Money Looper Review: [A SCAM Going Round & Round?]

Thanks for checking out my unbiased Money Looper review!

To fall for this ‘get-rich-quick’ crap, you’d seriously need to be loopier than the Joker and his girlfriend, Harley Quinn. 😛

But in all seriousness, if you want to know why you should avoid this money-maker like a plague of locusts, dive into THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

Money Looper Scam Review

Name: Money Looper (ML for short).

Owner: Mike Thomas/Mike Dee (both stage acts).


Cost: $37 + $197 for an Upsell.

My Score: 2/10.


  • ClickBetter has a refund policy (but they also make the process difficult)
  • A perfect example of the products to avoid purchasing


  • Hyped up sales page
  • Owner’s an alias
  • Actual product’s unsatisfactory for success
  • Comes with an upsell
  • Help & support is non-existent – don’t even bother filling in the contact form


If you really think Money Looper is some “magic loophole” for stuffing your bank with $10,000s, then you’re nuttier than a fruitcake.

Not only is the entire sales page highly deceptive, but the product itself comes with a bunch of shoddy resources…

In terms of just 3 extremely short videos dating back to 2013 – making the so-called training as stale as a piece of stilton cheese.

In fact, you can find MUCH better and fresh training videos on YouTube without parting with a single penny.

So don’t throw your hard-eared bucks at this garbage or you’ll regret it.

At the end of the day, the CREATOR (whoever they are) is the only one laughing all the way to the bank with ML.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Money Looper About, You Ask?

According to the video spokesman, Money Looper is an ingenious way of making a fortune on the net (7 days a week) from other people’s effort.

And they’re absolutely clueless about you profiting from their donkey-work too.

In fact, the method is so brilliant, that the spokesman (Mike) himself claims to have made literally $1,000,000s from it!

He then bangs on about how crap his life was as as a broke janitor before he stumbled across a “money loophole” and designed some magical software…

Where you simply tap your smartphone screen and watch the big bucks roll into your account without lifting a finger.

And it’s not gonna require you to risk a single cent of your own money either…

Blah, blah, blah.

The truth be told, the guy talks utter baloney because the notion of “get-rich-quick” is a fabrication.

Even with Done-For-You systems like Partner With Anthony and My Online Startup (to name a couple)…

Those things called hard work, time, and cash investments all come into play.

Magic bullets just don’t exist. Period.

To further prove my point that Mike’s full of fluff, see reviews of other far-fetched money-makers I’ve recently exposed:

But before I explain the ins and outs of ML…

See other scam warnings that should be enough to put you off like rotten tomatoes…

Red Flag #1: Who is This “Mike Thomas” Muppet?

Mike Thomas who also goes by “Mike Dee” from ‘Mike Dee Rich Janitor’ (which is ML rehashed)…

Claims to be the brains behind ML.

Meet Mike.

My Name is Mike Thomas Creator of Money Looper

Oh wait, no photo!

So you’re just meant to take his word for it with no proof of his identity?


Unfortunately, it’s common practice for scam artists to fly under the radar using pen names.

Because they can get away with duping folks.

For all we know, Mike could be anyone...

Mike Tyson, Mike Myers, Mike Trout…

Heck, he could even be a SHE!

And as for the video spokesman, you can bet a dollar to a dime that he’s been hired as voiceover to read from a script.

Because, again, he fails to show his face on camera.

Red Flag #2: Misleading Affiliate Income Snapshots

Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with product creators sharing income screenshots of their online earnings.

Because, it’s a great way of making their products more credible.

But when shady individuals like “Mike” share their 3-figure days, it’s setting unrealistic expectations for newbies.

ClickBank Daily Affiliate Earnings of Hundreds of Dollars
Mike Apparently Makes $100s in Affiliate Commissions Daily With ClickBank.

Furthermore, the income in the above snapshots could have been generated from anywhere online.

For example, from the numerous peeps that Mike’s duped into buying ML or other shady products he owns or is affiliated with.

Heck, his results may even belong to somebody else or even fabricated.

Because with the software that’s available today, makes it very easy to fool folks on the web.

So, these are just a few possibilities to take into consideration before parting with your hard-earned buckaroonies.

Red Flag #3: Lowers You Into a False Sense of Security

First of all, he tells says ML is unsuitable for “get-rich-quick seekers”.

Because it’s unlike 95.5% of systems promising the world on a plate.

Hello!… Isn’t ML already a perfect example of a scam itself? LOL.

Secondly, according to Mike, the gurus prevent you from making money.

Because they’re selfish – wanting the web all to themselves.

Complete Scams Being Ran by Selfish Gurus
Selfish Millionaires Stop You Making Money

If that was really the case, then how are millions of “non-gurus” around the globe earning an income from affiliate marketing?

You only have to search Google and YouTube for product reviews (like THIS one) to see normal folks crushing it online.

Thirdly, Mike reckons the scammy gurus hurt him (in a non-physical sense).

The Gurus Hurt Me

And wants you to partner up with him for sweet revenge.

Aww, my heart bleeds for the guy. It really does…

Don’t believe a single word of it though.

Because he deploys every shady trust tactic under the sun to make you buy his so-called product.

Red Flag #4: It’s a ClickBetter Product

Similar to WarriorPlus and ClickBank – ClickBetter is a marketplace and affiliate network selling digital products.

Except, with ClickBetter – it lists money-making products of the absolute WORST kind…

In terms of get-rich-quick crap like ML.

But to rub salt in the wound, ClickBetter puts a gazillion hurdles in your way when trying to claim your money back.

So just bear this in mind before you go chucking your hard-earned spondoolies in the ML creator’s direction.

How Does Money Looper Work?

ML helps you to exploit loopholes on the web for raking in a fortune through affiliate marketing as easy as pie, allegedly.

While, it’s true that ML revolves around the money-making concept of affiliate marketing.

Everything else is all smoke and mirrors.

Because the product simply does not work as promised on tin, the end of the day.

Once you hand over your 37 dollars, you’ll gain access to a dashboard containing a dolly mixture of resources.

First up, The 3 Money Looper ‘Loopholes’ (Yeah, Right!)

This section contains 3 videos that cover:

  1. PickyDomains – a risk-free naming service (1 minute 58 seconds)
  2. Cardpool – a buying a selling gift card service (1 min 10 secs)Update: It’s now closed due the pandemic.
  3. Nielsen App – a research app (1 min 16 secs)

However, some reviews refer to the latter money-making method as ‘TV Ratings’.

Whether that’s replaced the Nielsen App, I’m not 100% sure.

But regardless, those 3 shallow videos are really nothing to shout home about, I’m afraid…

Because the videos (if you can actually call them that) just skim over a bunch of methods that will make you peanuts on the internet.

Secondly, Emergency Cash Generator Videos

When it comes to this section, you’ll find just 6 videos on various buck-turning methods from some random “Ryan Wise” guy.

emergency cash generator videos

The video topics are as follows:

  • Emergency Cash Generator Parts 1 & 2 – they cover a GPT site called CashCrate, which only pays out peanuts for easy tasks. Ideal if you’re a college kid wanting pocket money, I guess lol.
  • Bonus: Easy $100/Day Method – promoting (or should I say spamming?) ClickBank products directly on Craigslist.
  • Forgotten Traffic Plans – (the next 3 videos only talk about the topics – there’s no step-by-step stuff)
  • Effective List Building Blueprint
  • ClickBank Takeover Part 1

There’s also some Facebook stuff chucked in there, it’s all about Facebook article sharing – sharing articles containing ClickBank product affiliate links.

The Facebook thing may make you a few bucks (if you’re lucky), but it’s no way to build a sustainable Biz online.

So just don’t wee your pants with excitement.

Because again, the videos and topics aren’t exactly worth shouting from the rooftops over.

Because they won’t exactly make you wealthy beyond measure online.

Then again, you should expect nothing less from some “$37 product”.

Thirdly, Generic eBooks (UGH!)

If you think you’re getting value for money with this section, guess again.

Because all you get are 3 lame eBooks dating back to 2013 that cover:

  1. 7 Secrets of Affiliate Marketing
  2. Power of Article Marketing
  3. Affiliate Directories

Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to turn a buck on the internet, don’t get me wrong.

But the guidance inside these PDFs is the kind of stuff I followed YEARS ago when I first got started in the affiliate marketing arena…

Times have now changed, the internet has evolved…

So following this training won’t do you any good.

You’re far better off turning to free sites like YouTube for learning about current strategies.

Finally, Tools & Updates

Don’t expect to get your hands on some sort of software.

Because you’ll just gain access to even more eBooks here – downloadable ZIP files.

Money Looper Tools and Updates Section

The eBook topics cover:

  • Business Vitality
  • Squeeze Page to Bank Account
  • Extreme List Building System
  • Easy Way to Market with Video

Which, to be honest, feels like just a bunch of PLR eBooks have been randomly thrown into the mix to add more value to ML.

Don’t get me wrong, the PDFs contain SOME level of real value that can help you on your online money-making quest.

But don’t think for one second, they’ll deliver what’s promised throughout the hyped-up ML sales pitch.

How Much Does it Cost?

When I originally published this review in 2021, the price was $37 + plus an upsell of $197.

But now, if you click off the sales page, the price is reduced to just $4.74 LOL.

Which, screams out “desperation” on the creator’s part from my point of view.

But at least you won’t be out-of-pocket by $100s like some cash-stealing pipe dream products out there.

Furthermore, there are no longer any upsells either, which I guess is comforting…

So the most you’ll lose is almost 5 bucks with ML.

Which, in my opinion, is still too much to lose – you could grab a Starbucks for that LOL.

Final Thoughts: Is Money Looper a Scam?

Despite Money Looper offering something and also ClickBetter having a refund policy, it’s still a scam to dodge, in my book.

If ML is legitimate, then how come the sales page pulls the wool over your eyes with ‘pipe dream’ baloney?

Why doesn’t the true creator step out from the shadows?

Why does he or she use dirty mind trickery?

And more importantly…

Why do you not get REAL value for money instead of sub-par resources that don’t cost a penny from other areas of the web, huh?

In my opinion, you’d seriously need to be crazier than the Mad Hatter to invest in ML.

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Cool or what?

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on ML to share? Please join the conversation downstairs…


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