Leopard Lists Review: [Do Your Rivals SPOTS Really Vanish?]

Thanks for pouncing on my unbiased review of Leopard Lists!

According to Dawud Islam, you can knock the SPOTS off your rivals (LOL) by learning the secrets of email list building.

But will this product truly enable you to become “Top Cat” in the cat-eat-cat world of digital and affiliate marketing?

Or will it leave you licking your wounds and feeling sorry for yourself as an average pussycat, huh?

Sink your sharp teeth into THIS review for an honest answer…

At a Quick Glance

Leopard Lists Review
Name: Leopard Lists (LL).

Owner: Dawud Islam (also the Cougar Commissions & Eagle Emails creator).

Website: leopardlists.com.

Cost: $11.95 (at the time of writing) + Upsells.

My Score: 4/10.


  • Cheap front end price
  • Video tutorials, resources & bonuses
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Email marketing is a powerful strategy


  • Revolves around WarriorPlus & the ‘make money online’ niche
  • The training’s inadequate from an email marketing angle
  • Shallow training on driving free traffic (& doesn’t cover “paid” traffic methods either)
  • Comes with upsells


Ever heard the term “a leopard never changes its spots”?

Well, that’s 100% the case with Islam and his WarriorPlus pals.

Because Leopard Lists is just another “average” surface-level product containing no real money-making secrets, whatsoever.

First of all, I despise the fact that Islam guides you on building a squeeze page that revolves around WarriorPlus and the ‘money-making’ niche.

Secondly, he skips out a lot of information on the email marketing front.

For example, he doesn’t guide you on creating an email sequence, how to build a relationship with your subscribers, and what to promote to them.

Instead, you have to splash out more $ on another of his products.

And thirdly, he teaches you nothing about paid traffic – which is the quickest route to building an email list from scratch.

Instead, he gives you free access to Tigers Traffic that doesn’t really paint the full picture when it comes to the best free methods either.

So I don’t see you creating a 6-figure empire anytime soon, I’m afraid.

It would seem to potentially get the best results from LL, you must be passionate about the ‘MMO’ niche and invest in the upsells.

Final Verdict: Legit – But Not Recommended.

But before scrolling any further, see a real beastie way of earning a sustainable income online as a novice or pro affiliate marketer.


What’s Leopard Lists All About, You Ask?

Islam (one of the guys behind The Lockdown Formula) has put together Leopard Lists to teach you the secrets of list building.

According to the guy, he’s gonna teach you how to crack the code to get 6-figure results as an email marketer.

Put simply, by helping you to build a squeeze page, connect an autoresponder, and drive traffic to your offer.

And speaking of the offer, Islam has already put one together for you called ‘The Training Hub’, which I’ll discuss in a jiffy.

When done right, email marketing is an extremely powerful strategy.

Because you essentially build rapport with your subscribers and promote your affiliate offers to traffic that you actually OWN.

Traffic, that trusts you and your recommendations.

This means that you can produce sales on demand (any time of day) to earn you a sizable income.

But obviously, you must put the time, effort and sometimes cash into growing a big list of subscribers for it to work – which isn’t always easy.

I digress.

What I like about the LL sales page is that it’s unlike 99% of the WarriorPlus product sales pitches you’ll come across.

Because Islam’s pitch isn’t as hyped-up (despite the “$0 – $5K in 30 days” results video lol) and he actually takes you behind the curtains of LL.

So I think the guy deserves some brownie points for practicing that word called “transparency” and not leading you astray with crazy claims.

But without beating around the bush and blowing smoke up the guy’s ass any longer…


Let’s Take a Walk on The Wild Side to See How Leopard Lists Works

When you step foot inside the members’ area, you’ll see that it looks like THIS:
Leopard Lists Training Dashboard
Where Islam kicks things off with brief welcome and overview videos.

This is followed by a quick video walkthrough of (and access to) ‘The Training Hub’ hub below:
The Training Hub
The Training Hub is basically “the hook” – a freebie that you’ll use to reel in new email subscribers to your list.

Inside the product, you and your subscribers will discover a bunch of video tutorials on affiliate marketing, free traffic methods, and email marketing.

Once you familiarise yourself with The Training Hub…


It’s Time For The Meat & Potatoes of Leopard Lists Itself

The main training section comprises 10 video tutorials:

  1. Main Training Welcome (2.56 minutes)
  2. Get Page Builder (3.15 mins) – You’ll buy & have Instabuilder 2.0 installed on your WordPress website via a Fiverr.com seller. (If you don’t have one, there’s a video under the resources tab on how to build a free WordPress website).
  3. Autoresponders (5.32 mins) – Islam describes an autoresponder & recommends getting one via GetResponse or Aweber to integrate into WarriorPlus.
  4. Creating Our Thank You Page (12.16 mins) – Islam shows yow how to create your TY page inside Instabuilder 2.0.
  5. Creating A New Email List (2.05 mins) – Very brief guidance on creating a list inside Aweber.
  6. Squeeze Page Creation Part 1 (7.57 mins) – A walkthrough of using Instabuilder 2.0 to build your squeeze page.
  7. Warrior Plus Listing (9.22 mins) – Set up your free offer inside WarriorPlus to automatically add new subscribers to your email list when they access the offer via your squeeze page.
  8. Squeeze Page Creation Part 2 (5.16 mins) – Activate your WarriorPlus offer & then add the special WariorPlus code to your squeeze page to add a ‘buy button’.
  9. Squeeze Page Creation Part 3 (7.19 mins) – Use Urgency Suites Pro (under the resources tab) to create a scarcity bar for your offer & add it to your squeeze page.
  10. Sending Welcome Email (10.12 mins) – Islam shows how to quickly craft your first email inside Aweber. But if you want more help with the rest of your email sequence, Islam encourages you to buy one of his products called Eagle Emails.

Now, when it comes to the “traffic” generation side of things, there’s a 9.38-minute video.

Where Islam basically shows you how to quickly set up a tacky-looking solo ad inside a mailer to promote your squeeze page.

Followed by a brief discussion on 10 more free traffic methods inside Traffic Tigers – A product that you’ll get free access to underneath the video.

In all honesty, I’m not a fan of LL in the slightest.

And I’ll explain why in my final conclusion pretty soon.


What’s The Cost of Leopards Lists, You Say?

To get your hands on this product is only gonna cost you $11.95, at the time of writing.

But to put the actual list-building wheels in motion, you’ll need to buy the following services.

  • Instabuilder 2.0 – Under $10 from Fiverr
  • GetResponse (starts at $15/month) or Aweber (starts at $19/month)
  • Eagle Emails – $11.95

And then it’s upgrade time!:

  • Leopard Lists 365 = $37
  • LL Super Solos = $67
  • Quadrupel Reseller Rights for 100% commissions promoting LL = $97 (this explains all the “biased” reviews on Google & YouTube).
  • LL ‘Done-For-You’ = $197

So you’ll need some extra cash to play around with to put LL into action.


Final Conclusion: Is Leopard Lists a Scam?

I’ve gone through all the training tutorials and resources, and I can confidently confirm that Leopard Lists is a legit product with some value.

HOWEVER, this is not a product that I’d recommend to a newbie.

Because first of all, the whole thing revolves around WarriorPlus and the ‘make money online’ arena, in general. UGH.

There are MANY awesome industries and niches in the online space that you can pick from.

So turning a buck online should really revolve around a topic of interest or something that you’re extremely PASSIONATE about.

Secondly, Islam only just scratches the surface of email marketing because there’s only one video on creating your welcome email.

This means you’ll need to buy Eagles Email for more help with crafting an email sequence.

And thirdly, the traffic training video is pretty lame, to say the least.

Because all you really get is access to Traffic Tigers with 10 free methods to explore – some of which are outdated and spammy.

And the other traffic strategies just seem to lack in-depth guidance.

So on a whole, LL is nothing amazing to shout home about, in my book.

But before you dash off…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any thoughts or questions to share on LL? Please hop on the conversation below…

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