0 cost!

And says he’s about to show you how it’s done when you join his funnel system.

Yeah, it’s easy for him to say with the amount of digital marketing experience he has under his belt.

But can his system REALLY deliver the same kinda results for newbies?

Or is the guy just exceptionally good at talking out of his ass, like Ace Ventura pet detective, huh?

All is about to be revealed inside THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

My Funnel Empire
Name: My Funnel Empire (MFE).

Owner: Bryan Winters (the guy behind 5 Figure Day & MoolaVine).


Cost: Free to start + $100s to get rolling.

My Score: 3/10.


  • ‘Done-For-You’ funnel
  • Email swipes, banners & written guidance
  • Help & support available


  • Sales page is hyped-up
  • Products must be bought in order to earn from MFE
  • No video training on traffic generation & email marketing
  • Extra expenses for an autoresponder + any paid traffic methods


To put it bluntly, My Funnel Empire is a huge disappointment.

You get the impression that you can start out for free, but you must fork out for 5 products just to earn and also maximise your commissions.

And then there are other costs on top of that!

Furthermore, Winters fails to provide video tutorials on HOW to actually drive traffic to your ‘Done-For-You’ funnel and market to your email list.

All he really delivers is a 1-hour video on setting up your funnel and written guidance on traffic and setting up your autoresponder.

The whole thing just lacks substance, at the end of the day.

So any newbie’s gonna struggle like hell to earn a passive income with MFE, in my book.

Final Verdict: Legit – But Not Recommended.

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So anyway…


What is My Funnel Empire All About, You Say?

According to Winters, My Funnel Empire is a stupidly simple way of launching a website funnel that can build you a huge email list and make $1,000s in commissions.

Basically, Winters provides you with a ‘Done-For-You’ sales funnel allowing you to earn affiliate commissions from promoting ClickBank products.

In all honesty, sales funnels can be VERY lucrative when it comes to affiliate marketing.

I’ve seen some marketers raking in 5 figures/month!

Yeah, you better believe it, young grasshopper!

But is it really a straightforward process with MFE?

Or is there more to this “magical” sales funnel approach that meets the eye?

Let’s see what’s happening under the hood to get an honest answer…


How Does My Funnel Empire Work For a Buck?

Once you draw back the curtains of MFE, you’re greeted by a bunch of tasks to complete for getting your funnel up and running.

These steps include:


#1: Activate Autonomous Leads

Here, you’ll activate your ‘Done-For-You’ funnel.

Or as Winters refers to as the covert ‘list hack’ that sent him 19,000+ free subscribers on autopilot.

Which all you have to do to activate it, is hit a button. And then following message pops up:
Successful Funnel Activation Message
WOW, that was super easy!


#2: Activate Autonomous Income

With this step, Winters claims he’ll show you how to instantly activate your new funnel to stuff your account with $700+ per visitor.

When you hit the “continue” tab, you’re offered 5 different ClickBank products to purchase.

The first product is called CashBlurbs at a cost of $20/month – which allows you to earn $10/month in affiliate commissions from it.

But I wasn’t prepared to invest in CashBlurbs, which means I couldn’t check out the 2nd product.

So obviously, you’d also have to buy product #2 in order to see #3 and so on.

But you can bet a dollar to a dime that all 5 products will set you back a chunk of change combined.

So, unfortunately, to stand a chance of earning some good money from the products inside your MFE funnel, you must first BUY them yourself.

Hmm… and there was me thinking MFE was “FREE” to start out with. I guess not.

However, if you decline the invite to purchase the first product, you’ll be directed to the MFE members’ area.


A Quick Glance at The Members’ Dashboard

First of all, there’s a 1 hour & 18-minute video tutorial from Winters on the ins and outs of your funnel system.

Secondly, there’s the actual control panel and a ‘Quick Start’ video for setting up your funnel.
My Funnel Empire Members Control Panel
To FULLY set it up, you’ll need to complete the following tasks:

  • Get/Enter ClickBank ID
  • Activate Income Offer #1 (followed by the other 4 offers)
  • Get Ads & Schedule Traffic
  • Connect Aweber, GetResponse or GVO Autoresponder

But as for the Ads and traffic step, all you get are some promotional email swipes and 5 days worth messages to send to your subscribers.

Followed by banner ads + a list of places to share them, and some written information on traffic sources like solo Ads, Ad swaps, Facebook, YouTube, and forums.

And as for the autoresponder section, Winters just gives you some basic written step-by-step instructions on setting up various autoresponders.

Unfortunately, there are ZERO step-by-step videos from Winters on driving traffic and properly getting to grips with an autoresponder.

So without REAL guidance as a “newbie”, I think you’re gonna struggle like heck with MFE, in my book.

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What’s The Cost of My Funnel Empire?

Unfortunately, “FREE” will only get you so far with MFE.

Because you’re forced to splash out on products just so you can earn commissions from promoting them inside your ‘Done-For-You’ funnel.

CashBlurbs (which I don’t recommend you buy) costs $20/month.

But as for the other 4 products combined, I’m willing to bet they’ll cost 3 digits.

On top of those fees, starting out with an autoresponder will cost anywhere up to $19/month (depending on the service).

And that’s not to mention the chunk of change you could potentially lose on choosing to invest in paid traffic WITHOUT the right guidance.


Final Conclusion: Is My Funnel Empire a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownIn my opinion, My Funnel Empire is completely legitimate.

But as for it being a decent quality product… That’s another story, I’m afraid.

First of all, Winters forces you to invest in shoddy products like CashBlurbs just so you qualify to make money from your ‘Done-For-You’ funnel.

So you’re gonna be out-of-pocket from the get-go.

And secondly, there’s absolutely NO solid step-by-step tutorials (in video format) on driving traffic to your funnel or even email marketing, for that matter.

All the guy provides you with is heaps of written material. It’s just not good enough when newbies like YOU need to be guided by the hand.

It’s as if Bryan Winters is still stuck in the 1990s (lol) – peddling tacky products with no real substance to them.


Check Out a Better Money-Making Solution…

Don’t get me wrong, I hold nothing against ‘Done-For-You’ sales funnels because they can be quite profitable IF you have an awesome mentor.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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