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If you’re looking for a review on Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Blackbook and a place to grab the PDF for $0, then your search ends HERE!

So, without beating around the bush, jump into this review for the ins and outs of the book and WHY it’s worth downloading…

What Is The Marketing Secrets Blackbook All About?

marketing secrets blackbook pdf

Put simply, inside the Marketing Secrets Blackbook, Russell Brunson shares 99 of the BEST secrets that took his ClickFunnels software from $0 to $100 million in sales in just 3 years!

So, you’ll learn all about certain little-known tricks and formulas that can also turn your business into a successful empire…

Whether you run an affiliate marketing, MLM, eCommerce, mobile or even a traditional brick and mortar Biz in ANY industry…

The Blackbook will suit you down to the ground if you need help growing your Biz in this day and age of digital marketing.

The 291-page PDF covers stuff like:

  • How ClickFunnels was transformed into a $100,000,000 software company
  • Special tactics to land more leads and customers for your Biz
  • How to build a big Biz from repeat sales
  • And so much more…

Russell leaves no stone left unturned – you can start implementing his VERY best secretive growth strategies, starting from today.

==> Grab Your Free Copy of The Blackbook Here!

The Marketing Secrets Blackbook Chapters?

The PDF is divided into the following 6 chapters – making it easier to wrap your head around:

Part 1: Foundations

In this first part, Russell basically helps you to lay the foundations to prepare your Biz as a million-dollar cash cow.

Part 2: Become an Expert

Whatever your type and size of business, Russell shares secrets on how to become an expert in your field.

Part 3: Your Offers

You’ll be taught how to create your product or service offers in a way that provides stacks of value to your audience.

This “Value Ladder” process is something Russell reveals in more depth inside his DotCom Secrets book.

Part 4: Funnels

Well, since Russell’s basically the “go to” guy when it comes to producing successful sales funnels…

It’s only natural that he teaches you how to build one for your own Biz in this chapter.

Whilst on the topic of funnels, also see Russell’s Perfect Webinar Script – it shows you how to put together an explosive webinar combined with a funnel.

Part 5: Sales

A variety of smart tactics are revealed on how to jump into the minds of your tribe to sell them more of your stuff you truly believe in.

Part 6: Mindset

In the last part, Russell dives into developing the right mindset to scale your Biz to the stars.

From experience, I can’t emphasize the importance of mindset enough.

Because having a super strong mindset will make you unstoppable.

How Much Does The Blackbook Cost (Is It Really Free?)

You’ll be pleased to know that you can download the PDF for free – all 291 pages of it!

You simply enter your name and email address, and the blackbook’s yours for the taking.

However, the only costs will involve applying the secrets to the building of your sales funnel, which obviously requires software to get the job done.

And YEP, you guessed it…

Russell recommends you take his own funnel software (ClickFunnels) for a 14-day free spin.

Which gives you more than enough time to start a funnel from scratch using his eBook’s guidance.

After the 2 weeks are up, you’ll need to invest at least $97/month for the software to keep your funnel active and build new ones if you wish.

Extra BONUS: Marketing Secrets Binge Guide…

I’ve followed Russell Brunson for some time now, and let me tell you – he always overdelivers when it comes to VALUE.

In this instance, he’s also giving away an extra 94-page PDF called the Marketing Secrets Binge Guide…

Which is also free *GASP* to download.

The Binge Guide is basically a companion of the Marketing Secrets Blackbook itself.

Because the Guide comprises more than 400 podcasts that literally take you behind the scenes of Russell’s journey…

Ya know, the same one that took his own business from start-up to $100 million in a few years!

So not only will you be armed with Russell’s 99 secrets, but you’ll be taken on a magical carpet ride (kinda lol).

==> Get Your Free Binge Guide Here!


  • It’s totally free of charge
  • Comes with another free PDF companion
  • 99 secrets that can impact your Biz tremendously
  • Ideal for newbies – pros in ANY field
  • Saves time & money having to figure out strategies for yourself
  • Russell Brunson is a reputable entrepreneur


  • It’s only available to download online
  • A lot of info to absorb
  • Unsuitable for those with “get rich quick” mentalities

Conclusion: Is The Marketing Secrets Blackbook Worth It?

Hmm, let me see…

Given the fact that the Marketing Secrets Blackbook doesn’t cost you a single penny to download…

It’s a chunky 200+ page PDF filled with invaluable guidance on really taking your business to new heights by leveraging the web’s power…

It’s a huge time and money-saver, since Russell spills the beans on nearly 100 of his golden Biz growth strategies…

AND there’s a free Binge Guide containing 400 podcasts documenting Russell’s journey, that fits hand-in-hand with the Blackbook…

I would say so, YES.

Furthermore, I’ve personally implemented some of Russell’s knowledge and wisdom into my own affiliate marketing business…

And those actions (I’m not saying which lol) have definitely paid off for me in the long term.

So, I highly recommend downloading the Marketing Secrets Blackbook – it can be a godsend to your Biz.

Your buddy, Neil.

Please feel free to share any questions and comments down below…


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