Jonathan Montoya Review (The Man, The Myth, The Webpreneur!)

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jonathan montoya

If you’re in the affiliate marketing space, then chances are you’ve crossed paths with the hugely-successful Jonathan Montoya somehow.

But who the heck is this guy, where did he suddenly spring from, how and why is he such a kick-ass affiliate marketer, etc?

It almost feels like one of those “is it a bird? Is it a plane?” kind of moments.

OK, enough of the Superman talk, let’s not beat about the bush any longer…

Continue reading THIS review to get the skinny on the guy and discover HOW he can help you crush it online as a complete noob…

Who on Earth is Jonathan Montoya?

Whether you hang around in the ClickFunnels affiliate, Legendary Marketer or Lurn circles – or accidentally bumped into the guy online (like I did lol)…

Then you’ll know Jonathan Montoya, is in fact, a Super Affiliate who rakes in the spondoolies!

But let’s rewind things a little…

On a personal level, Jonathan was born on 18TH July 1991, graduated from Cibola high school (USA) in 2009, and was an electrical engineer by profession.

But as of 10TH May 2019, family-man Jonathan literally went negative of $1,200 in the bank – despite working an $80K-a-year day job!

bank of america minus figures

So, because of his financial difficulties (plus the fact he hated that his job dragged him away from his family and newborn daughter)…

He knew things HAD to change.

So, 5 days later, Jonathan set up a YouTube channel called Passive Income Lifestyles and shot his very first video.

Which, was his turning point – the start of an affiliate marketing business as a vlogger.

To cut a long story short, his video channel enabled him to quit his 9-5 job (in just 9 months!) on 2nd March 2019 before the global pandemic struck.

jonathan montoya quit his job in 2020

Because by that time, he was banking a job-replacing income of $10,000 per month by promoting other peoples’ products.

In Jonathan’s words: “it was the happiest day of my life”.

Kudos to that man!

What Was (& Still Is) Jonathan Montoya’s Secret Sauce?

First of all, we’ve already established that Jonathan’s motive was having a strong enough “WHY” from the get-go, right?

Because when your WHY is powerful enough, you’ll literally Hulk-Smash your way through obstacles and move mountains.

Secondly, he started his own YouTube channel, which is one of the BEST ways to start and grow a successful brand online.

But having said that, blogging (which I learned at Wealthy Affiliate) can equally be a game-changer.

However, blogging (especially in the competitive ‘affiliate marketing’ niche) can take longer to build momentum with than vlogging.

But once you have a steady stream or organic Google traffic, it’s SO worth it.

And thirdly, Jonathan promoted multiple high ticket and recurring commission affiliate offers throughout his videos.

In my experience, recurring commissions can make you a nice fortune over time.

Because they compound month-in-month-out – earning you a predictable income.

And as for high ticket commissions, well, they’re the icing on the cake.

Because when you earn $500+ per sale, it really beefs up your commissions – scaling your income even quicker.

I digress.

But fast-forward to today, and Jonathan’s really hit it out the ball park as an affiliate…

He’s not only gone and won the ClickFunnels affiliate Dream Car Contest and a Two Comma Club Award…

But he now earns at least $100,000 per month through 30+ income streams…

Here’s a recent example of some of his streams:

affiliate commission report

Holy Batman!

But here’s the awesome sauce part…

Jonathan actually designed his own “affiliate eco stacking” system.

Which, really is his BIGGEST secret to making such ridiculous amounts of life-changing cash…

And he allows YOU (the noob) to get your hands on his exact system, which I’ll chat about in a jiffy.

The Proof’s In The Pudding (Connect With Jonathan)

What I like about Jonathan is that he doesn’t just sell you some crappy course and then hide under a rock counting his cash.

Ya know, just like some of those WarriorPlus product publishers. Ugh.

Because Jonathan actually practices what he preaches (just Partner With Anthony founder, Anthony Morrison)…

As you’ll see from his value and socially-driven channels – he invests heavily in his audience and showcases his results to inspire.

I recommend you follow Jonathan on:

Considering the guy’s only been in the affiliate marketing game since 2019, his stats are pretty impressive.

So, I think it’s fair to say this dude’s the real deal, right?

Jonathan Montoya’s Training Courses

When you research Jonathan Montoya on Google, you’ll likely come across his Udemy coaching profile.

Where’ you’ll discover his training courses on:

  • ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Online Business Starter (5.5 hours)
  • Master ClickFunnels & Sales Funnels (3.5 hours)
  • ClickBank Secrets – Quit Your 9 -5 Job W/ Affiliate Marketing (5 hours)
  • Blogging Step-By-Step – Build A 6-Figure Affiliate Website (1.5 hours)
udemy training courses

With all 4 courses combined, Jonathan’s already helped thousands of students master certain aspects of internet and affiliate marketing.

And as for the price tags for said courses, they’re fairly reasonable, in my opinion.

Because you can learn quite a lot from the guy for such small investments.

But the real treasure chest awaits inside his eco system training courses – so feast your eyes on these bad boys…

3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge

The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge is basically a mini training course costing just $7.

Where, Montoya teaches you the affiliate marketing basics and takes you by the hand through starting and launching an online BIZ in 3 days.

Which, is the same framework that brought him big success in a 9-month period.

Inside this course, Montoya walks you through the following 3-step process:

  1. Finding your main core affiliate offer – (picking a niche + quality high ticket product)
  2. Building your system the right way – (building a squeeze page & email list)
  3. Getting Traffic/Customers to Your Affiliate Business – (leveraging free & paid traffic sources)
freedom breakthrough members dashboard

In addition to the video lessons, you’ll receive Montoya’s:

  • Plug n’ play ‘Super Affiliate eBook’ sales funnel (email opt in + bridge page)
  • ‘7 Steps to Becoming a Super Affiliate eBook’ to use as a lead magnet (includes multiple income streams built in)
  • Private members’ active Facebook group comprising 19K affiliates (some are also super affiliates)
  • Plus, some other bonuses

Basically, everything’s included for getting off to a quick start with your Biz.

Check out my FULL 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge review to learn more and also get my EXCLUSIVE bonuses 😉

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0

Put simply, the 3 day business breakthrough challenge is a doorway to Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 flagship course.

The course comes at a high ticket cost of $1,497, which seems a little pricey, I know.

But Freedom Breakthrough isn’t just the product you’ll promote as your ONE core offer to earn big commissions…

But it’s a comprehensive course you’ll implement yourself.

One, that dives into great depth on how to actually make your new affiliate eco system profitable – creating a sustainable business.

Because you’ll be trained on all sorts of advanced internet and affiliate marketing strategies on:

  • Growing on YouTube (+ Montoya’s lucrative scripts, templates & keywords)
  • The Perfect Affiliate Funnel
  • Email Marketing Mastery
  • Free Traffic With TikTok
  • Facebook Group Free Traffic
  • High Ticket Sales With Facebook Organic
  • Creating The Affiliate Website Asset
  • Google SEO Mastery
  • Paid Traffic With Google Ads
  • Launch Jacking
  • And more…

Numerous affiliates are killing it (as we speak) – raking in $1,000s – $10,000s by applying what they learn inside the program.

Get More Info on Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Here ==>

Jonathan Montoya’s Affiliate Program

Unlike some high ticket product publishers I’ve come across, Montoya doesn’t operate an extortionate “pay to play” scheme.

Because you only have to join the 3 day challenge at the $7 level to join his affiliate program.

affiliate program criteria

Which, allows you to earn 50% commissions on the challenge, upsell sales, and even the Freedom Breakthrough high ticket course.

Heck, Montoya will even give you a 75% – 100% commission boost!

But it depends on whether you buy the ‘White Label’ upsell inside the 3 day challenge or become a member of Freedom Breakthrough.

Once you get behind the scenes of the 3 day challenge, you can join the affiliate program and be instantly approved.

Where, you’ll receive all sorts of good stuff like tracking link options, stats, email swipes, graphics, and videos to use, etc.

In my experience though, it’s sometimes best to tweak the emails and use Canva for your own graphic creations.

Because you’ll stand out from the other 19,000 affiliates and potentially increase your conversions.

Final Conclusion: Is Jonathan Montoya a Scam Artist?

I think considering there’s a stack of evidence to support both Jonathan’s and his students affiliate results…

I can say it with 100% confidence – the guy is as real as the grass is green.

There’s nothing fake about him.

What I truly like about Jonathan Montoya is that he’s true to his word…

In that he not only teaches you the essential skills but also gives you the eco system to earn a life-changing income online.

So, it’s not just one of those “old GURU style” systems – where the entire thing’s rigged up to make the CREATOR richer.

(Cough, cough – 12 Minute Affiliate).

If you buy into any of Jonathan’s courses – be it the 3 day challenge, Freedom Breakthrough or both…

I believe you can start, also grow a successful affiliate Biz, and eventually quit your crappy job IF you follow the training to the letter.

Thanks for popping by.

Your buddy, Neil.


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