Land Trust Affiliate Marketing (Is It a Hoax?)

During my own cyber research, I recently stumbled across something called Land Trust affiliate marketing.

On one side of the coin, I’ve read it’s a brand-new high-ticket commission affiliate opportunity to make bank with.

But on the other side, there’s hardly any info online to suggest it’s a REAL “thing”.

So, does that mean the land trust money-making opportunity is nothing but a hoax?

Without beating about the bush, dive into this article to decide for yourself…

Firstly, What Is a Land Trust, You Ask?

I’ll try to simplify things without all that corporate jargon LOL…

A land trust is basically a non-profit organization that not only owns and manages a piece of land, but sometimes water too.

There are three different types of land trusts – each one structured differently.

First up, there’s a real estate investment trust (REIT) – where a trustee owns and can also operate income-producing real estate for numerous beneficiaries…

From offices to apartments to warehouses to shopping centers, to name some types of commercial real estate.

Next up, there’s a community land trust (CLT) – a private corporation that acquires and holds land for a place-based community…

Supporting affordable housing and also engaging in the use of non-residential buildings.

And thirdly, you’ve got a conservation land trust – another private US-based corporation that acquires and stewards land or conservation easements…

So, that open spaces, waterways, and productive farms and forests are preserved and protected against commercial development.

What Is Land Trust Affiliate Marketing All About?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of affiliate marketing itself – let me quickly explain…

It’s where you promote other people’s/companies’ products/services and earn a cut of the sales known as “commissions”.

The more sales you generate, the more your commissions can rack up and potentially lead to a six-figure affiliate Biz on your hands.

Affiliate marketing truly ROCKS, I tell ya!

To learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can profit from it – Wealthy Affiliate is a great starting point.

I digress.

When it comes to land trust affiliate marketing, it should work in the exact same way – you’ll promote people’s land and earn a commission from every sale…

High-ticket commissions too (since land is expensive), I should imagine.

And IF land trust affiliate marketing actually is a brand-new concept, then it should be relatively easy for you to break into that market online.

How The Affiliate Process Works

Your first port of call is to ensure that land trust affiliate opportunities ACTUALLY do exist before getting your hopes up.

The easiest approach is to enlist the help of our good old friend Google by searching for “real estate affiliate programs”.

Where you’ll see numerous blogs in the search results recommending some of the best real estate programs.

Then your next step is to contact some of those real estate businesses to enquire about the whole land trust affiliate thing.

Providing the concept exists and you’ve found a great program that offers the opportunity to earn from it – then join the program.

However, we’re now in the digital marketing age where many affiliate programs won’t approve your applications WITHOUT a niche website.

Because having your own blog site (especially one with a bunch of quality articles already published) proves that you mean business.

So, start a free affiliate site targeting the land trust niche before you apply for any program.

Once accepted into an affiliate program, you should also receive resources to help you effectively promote pieces of land on your blog.

How To Make Money With Land Trust Affiliate Marketing

In my experience, building your own niche site (as already discussed) is the absolute best way to earn a full-time income as an affiliate.

Because for starters, a niche site (aka WordPress blog) is one of the cheapest ways to start an affiliate Biz from scratch.

Furthermore, it’s your own asset, and you’ll leverage the awesome power of Google to drive plenty of organic traffic to your site.

Another option is to start a YouTube channel and publish plenty of quality videos that can generate views and visitors to your affiliate offer(s)/website.

To start a blog and/or YouTube channel, I recommend jumping on board Commission Academy as a free member.

Because you’ll receive step-by-step training and also an introduction to Wealthy Affiliate for more advanced training, tools, and support.

And then there’s another great method called TikTok, which is really blowing up like crazy for affiliate marketers right now.

There are affiliates literally making $10,000s by simply recording short TikTok videos that can also go viral.

In fact, the 3 Day Business Challenge will introduce you to Freedom Breakthrough which offers TikTok training among other strategies. 😉

Whatever method(s) you choose, be sure to work consistently hard at content creation – you’ll get fab results.

Conclusion: Is Land Trust Affiliate Marketing Real?

In all honesty, I can’t tell whether or not the concept of land trust affiliate marketing is the real McCoy.

But for argument’s sake, let’s say the idea is potentially there.

(Take the Covid relief ERC affiliate opportunity “thing”, for example – some folks are skeptical of the new opportunity, but affiliates are making MEGA commissions).

Because land trusts do exist, Google searches are being made (since topical articles show up in the results), and there are real estate affiliate programs out there.

But you’ll only know for sure by conducting in-depth research of your own (i.e., approaching real estate businesses online).

And if it’s a green light, then it’s a case of selecting a program and a strategy, and working your socks off to rake in those high-ticket commissions.

Obviously, big success never happens overnight.

So, also be prepared to give your Biz time to flourish and be patient for the results.

Your buddy, Neil 🙂

What are your own thoughts on the subject? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below…

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