Massive Internet Profits Review: [Colossal SCAM To Dodge?]

I actually came across Massive Internet Profits many moons ago. But even to this very day in 2022, it’s STILL doing the rounds on the web.

So, I decided to put this review together to help you decide for yourself whether or not it’s a BIG scam to dodge like a bullet.

Without further ado, let’s dive into my review to discover more about Massive Internet Profits and if it really does what’s advertised on the tin…

What Is Massive Internet Profits All About?

Well, when you first arrive on the landing page that looks something like this:

massive internet profits website

The website boldly states that you can start banking HUGE commissions of $1,250 – $5,000 at a time.

Also, according to the site, the commissions are easy and fast to generate without any experience needed.

And to really build that trust-factor with you, the page displays the whole “working from home is featured on CNN, etc” thing.

Sounds like a magical dream come true…

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make that sort of cash without hardly breaking a sweat, right?

Unfortunately, it’s that EXACT “I believe in the tooth fairy” type of myth that the shady individual behind Massive Internet Profits wants you to believe in.


Because he or she gets off on preying on vulnerable folks like YOU for THEIR own bank account gains.

When I first stumbled across this so-called golden get-rich-quick opportunity of a lifetime, the landing page actually led you to MOBE (My Online Business Empire).

I don’t know if you remember, but the FTC put a stop to MOBE for being (in the FTC’s words) a “massive internet business coaching scheme”.

Because the founder Matt Lloyd charged students a kidney to participate in his program consisting of mega-expensive training products.

Products, which MOBE members then promoted as affiliates to pocket $1,250 -$5,000+ commissions at a time.

But even YEARS later, I still see the Massive Internet Profits creator up to his or her old tricks of promising you the same figures.

But if MOBE’s no longer alive, then what’s in its place?

Good question…

How Massive Internet Profits Works Behind The Scenes

The good news is that there’s no BS-filled tacky sales pitch video to endure – it’s just a simple landing page to have a quick glance at and fill in.

But here’s a special hack if you’re just curious about what comes next after the landing page:

To avoid getting your email inbox spammed to death by crap, I highly recommend you just enter any old mumbo-jumbo into the name, email, and phone fields.

Because there’s no filter in place – you’re still directed to the 2nd page.

You’re welcome! 😉

But anyways, Massive Internet Profits is just a steppingstone to a totally different so-called opportunity.

Other reviewers on Google claim the opportunity to be some ‘Bitcoin Evolution’ crap, but not in my experience.

It’s either those reviews are outdated (LOL) or the creator switched the opportunities.

Either way, I was redirected to some ‘’ baloney:

make money online website

Which is about making money online remotely, supposedly.

While there is some brief mention of the crypto world – AZ1 is a work at home opportunity created by 3 highly experienced online marketers, supposedly.

But I found 3 big red flags that make me skeptical of the whole thing.

Firstly, there’s no mention of their names – just 3 random faces of dudes that can easily be taken from a stock photo website.

Secondly, the page refers to earning 40% partner commissions and 10% from your downline.

But there’s no real info on HOW you’ll earn said commissions.

Furthermore, the word “downline” resembles a recruitment scheme to me, especially when it comes to the crypto sphere.

And thirdly, even if you wanted to join – when you hit the ‘Start Making Money Online Today!’ tab, a site error pops up.

So really, the creator him or herself has actually helped you to dodge their own bullet LOL.

Putting all this MOBE/crypto crap to one side – see how to start an affiliate Biz with a LEGIT platform.

It’s the best money-making model online by miles and EXACTLY how I started my own online business.

I haven’t looked back since, I’m telling ya!

Conclusion: Is Massive Internet Profits a FAT SCAM?

You bet your ass it is, young grasshopper!

Let’s look at the facts…

First of all, the initial sales page is highly deceptive because it peddles get-rich-quick statements to pull in vulnerable newbies.

Plus, the fact, it tries to pull the wool over your eyes with, what seems, fake news channel endorsements.

And secondly, with no actual info on the ins and outs of the seedy-looking crypto-style pyramid scheme on the next page…

Not to mention the fact, you don’t even know who’s actually running the show behind closed doors…

Definitely makes Massive Internet Profits a scam to avoid at all costs, in my book.

So, I hope by now, you can see for yourself EXACTLY what the so-called opportunity stands for.

Personally, I think if you do give your email address away, you’ll just be wasting your own time and potentially money too.

Because if the scam artist doesn’t suck you in with his or her Massive Internet Profits pipe dream…

They’ll likely catch you out with any other spammy get-rich-quick junk sitting in your inbox.

So, do yourself a favour and tread cautiously with this one.

Check Out A LEGIT Money-Making Alternative…

Unfortunately, the internet is full to the brim of make money online scams to trick unsuspecting beginners into parting with their hard-earned cash.

My Traffic Business, Money Looper, 20 Minute Cash System, and Mobile Site Sniper are just some of the examples I’ve reviewed on my blog.

But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the web.

Because not everything revolves around a pipe dream myth.

Personally, I’ve come across numerous legitimate programs that have actually helped me to make bank since the good old 90s lol…

One of which, is called Commission Academy, which is still a baby, but with STACKS of value to help you start off on the right foot online.

Because Commission Academy actually shows you what to do to start a niche website from scratch using the SiteRubix blog builder.

Not just that, but you’ll also get your hands on even more tools, step-by-step training and 24/7 community support for transforming your blog into a full-time affiliate income.

Your buddy, Neil.

If you have any questions or thoughts on anything in this review, please pop your comments below…

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