Multiple Streams Machine Review: [“ZERO Cost”… Really?!]

Thanks for swinging by my unbiased review of Multiple Streams Machine!

These ‘Done-For-You’ systems seem to be all the rage on the internet just lately.

Maybe it’s down to the “you know what” virus creating bigger opportunities for everyone to turn a buck online. Who knows.

But the particular system I’m about to push under the spotlight claims to be 100% free and pours out multiple payments 24/7.

Sound a little too good to be true?

Hmm, let’s find out, shall we?…

At a Quick Glance

Multiple Streams Machine Review
Name: Multiple Streams Machine (MSM).

Owner: Martin Wilson.


Cost: Free + $100s – $1,000s in opportunity & traffic fees.

My Score: 4/10.


  • The system is free to join itself
  • Basic training & resources
  • Earn via multiple income streams


  • A hypey sales page that contains a couple of lies
  • Revolves around recruitment/MLM Biz Opps (they’re not the best way to earn)
  • Comes with steep costs for opportunities & paid traffic methods combined


Multiple Streams Machine is basically a system that allows you to earn an income from multiple opportunities.

However, Wilson tells tales from the offset because he specifically states on his sales page that MSM doesn’t involve MLMs or hidden costs…

When in fact, his whole system pretty much revolves around the MLM industry and forking out for Biz Opps LOL.

Deception aside, I think MSM has money-making potential, but I really don’t recommend Multi-Level-Marketing to newbies, in the slightest.

Because I’ve been there, done that, and it’s left a bitter taste in my mouth for a whole host of reasons.

In my experience, if you wanna create a Biz you can be proud of, then build your own niche website that revolves around affiliate marketing & actually helping folks.

Final Verdict: Legit, But Not Recommended.

But before taking one more step, see my #1 recommendation – It equips you with the essentials for building a lucrative affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.

Alternatively, check out two of my top-rated ‘Done-For-You’ systems with multiple recurring income streams built-in 😉 :

  1. My Online Startup
  2. 12 Minute Affiliate


What’s Multiple Streams Machine All About, You Ask?

In a nutshell; Multiple Streams Machine is exactly what it states on the tin:

A system that you can plug into for earning affiliate commissions from various opportunities.

The sales pitch boldly claims that MSM is a “zero cost” opportunity that pours out daily payments 24/7, 365 days a year…

And it doesn’t involve MLM/Network Marketing, selling, catches, hidden fees and gotchas.

Basically, all the usual hype with the majority of systems like the Stupid Simple System and Profits Passport, to name a couple.

Except, most of those statements aren’t exactly true when it comes to MSM, unfortunately.

  1. The word “free” IS a myth in the digital space.
  2. It DOES involve MLM opportunities.
  3. And there ARE catches & gotchas…

Because MSM does actually come with a big price tag, since you must invest in multiple opportunities in order to roll with your system.

On top of that, some opportunities that you’re roped into joining are, in fact, MLMs and recruitment style schemes.


So right off the bat, this system raises far too many red flags, for my liking.

But let’s not beat about the bush any longer…


How Does This Whole Multiple Streams Machine Thing Work?

The good news is that I joined, so I can show you the ins and outs – starting with the members’ dashboard that looks like THIS:
Multiple Streams Machine Members Dashboard
I won’t bore you to tears with all the details…

But you basically get resources in terms of pre-written ads and basic YouTube videos on various ways of generating traffic to your system.

As for the system itself, you’ll need to first join 5 different opportunities that pay out affiliate commissions.

Where you’ll then set up your affiliate links for said opportunities inside your system and promote it to recruit others who do the same.

To be honest, I think these types of systems are great for newbies because they sure can make life easier when it comes to turning a buck online.

But on the flip side, at what cost, hey?

Here are the 5 income streams inside MSM…


1: MakeMoneyEven (MME)

Five Online Money Making OpportunitiesThe MakeMoneyEven sales video presenter “Martin” (who I believe is Martin Wilson himself) claims it’s “the only affiliate program of its kind”.

But I beg to defer since his opportunity actually revolves around “MLM” and not affiliate marketing.

So nice try, Martin! LOL.

All jokes aside, MME is an affiliate marketing training course (a basic one at best) that starts off at $10/year for the ‘Basic’ plan.

Where you’ll make $5 from every direct referral you bring into MME.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because as I said, it’s an MLM – where multiple $5 payments are passed up to you from your downline.

There’s also the ‘VIP’ level (which I’m guessing costs $100/year) because it brings you $50 commissions per referral.


2: Lead Lightning

As the name would suggest – Lead Lightning is all about generating leads for your online Biz by giving you the resources to do so.

According to the creator, it’s “the ultimate all-in-one commission spitting machine” for just a one-time 7 bucks.

But believe me, there’s always a sales funnel of upsells behind any 7-dollar internet marketing product you come across.

In this case, there are the following membership levels to invest in and earn from:

  • At the $7 level, you can make $6 per referral.
  • Gold – $50(ish) per month. You’ll make $20/month from each referral.
  • Diamond – I’m not entirely sure about the cost, but there’s a $100 commission per sale.
  • Platinum – $497 one-time. You’ll get $400 per referral.
  • Master Traffic Institute – $1,497. Make $900 per referral.

Obviously, each level comes with more bells and whistles for helping you and your referrals to generate more leads.

But they are quite pricey levels, right?


3: My 20 Dollar Travel Business

My 20 Dollar Travel Business is “the best savings business in the world”, according to the sales page.

Where it’s basically a business opportunity that allows you to earn from helping other folks save a few bucks on stuff like:

  • Shopping
  • Hotel rooms & condos
  • Cars & insurance, etc…

The costs and commissions are as follows:

  • Gold Member – $20. This gets you $10 fast start, $10 bonuses, $5/monthly & $1 team overrides.
  • Platinum Member – $100. The opportunity to earn $50 fast start, $50 bonuses, $25/monthly & $5 team overrides.

There’s also the $1 membership level, but there are fewer benefits and your commissions are drastically reduced, obviously.

In all honesty, I’m not really a fan of this opportunity.

Because are you really saving peeps money or just “recruiting” a team to make you $$$?


4: Newbies on Fire

Funnily enough, I recently came across Newbies On Fire through by connecting with a gal named “Adriana Villegas” on Facebook.

Whom, BTW, is seriously crushing it with the program – raking in $1,000 paydays.

So kudos to that lady!

Very similar to Easy1Up (but slightly better in some respects) – Newbies On Fire is basically a recruitment opportunity.

Where members join through your link and spend anywhere from $25 – $1,000 (+ admin fees) on various internet marketing training packages.

Which, you’ll make 100% commissions off of each package (providing you’ve actually bought into the same packages yourself.

I’m not gonna dive too deep into Newbies On Fire, but you’ll earn pass up commissions as well.


5: Global Domains International (

I actually joined Global Domains InternationaI (GDI) many moons ago during my spring chicken online money-making days.

Yeah, I made some commissions, but I spent more on the membership and driving paid traffic than I actually made. *BIG SIGH*

Anyway, GDI is basically an MLM platform that offers domain names, web hosting, other related services, and Biz Opp resources.

The price to join varies from $10/month – $40/month (+ other fees), where you can earn 10% recurring commissions on 5 levels.

There’s some great money-making potential with GDI, but it doesn’t offer very cost-effective services, in all honesty.


Final Conclusion: Is Multiple Streams Machine a Scam?

In my truthful opinion…

Despite Martin Wilson telling porkies on his sales page, his resources not all being up to scratch, and the income streams being MLMs/recruitment opportunities…

I actually believe that Multiple Streams Machine is legitimate.

But on the flip side, the overall costs of the 5 opportunities combined aren’t exactly a drop in the bucket, are they?

Furthermore, if you’re not a fan of driving free organic social media traffic to your system…

Then your only option is to splash out $100s – $1,000s in additional costs for paid traffic methods like solo ads.

Because in my experience with ‘Done-For-You’ systems (especially when it comes to My Online Startup)…

It can easily take you a good few months of topping up your system with referrals to start gaining momentum in terms of profits.

But before you dash off…

If you’d love a much better option for building your own sustainable Biz from scratch as an affiliate marketer (the true way to make bank)…

And you’d like to get your hands on WordPress websites, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a 2-million member community – Start with Wealthy Affiliate for free!

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on MSM? Please jump on the conversation below…


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