MoolaVine Review: [Will You Easily Make a Heap of Dosh?]

Inside my unbiased review, you’re about to get the skinny on MoolaVine.

Bryan Winters (the creator) claims his program easily allows you to build an income on the internet using the power of cooperation.

But is it just another hyped-up product full of empty promises?

Or are you really gonna be laughing all the way to the bank as a successful affiliate marketer?

For a truthful answer, there’s only one thing for it…

You’ll have to jump into THIS honest and truthful review…

At a Quick Glance

MoolaVine Review
Name: MoolaVine (MV).

Owner: Bryan Winters (the dude behind 5 Figure Day & My Funnel Empire).


Cost: Free + $100s for Upsells & other products.

My Score: 4/10.


  • Free to start
  • Some basic promotional materials provided
  • Help & support is on offer
  • Potential to make some money (but it won’t be easy)


  • Sales page is hyped-up
  • Buying products & recruiting others is the name of the game
  • Poor & also costly traffic-generation methods recommended
  • Lacks in-depth training on marketing MV
  • Comes with numerous upsells
  • Your success isn’t guaranteed


While MoolaVine may seem like a smart way of earning online, I’ve found numerous flaws with the product, sadly.

The way in which you make money with the system is by having to actually spend money yourself on ClickBank/JVZoo products every month.

(Trust me, your costs can easily stack up!)

And then your job is to refer others to MV (via your referral link) who will do the same – earning you affiliate commissions.

This is not the right way to practice affiliate marketing, in my book.

Because the true aim of the game with affiliate marketing is to build yourself up as an authority by “HELPING” others within your niche.

This could be done as a YouTuber, building a WordPress blog or generating paid traffic to a sales funnel to building an email list, for example.

There are many directions you could choose to build a successful online empire.

I digress.

But what I really dislike about MV is that you’re encouraged to SPAM Facebook groups and invest $100s/$1,000s in solo ads for traffic to your MV link.

Because both methods present real risks (as outlined in this review).

But the absolute worst part about MV is that Winters has full control over your system and success.

What happens if one day he decided to pull the plug on MV?


Final Verdict: Legit. But Not Recommended.

But before continuing, see a handful of my top recommendations for making sustainable money as a novice affiliate marketer:


What is MoolaVine All About, Huh?

According to Winters, MoolaVine is an easy-peasy system that turns you a buck on the web through the concept of affiliate marketing.

The idea is that a “vine” of people will send you messages on a day-to-day basis – begging to buy your affiliate product offers.

You then shoot back your affiliate links to those peeps, who invest in your recommendations – earning you at least $300 daily in commissions.

And apparently, once you’ve set up the money-making system, it runs for you on autopilot around the clock.

Winters refer to this as the “reverse affiliate marketing” approach, which sounds more appealing than “chasing” people down like the Network Marketing crowd.

Right? LOL.

However, with that said, MV does come across as too good to be true on the surface.

Because once you get behind-the-scenes access (like I did), some of the ways in which the system works are disappointing – especially how you drive traffic.

But enough of my waffle…


How The MoolaVine System Process Actually Works…

The whole idea is to recruit others into MV using your referral link.

But before they’re allowed to become members, they have to agree to purchase both ClickBank and JVZoo products from inside MV.

Basically, your referrals must submit “purchase requests” to you inside their members’ area, whenever they wish to buy certain products.

And you reply with your product affiliate links – putting commissions in your pockets.

This is how the whole MV system stays afloat – members’ buy products from one another.

Here’s the money-making process broken down…


#1: Let’s Go Shopping, Baby!

Once you’ve seen a 15-minute video intro from Winters, there’s a quick 10-minute ‘Go Shopping’ video together with a ‘Purchase Request Form’.
ClickBank and JVZoo Product Purchase Request Form and Go Shopping Tutorial
Right off the bat, you’re encouraged to buy a ClickBank or JVZoo product by submitting a request to the person who referred you to MV.

They’ll shoot back their affiliate link, you buy the product, and they collect a commission from ClickBank or JVZoo.

When you purchase a product, you’re awarded 1 ‘Green Day’ (no, not the rock band lol) for every $1 you spend.

This is to keep your MV membership active, otherwise you lose the ability to refer others to MV and earn commissions yourself.

But the good news is that you automatically get 5 ‘Green Days’ as a brand new member of MV.
MoolaVine Five Green Days Remaining
However, it just means you have less than a week to purchase your very first product for your MV account to remain active.

Or you can simply buy the ‘Green Day Plan’ instead – giving you unlimited ‘Green Days’.


#2: Time to Start Raking in The Dough!

Or is it, that’s the golden question?…

The second part of the equation involves a 12-minute video on how to insert your ClickBank affiliate ID, reply to requests, and view your commissions.

And then it’s off to the races – sharing your unique MV invite link to “Grow Your Vine”.
MoolaVine Invite Link and Social Media Resources
Where, Winters also provides you with resources like pre-written emails and banner ads for your MV campaigns.

Furthermore, you get basic guidance on using solo ads and sharing your MV link + ads in Facebook groups and other places for traffic.

But unfortunately, this way of doing affiliate marketing poses big risks, in my experience of making money since 1999 (I’ll explain why in a jiffy).

Now, as far as help and support goes, you can contact the support team with any issues or like the MV Facebook fan page.

However, with just 267 likes + 300 followers (at the time of writing), don’t expect much engagement.


3 Reasons Why I’m Not MoolaVine’s Biggest Fan

Firstly, affiliate marketing involves providing helpful content and building your own brand as opposed to blasting out raw affiliate links.

Simply posting links and ads in Facebook groups makes you a “spammer”, thus harming your reputation.

Not to mention the fact that you’re competing with other MV members’ adopting the same approach. UGH.

Secondly, without in-depth training on solo ads, you’ll spend a fortune – especially when results can’t be guaranteed.

Furthermore, there are some really crappy solo ad vendors who will take your money and send you a bunch of useless bot traffic.

So you really have to be clued-up on solo ads and made aware of the hidden dangers before diving in head first.

Don’t get me wrong, solo ads CAN work…

But expect to fork out $100s (even $1,000s) on the paid traffic method before you’ll break-even and even start to profit.

And thirdly, you shouldn’t have to buy product-after-product just for the sake of “making money” from affiliate marketing.

Because you’re not a Network Marketer, at the end of the day, right?

The REAL way to do it is by joining free affiliate programs and learning HOW to promote the products yourself.

Admittedly, there are some great JVZoo and ClickBank products in the ‘Internet Marketing’ category that can benefit your MV marketing efforts.

But at the same time, you’ll be enticed with multiple upsells, and there’s a lot of “get-rich-quick” garbage to avoid too.

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How Much Does MoolaVine Cost in Total?

Winters claims it’s free, but that’s only up until your 5 ‘Green Days’ are up.

After that, you’ll need to start buying ClickBank and/or JVZoo products on a monthly basis to keep your MV account rolling.

The products will easily cost you $100s – $1,000s over time – especially if you’re buying upsells as well.

Or the other option is to buy the unlimited ‘Green Day Plan’ upsell for $20/month, which also allows you to earn $10 – $200 a pop in commissions.

Winters has a couple of other upsells up his sleeve:

  • ‘Done For You 5 Minute Emails’ = $97
  • ‘MV Traffic Co-Op’ = $40, $80 or $120

But the biggest cost comes with putting your MV link in front of solo ad traffic, which will easily set you back $100s – $1,000s…

Even more if you’re careless when it comes to the traffic method.


Final Conclusion: Is MoolaVine a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownAfter looking behind the scenes of MoolaVine, I can confidently say it’s a legit because Winters delivers some value.

But with that said, the product comes at a big cost in more ways than one.

First of all, you’ll end up investing a ton of cash in products and also an expensive traffic method with no guaranteed income.

And secondly, do you really want to be dubbed as a “serial spammer” for sharing your MV link and ads across a bunch of Facebook groups?

In my opinion, MV isn’t a particularly great way to make money, considering the fact there’s the risk of you being out-of-pocket, big time.

So overall, I think you’re treading on rocky ground with MV.

While I hold nothing against Winters himself, every product I’ve bought from him feels like I’m stepping back in time to the 90s when the web was all spammy.

Because some of his strategies just make you cringe, in all honesty.


Want a Cost-Efficient Money-Making Solution?…

By no means is earning a full-time income online an easy-peasy automated process because it requires heaps of hard work.

Not to mention the fact that the right training, tools, and a 24/7 support group also come into play.

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This is how affiliate marketing should really be done instead of being forced to shell out on products for the sake of profits, in my opinion.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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