Million Dollar Replicator Review: [Another Copycat SCAM?]

I appreciate you dropping in on my honest review of Million Dollar Replicator!

Apparently, you can easily rake in $1 million per year on the internet with this product. Hence, the name lol.

But joking aside, will this product REALLY live up to its claims?

Or is it gonna be another pile of “get-rich-quick” crap leaving you down in the dumps?

Hmm, let’s find out!…

At a Quick Glance

Million Dollar Replicator
Name: Million Dollar Replicator (MDR).

Owner: Michael Sachs (allegedly).


Cost: $9 + Upsells.

My Score: 0/10.


  • The potential to get refunded


  • No product actually provided
  • Hyped-up sales page
  • Makes misleading income claims
  • Owner’s a pen name & voiceover
  • Fake testimonials recorded by Fiverr sellers
  • Fake Scarcity tactics
  • Comes with hidden upsells


If you want my sincere advice: Take the Millionaire Dollar Replicator with a grain of salt because the whole thing’s a fat scam in disguise.

First of all, both the sales page and video are full of hype, unrealistic income claims, and blatant lies.

And secondly, no product actually exists because once you make payment, there is no members’ area, no nothing.

Oh wait… YES there is… The opportunity to splash out $100s on upsells in order to line the con artist’s pockets.

WOW, aren’t you the lucky one?!

So avoid MDR like the London Plague because it’s no magical Start Trek-like replicator machine, I assure you.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Million Dollar Replicator About, You Say?

According to the video spokesperson, Million Dollar Replicator is gonna enable you to make a million dollars every single year without breaking a sweat.

Basically, the sales pitch is full of fluff – telling you EXACTLY what you wanna hear when it comes to earning a life-changing income.

As much as I hate to say it, there’s NO money-making product or “system” on planet Earth that will ever make all your dreams come true as easy as pie.

Think about it for a sec…

If MDR really delivered what’s advertised on the tin, then why isn’t everybody in the world stinking rich like Donald Trump by now?

And also, why is the creator selling it at a ridiculously low price of just $9? LOL.

In fact, the price has dropped down from $37. So it speaks volumes about the product quality and also creator’s real intentions.

Wouldn’t you agree?

If you want to familiarise yourself further with the hyped up MDR sales page, see other products of a similar nature:


How Does Million Dollar Replicator “Really” Work?

The truth be told, the whole thing is one giant SCAM because there is NO *GASP* product!

What happens once you make a purchase is that you get hit with upsells instead of access to the system – which is pretty shocking, to say the least.

So I should imagine A LOT of disgruntled customers are putting in refund requests with ClickBank/ClickBetter.

But even if there was a product, I can guarantee it would be some crappy generic, shallow, and outdated training on affiliate marketing, etc.

Because it’s always the same story with these cheap products selling you “the dream” on a silver platter.

But anyway, see a few of the warning signs that come with MDR from the offset…


Red Flag #1: Michael Sachs is a Ficticious Character…

The sales video spokesman leads you to believe he’s “Michael Sachs” – the creator.

But unfortunately, marketplaces like make it very easy for scammers to hire “voiceovers” in this day and age.

And as for the name Michael Sachs, he may seem convincing with his pic and story – BUT his face is a stock photo from
Michael Sachs Million Dollar Replicator Creator
So I think it’s reasonable to say the guy’s a stage act with a BS story.

If MDR is such a miracle life-changer, then why does its creator hide his or her TRUE identity like a coward?


Red Flag #2: Fake Claims of Success…

Apparently, there are numerous guys n’ gals really raking in the dollars (in terms of $1,000s) as easy as pie with MDR.

For example, see this guy here (who also did a fake testimonial for AZ Formula).
Fake Million Dollar Replicator Testimonial From Dark Haired Man
I’m sorry, but these people are total LIARS.

Because if you browse the marketplace long enough, you’ll discover those peeps are actors peddling “spokesperson” services.

Want solid proof?

Meet the same guy again.

Dark Haired Man Selling Professional Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


So quite clearly, the dirtbag behind MDR has “paid” him to read from a script filled with nothing but LIES.

In my experience in the ‘make-money’ arena, any “legitimate” product creator would NEVER have to pay actors to record fake testimonials.

PSST! See First-Time Internet Marketing Profits for genuine member testimonials. 😉


Red Flag #3: Fake Scarcity Throughout…

When it comes to the sales page itself, there are numerous tactics deployed to scare you into making a quick purchase.

You’re told all sorts of crap like “warning: this page will be removed at a certain time on a certain day”

And “warning: only a few copies remain. Secure your spot now!” – along with a countdown clock.

But if you load up the sales page this time tomorrow or even next week, the same scaremongering tactics will still be at play.


So really, it’s just another crafty way for the MDR creator to get his or her greedy hands on YOUR cash.

And the list of red flags just go on…

But I’m sure you get the REAL idea behind this product now, right?


Final Thoughts: Is The Million Dollar Replicator a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownHmm, let me see…

Well, since the sales page leads you astray with “get-rich-quick” baloney + lies, lies, and even more LIES…

And also given the fact that no product actually exists behind the scenes – which means you’re getting ZERO value for money…

Then YES, the Millionaire Dollar Replicator is a scam that I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot barge pole.

At the end of the day, the unethical toerag behind MDR has designed the so-called money-maker for HIS or HER own benefit.

He or she really couldn’t give a flying f*ck about your success or failure online – as long as they are the one profiteering.

So I suggest you tell them where they can shove their product (lol) before you become another one of their victims.


After Something That “Actually” Makes You $?…

If you wanna earn a full-time income online, then you must STOP chasing “silver bullet” crap like MDR and be prepared to work hard.

Because there is no substitute on the internet, it’s as simple as that.

Those who fall for far-fetched products are always gonna be the ones who lose out because they’re designed to make the creators’ wealthy instead.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any thoughts or questions on MDR? Please hop on the conversation below…


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