Millionaire Society Review: [Is The “Elite” Club Waiting?]

Thanks for reading my unbiased review of the Millionaire Society!

According to its creator, you can download his internet business to your computer – making life much easier as an affiliate marketer.

But here’s the question:

Will this product really allow you to join the ranks of the digital millionaire top dogs like John Crestani, for example?

Or is it gonna enroll you in a boneyard-style club comprising unsuccessful marketers who don’t earn enough to even rub two coins together?

All shall be revealed inside THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

Millionaire Society Review
Name: Millionaire Society (MS).

Owner: Mack Michaels (allegedly).


Cost: $4.95 for 7 days & $97/month thereafter + $47/month for VIP.

My Score: 3/10.


  • Offers a cheap 7-day trial
  • Video Tutorials & DFY resources
  • Email support available
  • ClickBank has a refund policy


  • A LOT of training – probably too much
  • Some training areas are stale
  • No information on the owner Mack Michaels
  • Full membership’s overpriced, in my opinion
  • Additional funds for implementing the strategies
  • Comes with upsells


Put simply, the Millionaire Society revolves around a ‘Done-For-You’ website that you can use to give away a stack of PLR ebooks to your visitors.

Which in turn can help you to earn from whatever affiliate products you choose to promote on the backend.

Additionally, you’ll get plenty of training on various areas of internet and affiliate marketing to help you promote your website.

BUT the website you get comes across as a little tacky and the training’s not just on the heavy side, but also outdated in numerous areas.

Which isn’t good enough for the price you pay for this product.

In my opinion, you could make some money with MS.

But since it’s in need of a revamp, I don’t think you’ll be running with the 5 or 6-figure wolves anytime soon.

Final Verdict: Legit But Not Recommended.

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What’s The Millionaire Society All About, You Say?

Mack Michaels reckons that Millionaire Society allows you to clone his web-based business to make it easier to rake in an affiliate income.

Now, if Affiliate Marketing seems all alien to you, it’s a pretty simple concept to get your head around:

You promote products for product publishers who reward you with a cut of any sales known as “commissions”.

That’s basically it.

So in order to do just that, Mack claims to offer you a ‘Done-For-You’ Biz that can be set up in just 15 minutes.

In fact, you can get 135 of these “turnkey” businesses that are designed to bring you commissions on autopilot around the clock 7 days a week.

I dunno bout you, but this whole thing seems seriously hyped-up, in all honesty.

Trust me, I’m no stranger to this hype – as you’ll see from:

WP Affiliate Machine, Income League, Project Profit Academy, and Rory Ricord, to name some products I’ve reviewed on my blog.

Unfortunately, what you generally find with this type of stuff is that the sales pages over-deliver, while the actual products under deliver.

So is MS gonna be on the same level, huh?

You’ll soon find out, young grasshopper!

But first…


How Does The Millionaire Society Operation Work?

The inside of the members looks just like THIS:
Millionaire Society Members Area
Where there are numerous tabs providing all sorts of stuff like webinar training, mindset guidance, a video library, and support, etc.

However, to unlock every single section, you must upgrade to VIP membership – which I’ll discuss shortly.

But anyway, with your 7-day trial and normal membership plan, here’s a quick run-through of what you’ll gain access to:


Member Introduction

Here, there are ‘Full Tour’, ‘Using Roadmap’, and ‘Your Concierge’ videos.

Basically, you’ll learn about all the moving parts under the hood of the MS system.



There are 3 video walkthroughs on ‘Affiliate Marketing’, ‘Turnkey Businesses’, and ‘Traffic Generation’.

Put simply, this section is designed to help you start off on the right foot as an affiliate marketer and help you understand the path to success better.



In my opinion, this is the real meat and potatoes of MS because there are 78 tutorials here!

You’re gonna learn about all sorts of topics revolving around the internet marketing arena like:

All this may seem awesome, but some newbies will consider it as “info overload”.

Because instead of Mack teaching you the ins and outs of just ONE path (i.e. blogging & SEO) – your brain’s being overloaded by many.

This in itself can actually cause newbies to take little to no action, and worst of all – quit.

In my experience, you must learn the ropes of (and also master) one strategy before advancing to the next.

Making money online is all about keeping things simple, at the end of the day.



Here, there’s a couple of videos on ‘Affiliate Analysis’ and ‘Affiliate Command Centers’.

Put simply, they cover the basics of affiliate marketing and making use of email, banner, and marketing kits.

However, some concepts taught here are probably too basic and also fairly outdated.

Trust me, internet marketing is evolving at a rapid rate – so learning “outdated” stuff isn’t gonna do you any favours in today’s climate.


Systems, Software, Businesses & Rolodex

First of all, there are 4 types of money-making systems you can roll with:

  1. How To Get 100K Visitors in Just 1 Hour
  2. How To Make Money on ClickBank
  3. Pinterest Profits
  4. Domain Flipping

And in order to get the systems up and running, there are 7 videos inside each one.

Secondly, there are 2 software packages comprising ‘Affiliate Accelerator’ and ‘Profit Bank’ that basically coincide with the 4 business models above.

Thirdly, the “turnkey” businesses you get are basically 160 PDFs (PLR ebooks) that you’ll be giving away to your website visitors.

There’s nothing really ground-breaking about the ebooks, in all honesty. In fact, some could be outdated too.

But speaking of PDFs:

See Work At Home Scams & Secrets – a great ebook I read that provides golden knowledge on scam avoidance and making $ with affiliate marketing.

And finally, there are 45 various tools and resources you can leverage for your business building efforts.


What About Help & Support, Huh?

When it comes to the member support side of things, you can submit a ticket to the support team.

However, I’m not sure how timely the responses are, since I haven’t taken the support thing for a spin.

There’s also a Facebook page (with over 50K likes) – which seems to be mostly for MS “affiliates”, but customers can also benefit.

BUT the biggest downside to the group is that it’s been inactive for YEARS.
Inactive Facebook Fan Page
The last time Mack posted was in 2012!

This clearly indicates that he has no interest in supporting his affiliates/members on FB.

But maybe this is down to FB itself, throttling organic traffic – causing very little member engagement. Who knows.


What’s The Cost of The Millionaire Society?

For a 7-day trial, it’s only $4.95.

After that, it’s $97/month – which is overpriced, in my book.

But if you wanna unlock the full benefits of MS, VIP will set you back another $47/month.

Additionally, if you want to leverage any tool or paid traffic recommendations for starting and growing your Biz, you’re easily looking at $100s.

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Final Conclusion: Is The Millionaire Society a Scam?

In my totally honest opinion, NO, the Millionaire Society isn’t a scam because there’s some value to take away inside the product.

But while Mack offers plenty of value, there are downsides to the product that should be taken into consideration before you invest.

Firstly, there’s way too much training that will cause info-overload – especially when it covers a broad spectrum of internet marketing topics.

Secondly, numerous training areas are in desperate need of a make-over because they’re outdated.

We’re now in the 2020s, not the 1990s lol.

And thirdly, the Facebook fan page is a cause for concern because why hasn’t it been active for the last 8 years?!

This can reflect badly on the “support” angle from Mack, in my book.

Overall, MS is legit. But it’s not a product I’m gonna recommend, unfortunately.


See a Kick-Ass Way of Doing Affiliate Marketing…

The unfortunate things about Millionaire Society are that it doesn’t just seem to over-complicate the money-making process.

But you’re charged $97 monthly – when I know for a fact there are MUCH cheaper and better alternatives like FIMP and Wealthy Affiliate, for example.

But let’s focus on Wealthy Affiliate…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on MS? Please hop on the conversation below…


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